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RJ Laundrette Escape

[REPLAY] RJ Laundrette Escape is another point & click room escape game developed by RogueJoker. If only you’d gotten that old washing machine repaired, now you’ve got yourself locked in the laundrette in the middle of the night! Don’t get your head in a spin! Search for objects and clues, then use your puzzle solving skills to escape. Good luck and have fun! ☺ [Created and submitted by Rachel]

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games! 

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       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:32 AM  

Hmm. Got an odd sock but seem to have lost it - maybe I have dropped it in the basket!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:33 AM  

OK, I see I am collecting socks into the basket. Now finding pattern bits.

I have 4 socks and a piece of fabric for now.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:35 AM  

Got 50 cents from between washers - looks like another one for the soap dispenser. Colour puzzles on all the washers, wonder if the socks are going to help!

Found another piece of fabric, a needle and 50cents

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:36 AM  

Can zoom on the iron plug but can't shift it.

Found view on a left I've been missing before.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:39 AM  

Oh I only just found a whole other view with the door LOL. Slow this morning. On i go...

Pieces of fabric make a key found thread but can't find needle

Needle left side under desk with laundry basket. where's thread?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:42 AM  

I can't find the needle either. Got the thread and some electrical tape, also look at the notices on the board - some of them have clues! See the dog running past the door...

My least favorite household task -- Serves me right for not going to bed sooner ! lol

Picking up socks (which go in blue basket)
3 bits of cloth that look vaguely key-shaped, thread, a dial and electrical tape

Looks like I need to find some coins ...

Oh, and there's a dog running around outside (and a lost dog ad on bulletin board.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:44 AM  

Hmm. The 50 cents was for the phone, I dialled the lost dog number and it connected - but now I have just a row of asterisks on the phone. I might have missed something as have no sound on this computer.

put cookie through slot in door to catch dog... called number and have random number not sure where to put it

Look at the board, write down the number of lost dog. Throw dog cookie in click on his collar. Then call the number and write dogs name on telephone and press #. Phone says thank you. Don't know the purpose of this.

Where did you find dial, thread and third bit of cloth?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:45 AM  

Ah throw the cookie for the dog... through the glass door it seems, although maybe there's a letetr slot there .. and he stops and has a name on his collar.

catch dog and look at his tag

Found wire for tape under desk -- guess we need to cut the plug off the iron?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:48 AM  

I've got a giant cloth key sewn together and in dryer... I see the plug under the computer, and have electrical tape... I assume I need a knife or scissors to cut the plug off the iron and put it on the computer plug, but I can't find one. I got what I assume is going to be the cash register password from the phone.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:48 AM  

Keep putting in numbers on the phone, it shows you more, keep putting them in and now it is waiting for password. Not got a clue LOL.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:49 AM  

cartmansis, the third cloth bit is in one of the driers. The thread is under a bench I think in the second view.

where did you all found a wire?

Thanks Mary D, I found third one its just 4th one now!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:55 AM  

Found scissors! Facing the washers click on the shelf near the sound button in the upper right corner.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:55 AM  

Now where is that needle/wire??

Tx for cookie out the door -- now have a PW, but no place to use it yet.

dial came from rt-most green machine
thread was under bench

anyone figure out the colors on washers?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 1:58 AM  

Aha, thank you szarra

4th cloth was near cash register

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:00 AM  

Ah good catch on the scissors - got my sixth sock as well now :o) Sure they are something to do with the colour puzzles on the washers

7 socks so far - 2 white, 2 blue, 2 green, 1 red but no pairs

pair up the socks and use the colour strip on them for wires

socks are for wires in cash register

Any ideas on the 9 color buttons on the green machines? Can't make out a pattern on the soap machine ... maybe need another coin first?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:04 AM  

I shrunk the key and am now stuck on the detergent dispenser puzzle. Hmmmm.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:06 AM  

I'm really stuck. No needle. Help anyone?

Hello everyone :)
After fixing the wire for the cash register you type in the password you got from the telephone and get two more coins and piece of paper with a hint for one color code

How do you get knob for dryer?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:07 AM  

Once you open register there is answer on paper for green machines.

needle under and to the left of basket table

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:08 AM  

Ooops sorry missed Urban's hint way back! Got my needle now ta!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:09 AM  

MaryD - Click on the lower left legs of the table that holds the blue basket.

blog - knob falls off washer when color code is entered.

Soap machine order is SPOILERthenumberofdifferentcolorsbellowthebuttonsSPOILER

hate ironing at the best of times, now i can't even pick it up,I'll have to call in the husband to do it for me again

I can't get my key back from ironing table after using the spray.

use spray until can disapears

out, good game, need more like this one

Help finding all the bits of cloth please, have 3.

@geroffmeland: how did you pick it up?

Where was spray?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:16 AM  

OK.. what am I doing wrong - have tried setting 2 and then 3 on the drier, but can't get my key to shrink and come out!

@cartmansis: I remember for 1 of them: 1 inbetween benches

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:17 AM  

Dispenser still not working for me... argh

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:17 AM  

Thanks Urban! I was going cross-eyed trying to rearrange the color blocks into number shapes. lol

@mary: try 2 and 2/3

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:17 AM  

Cartmansis: one was between benches in first view. One under cloth on iron board, one near cash register in second view and the last one was near the table leg with the magazines. Hope that helpes.

Stuck here; I need a coin for the dryer and the soap machine. Have 8 socks but no clue how to connect the wires under the register.

You have to put the dial at 2 2/3 then it will work.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:18 AM  

cartmansis, did you get the bit under the cloth on the ironing board?

