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Harp Mystery Walkthrough

Harp Mystery

Abroy - Harp Mystery Escape is another point and click adventure type room escape game developed by Abroy. Collect all the needed pieces to recover the mystery harp and use your point and click skills to do that. Good luck and have fun!

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Family business has to wait just a little...!

- PUZZLE TILE 1/8 right of PC screen on desk

They should have at least taken some nice (classical) harp music instead of this terrible fair tune (*muting again*)...!

- TILE 2/8 under right couch pillow

What a special flat layout LOL!
Seems to be only for a single person (not even John Loo has opaque curtains, at least)...!

- PUZZLES in CB drawers under sink in toilet niche

- 1st COLUMN of Sudoku:


- CUTTERS from Sudoku

- TILE 3/8 from bathtub (use cutters)

- CHISEL from colour puzzle

bathroom taps

- TILE 4/8 from triangle picture puzzle

- TILE 5/8 from right top of harp (use chisel)

- KNIFE from 6 letter puzzle

instrument in puzzle itself

HAMMER from 4 letter puzzle

Look under pillow on bed and then at the chessboard.

- TILE 6/8 from most right big box right of harp (use knife)

Strange inhabitant, having a plant in a box...?!

Glad, not only a snail invasion here...!

- TILE 7/8 from glass CB right of bed (use hammer)

Use hammer on fridge for another tile.

LOL, ok, thx, s-t,
it's indeed a fridge...!

Why does the tub faucet colors NOT work on top left puzzle????

- RAZOR BLADE from bar puzzle

on standing lamps right of painting & left of desk (start screen)

@nokra... it did for me

LOL...did anyone notice there is no toilet paper on the roll?

left is NOT Y & right NOT G...!

my english is not too good, don't know the name of the instrument,need some help



Use razor on bottom of lamp next to the fridge for the last puzzle piece.

- TILE 8/8 from standing lamp right of glass CB right of bed (use razor blade)

TY jeb...When yry did not work, I tried grg...but still not working....lol

LOL, s-t,
echo, echo...!

- put all puzzle tiles in door for escape KEY
- use key on door to get OUT!
☺ ☻ ☺

no clue the name of the instrument... help please

I think it was GRY

Got it, @premiere! very subtle difference...see it now!

@ premiere, thanks!

Sorry... i need to refresh more!

- click right to open a (blue underlined) link e.g. in a new tab
- with aid for colour challenged folks

- click:
Gy - 0x/5x (start)
B - 1x
R- 2x
Y- 3x
G - 4x

- instrument in puzzle:

- hint on bed (H8) = place of a chess figure
- chess board coordinates:
- white figures in rows 1&2 (pawns in row 2)
- black figures in rows 7&8 (pawns in row 7)
- a8 & h8: black castels/rooks
- gives:

Bk - W
Gy - Gy
W - Bk
- click:
W - 0x/4x (start)
Gy - 1x
Bk - 2x




How to solve SUDOKU (YouTube vid):


I'm sure it's another great WT from Premiere. I'm going to get as far as possible without looking at it.

mva, I am a native English-speaker and I didn't know what it was either. It's a pretty obscure instrument...

I was convinced it was an autoharp but it wouldn't fit. Got so cross I googled, and discovered that an autoharp is also known as a chorded zither... who knew LOL.

what is the 4 letter word...i have done everything and nothing works...also the 6 white bars that you click on for either black grey or white what order are they

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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