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High School Romance Walkthrough

High School Romance

[UPDATE] High School Romance is another free online point and click game. In this game your job is to save the girl from the bullies before the time is running out. Collect certain items, combine several items to made a brand new item and use its on a certain object/person to trigger something to unlock certain scene. Click around with your mouse to collect certain items. The collected items will go to your Inventory panel above. Hover your mouse on each item on your Inventory to get the info about that item. You can use each collected item on a certain object/person to trigger something by clicking it from your inventory panel above then click in on an object/person. Use the Lab to combine several items to made a brand new item. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Added new working link!

Play High School Romance

High School Romance Walkthrough

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- PILLOW on top of lockers
- GLOVE in one of the lockers
- blue BOTTLE behind plant pot
--> fill bottle with water

- take outlet COVER
- CHOCOLATE from poster
--> give chocolate to girl with glasses for stomache POISON
- CABLE right of vending machine
- COIN from far plant pot
- CANDY from vending machine
--> give candy to girl with glasses for sleeping POTION

- give coin to girl under stairs for handkerchief

that was easy. Silly, but easy

Collect also letters:
- T on locker
- S top left above girl with glasses

- Smiley on window show you mix HINTS

- open lab & combine:
glove, outlet cover, bottle with water, cable for TRICK IDEA 2
- use idea on left bully (K.O.-1/3)

Lab top left of screen.

& it's timed - you have 5 minutes to shoo all 3 bullies...

- mix pillow, handerchief & sleeping potion for TRICK IDEA 3.1
- N left of outlet
- H on vending machine

Collect all 5 letters and you get 3 more minutes!

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- mix idea 3.1 with pillow & handkerchief for TRICK IDEA 3.2
- use idea on another bully

- take food from (remained) bully's hand in front
- mix it with stomach poison for TRICK IDEA 1
- use idea 1 on bully

- oops, sorry, you have 6 minutes (not 5)

Ah, & small letter I top left above Trick Guy (view girl with glasses) for 3 minutes more.

Funny game!

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