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:19 AM  

Aha... got it and out. Nice game

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:19 AM  

Catqueen, pair your socks - then connect the wires per the colours on each pair.
Thanks folks for the drier clue LOL.

@catqueen - highlight one of the left wires, then the right wire and they connect (eg, blue on left, then yellow on right)

When you have all 8 socks put them in pairs.


       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:21 AM  

Spray comes from dispenser.

Push buttons in order SPOILER

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:21 AM  

Thx ladies for tip on wires. Gonna try that now :)

aww dog was waiting for me the whole time :)nice little game

OK I sprayed mini-key until can disappeared, but still can't pick it up!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:24 AM  

You have to iron it, Puzzled

Thanks @cexy, but iron won't budge

(besides, I've cut off the plug, so it won't be hot?!)

POP Of course -- that's why I still have the tape and scissors!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:35 AM  

Have fixed the iron and key on iron board.

I put the coin in the soap machine but szarra's help on buttons won't work. Gosh I'm slow today :)

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:41 AM  

Catqueen the soap dispenser not working for me either...

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:42 AM  

Well Mary, I think the cat lovers won't go out because of the dog LOL.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:44 AM  

LOL that's got to be it, Catqueen!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:44 AM  

The only thing I have left is the colorclue for the buttons on the green machine. But I got the button by accident before getting the paper from cach register.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:47 AM  

I am just not understanding either clue for the detergent. Eyes going crossed adding up colours!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:49 AM  

I'm replaying. Maybe I have to find the paperclue first and then use the button.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:50 AM  

I am getting numbers of colours 5 3 4 6 4. What am I doing wrong!!!! szarra's hint not working for me either.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:53 AM  

Add up all the differnt boxes of color within one square...First has 6....Then go from smallest number to largest.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:55 AM  

Mary D that's the same as I'm getting! Replayed in right order for paper but still not working.
Mary and me really wanna go out ;)

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:56 AM  

Have decided to lay down on one of the benches until someone lets me out. Why no coffee machine in this laundrette? All the decent ones have them!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:58 AM  

Aha....25314 worked for me. Come on Mary, wake up:)

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 2:59 AM  

That's what I was doing - but I'm getting 2 no. 4s.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 3:01 AM  

Yay Catqueen! At last.... thank you!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 3:02 AM  

It seems the colors are different in the game.
My colors were: 63574 so from low to high that makes the solution.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 3:03 AM  

And out! ROFL I made a right pig's ear of that one. First in and last out!
Thanks to everyone for the much-needed help!

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 3:04 AM  

LOL @ Mary. Glad you made it out. C u around EG24.

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 3:21 AM  

WIWWT. (What is where walkthrought)

On bench in first view
On left green washingmachine
In view with green machines, click shelve for scissors and another sock (thx 2 Szarra)
Near iron where you also cut the plug from
Open left dryer in second view
On bulletin board
Some socks are already in the basket so that makes 8

Coin: between first and second green washing machine

Under purple towel on iron table
Between benches in first view
Click lower middle part of magazine table
Near cash register

Needle: near table leg on the left with clothes basket

Threat: near bench leg on the left (second view)

Tape: move magazine on table

Cookie: right side of cash register

Read bulletin board for clues on dryer and phone.

This wt was made with effort of all the players above.

i can't find the thread under the bench...pls help...

Nice game. Thank you so much for the clue about the number of colors on the soap machine. I couldn't figure that out for the life of me!

Sam, if you're still here, the thread is n the left hand leg of the bench looking at it from the front and not the side. Hope that helps!

I can't find the other green sock, but matched pink with black because it was the only choice left...lol

I have read the comments and do not understand how to open the cash register....the phone just has ***** and I can put numbers again, but don't know what!

Oh POP!!!!
I did not know I could zoom the dog.....lolol

EXCELLENT game!!!!!!!!!

Hey @maryD...our laundromats have Cuban coffee and pastry counters.... Love that Cafe Cubano smell!!!!

What an adorable game... Loved the mesmerizing dryer...lol...and, just keep using the starch until it disappears.....lolol

       Anonymous  8/16/12, 12:02 PM  

I finally figured out to put the giant cloth key in the dryer. But the dryer won't take my last dollar and says "something is missing"!!!

If you get to this place.... go look on one of the green dryers. One of them has a dial you can use. However you will need the piece of paper from the cash drawer to know which dryer and a color code to make the dial come off.

Gonna give it a shot :)

This was a FANTASTIC game - 5 stars!

However, if I had been the programmer, I would surely have FORCED the player to unplug the iron first before hitting the road!! ;)

First time through would not let me sew the key at all (had needle, thread, 4 cloth pieces). Had everything else so I restarted and now the F*%^n' thread isn't there. ARG!

Also, when I first try to enter code in register (both times), I have to hit a bunch of random numbers until one displays, then hit "clear", the code, then "enter"

       Anonymous  8/28/18, 4:03 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, RJ ☺
thx Rachel for creating this one
& thx Anon for the WT

Great game!

I was sad no one came to get the lost dog.

can somebody give the colour code? I cannot find the plug of the cash register :(

@Deniz, when you zoom in on the green washing machines, there's a tip of a shelf on the top right of the screen. You'll get a pair of scissors so you can cut the iron plug.

The color code for the plug comes from the pair of socks (4 pairs).

you have to cut the plug off the iron

If the TAB key worked I'd give this game 5 stars. Too many pixel hunts, some places only zoomed from certain scenes although visible in others.

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