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Mini Room Escape 9 Walkthrough

Mini Room Escape 9

MixGames1 - Mini Room Escape 9 is another point and click room escape game from Mix Games 1. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Mini Room Escape 9

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Short, but nice.

Piece of wheat from make-up table. Place wheat in bowl next to couch. Get gear. Placed gear on cabinet with tv. Opened top left drawer but cant grab what is inside the drawer so now stuck.

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Yay... did this one all by myself.

spray on tv for mirror code

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ok. So can't get the key (?) out of the drawer either. also, anyone have any idea about the code under the picture safe?

I have the same problems as hairbone and LeAnna. can' take whatever it is from drawer after I placed gear...

found a battery in cb right of make-up table

ah, use battery on the drawer and now I have a laser

What to do with the needle nose?

@Siobhán Long's sister: thats where I am right now, don't know yet.

completely stuck. the only things I can click ist the face, top right drawer of big cupboard, door and picture...

maybe we need a nose that we can put on the face?!

Needle nose on lamp next to tv. Get paper clip. Paper clip on drawer, get clippers. Shave hair from face for code under picture

There's also a hotspot between the wheat and the table and you can keep clicking for batteries too!

which lamp, left or right? I don't get a mouse-over there...

Thanks, hairbone, but no paper clip for me.

for me neither, clicking really mad

got it. its the left lamp and on the spot where the rod holds the lamp (sorry, don't know how to explain that)

Use laser on pic above bookcase and then give cigarette to stuffed animal(LOL) left of tv

Where is needle nose?

needle nose comes from mirror, after using hint from tv

Tried using number from tv on mirror. 1 at 10:00 position, 2 at 4:00 position etc...but no go

if this would be a circle with 360° and top is 0°, it would be:
- 315 °
- 135 °
- 0 °
- 45 °
- 225 °
- 90 °
- 270 °
- 180 °

or if its a clock:

- 10
- 4
- 12
- 2
- 7
- 3
- 9
- 6

Finnaly worked after two tries, I guess you have to leave scene and come back and start over

out, but what a pixely game

Nope, still can't find the blasted paper clip. This isn't a game, but a blooming pixel hunt.

Finally out. The paper clip was so grey (against a grey background) that I didn't realize I had it. I don't know why I play any of these Mix Games. They're really not much fun at all.

and the code is???????

NICE music! I'm just sitting here enjoying it - so pretty!

Fun game- thanks!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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