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Garou Escape Walkthrough

Garou Escape

[REPLAY] 58Works - Garou Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by 58Works. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun! 

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Garou Escape Video Walkthrough


Giving it a shot before I sleep.

I was on my way to sleep as well....But,this is one of my favorite game makers!!!

Paper clue and a wrench both heads spin....


Yes! the fish note opens the bookcase! lol

knob used for a key....


@nokra: how's fish note used?

there are arrows either side if bookcase pic...the fish are the arrows!

Hi @lydia...I need your help! lol

Thanks, just need to figure that out...

just a second, nokra... ;-)

I still have wrench active and will use it when I get past the lasers...but cant do anything there!

let me know if you want me to spoil it....

@nokra: look at colour wheel and press button accordingly.

Out. Walkthrough posted later.

which button corresponds to the color wheel, please?
Why not just help us as we play, @chris...I may not be here later....very happy for you ! lol

look at coathanger for lasers

For lasers, hit pins with hammer. top 2x 2nd 1x, 3rd 0x, 4th 1x, 5th 2x

There's a panel below the glass with buttons behind it.

Oh sorry, thought you've already figured the lasers out.

What coathanger...what am I missing? Oh, you mean the thing that is right of the 3X4 grid? the things on right wall of laser room do not move!

Need help with the spinnig heads.
Tried to set the heads like the pics with lines - but nothing....

I do not have a hammer! crap! where are you people getting these things!?

@nokra: use hammer.

@Double-W: try again ;-)

Nokra - Groß ist des Mannes Kraft, wenn er mit dem Hammer schafft - don´t know how to translate it, but try the hammer! You´ll be impressed, what you are able to do with such a toll ;o))

need helmet first for spinning heads

hammer behind grid, use seats as hint

I do not have a freaking hammer!

This is like pulling teeth! TY, @lydia!

Translation (weak try at least): Big a man's power is when he uses the hammer (something like that).

yw, nokra.

Position of heads was as I thought...just needed the

Nokra: hammer is behind the drawing (the 3x4) grid. Look at the bench in front of the fish paintings. What shape is it? the painting is clickable and you can change the color of the white grids. Change them to the shape of the bench

@Dabbeljuh: sorry, i think i mislead you. Look at pic for the heads.

Yes! I didn't eve have to go back and count the critters...but I will have to look at the lined pics

Turn Heads face to face. No need for hint from pics with lines.

I take that back...I got that one without looking again too! lol

OK..I got the lined pics thing open but the piece will not fit inside...anyone?

Nokra, fit the two pieces together first.

I made a this game!

@ Dabbeljuh: the hint for the heads is in the red pic with the samurai fighting against the soldier. The pictures with lines are for something else.

Stuck with a wrench, a six-sided thingy and an open box with a nut (or is it a bold?)

Thx Lydia - got it, almighty POP helped ;o)

combine two pieces

OUCH! THX dutchie. Tried that before but in wrong order.

Thanks @chris..and Lydia...and dabbeljuh....and duchie!!!!
It is 3 in the morning...I should go to sleep now! lolol

Good N8 nokra. Sweet dreams... 9am here and 26°C

Thank you...Great day to you, @Dabbeljuh!

Nightie, nokra.

@Dabbeljuh: Gonna be a hot day again...phew!

I like it!

So do I!


1. Explore. You see a gallery. Go forward to see paintings of butterflies and fishes. Get CLUE PAPER from a drawer under the leftmost butterfly painting.

2. Zoom back out and click the benches to see the shape of the benches. It is a clue.

3. Turn right and see the painting with the lines.

4. Turn right and see a door with two lamps.

5. Turn right to find a rack (?) and a painting of white blocks. Zoom in on the painting. The white squares are clickable. Change the colors of the white squares into the shape of the bench (Spoiler: inverted U) and the painting would move right to reval a GIANT HAMMER. Take the Hammer.

6. Turn Right and this time you see two arrow buttons and a paiting of what looks like stacks of books. There is one book highlighted in yellow. Use the clue paper (the two fishies) to learn the pattern for the two buttons. (Spoiler: LRLLRL). The painting would swing optn to reveal an actual bookcase. Click the bottom right of the books to get the book as indicatred by the painting. Open the book to get KNOB.

7. Turn right to find two heads and a painting, but you cannot do anything yet, so...

8. Turn right again and see a fishtank with jellyfishes and two couches. Click on the right couch and click on the cushion to get a WRENCH.

9. Turn right again and you see a door and a circle painting with colors..

10. Turn right to see the fish paintings and the butterflies. Click on the fish painting on the right side. Stick the KNOB into the hole on the left of the painting as indicated by arrow, open and get a KEY.

11. Turn left to the door and the circle painting. Use the KEY to open the door. Enter the room and you see lasers! and 5 pins. Use the HAMMER to hammer the mails into the pattern of the rack by the grid painting you got the hammer from (Spoiler: from top down hammer 2x, 1x, 0x, 1x, 2x) and the laser would turn off. Enter further and you have a helmet under a glass case. Flip down the panel under the glass case and you have a 3 color buttons. Follow the circle painting and the direction arrow to press the color buttons. (Spoiler: YRYBYRYB). Get the helmet under the glass.

12. leave the room and go to the corner with the two heads and a red painting. Looks at the painting. A soldier with a HELMET is fighting the samurai face to face. Zoom out and use the WRENCH to remove the bolt from the golden head. Put the HELMET on the gold head and turn them to face each other. Pop! a drawer under the gold head opens and you get a BOWLING PIN.

13. Examine the bowling pin by clicking the little magnifying glass in the inventory. Its a KEY!! Click again to get the KEY.

14. Go back around the gallery to count the number of JELLYFISH, BUTTERFLY and GOLDFISH in the gallery. Also note the directions of the LINE paintings.

15. Use the bowling pin key to unlock the door between the lamps. Enter the room. Right in front of you are two panels. Go to the left panel. There are three buttons (jellyfish, goldfish, butterfly) and each has its own row of lights. Clck each button to turn on the number of each critter you find in the gallery. (Spoiler: 8 jelly, 7 goldfish, 3 butterflies). The panel would open to give you a BOLT.

16. Click on the WRENCH in your inventory and zoom in. Insert the BOLT to form a CRANK.

17. Now zoom out and zoom into the right hand panel. To open this one, arrange the lines to look like the lines from the line paintings. (Spoiler: top row left 1 click, top row right 2 click. lower row left NO click, lower row middle 3 click, lower row right 3 clicks).

18. The panel opens and show you a hole. Insert the CRANK and crank it. The door open and you are OUT.

Thank you, Chris.

Yay! out without help :-D

Very nice WT @Chris! Thanks!

       Anonymous  8/20/12, 3:04 AM  

Very nice game !

Great job @chris love the game and wt. could not have done it.without the wt, it made it a pleasure to play the game Thanks

Another fantastic game!!!

They are really coming in bunches recently, it's incredible.

Got stuck at the bowling pin...would have been lost without your hints...nifty!!

P.S. Coolish, those heads, by the way. I found that the right head (the silvery one) looks like German journalist Sascha Lobo! LOL!

(if you know how he looks you will agree ;))

Escellent game! Fun!

Excellent!! Loved this game

Out with no help. Very logical, great game!!

caught this one from the random section

phat game - thx 58 ☺
(had to peek 1-2x into the WT, thankfully it was one here, rarely seen meanwhile on EG24 :-( - thx Chris)

ΑΩ, that was the [replay] game. Best classic escape game style, liked it. Quite easy, but still was stuck with the bowling pin, clicked it a couple of times but didn't find the hotspot, needed the walkthrough to learn that there IS a hotspot.

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