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Memory Days Sims Date Walkthrough

Memory Days Sims Date

Memory Days Sims Date is a point and click adventure type sim date game developed by Pacthesis. A dating simulation for girls with an interactive story and 10 different endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Memory Days Sims Date

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I'm not bored enough to read all this... is that a game? -_-

Going to try this...?

LOL not too sure Sabine, definitely lots of reading though! Reminds me of the Xolga and Mr Toko games....

Ok after lots of conversations, I am actually playing now (well sort of lol)

Reading and still reading...;)

Ermmm well I have no idea... it seems i just have to wake up, talk to people then go back to sleep LOL :D

Also "playing" VERY random!

i am clicking "SLEEP", but nothing is happening.

too word-y for me, anyhow.

Am I trying to get all these guys to fall in love with me?? LOL :D

That happened to me at first mary... think i went around a bit more and then it worked :)

Now dating someone! LOL

And surprise...there is Xolga!!!

@Jo.C, yes that's what i did.

now my prob is that i can't buy things, even tho i have $.

LOL well at the moment i think i am dating two guys... the ginger one and the black haired one! What a player... ;-) lol

Ok, so I kind of accidentally dated all 3 of them, now got the bf i didn't wanted, don't know what to do now, and...well that's it :D What am I supposed to do?

Hahahaha after all that i got the 'forever alone' ending... Probably my cheating that led to that LOL

Lol same as me then @ Anja... just keep going through the days and eventually the game will end, there are 10 different endings :)

I'm ridiculously addicted to this game. I clicked becuase it's Pacthesis and I loved her Xolga and Mr. Toko. It's more like one of those choose-your-ending books than a game, but I like the stories. And there are a lot of references to Xolga and Mr. Toko. And once you've finished it you get funny cheat codes for next time.

Ending 10, so hilarious!

Ooh, it's by the developer of Xolga and Mr. Toko! I gotta try this...

Hmm, got myself Ending 6: Always By My Side :D Yay xD Also got a cheat code (shutupandtakemymoney - gives infinite monies), but too lazy to play again xD

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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