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Route 401 Motel Walkthrough

Route 401 Motel

[UPDATE] Route 401 Motel is another point and click adventure game from the same creators of Luke. For some strange reason your cousin's neighbor Uncle Louis left you his motel on Route 401. But as you reached the motel, which is now yours, you discovered it's been invaded by a family of yahoos! They won't let you in so your mission is to find a way to get rid of them! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Added new working link!

Play Route 401 Motel

Route 401 Motel Walkthrough

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got a stick, a flashlight without batteries and insect killer

Same here, don't know what to do when inside the motel.

mmh knocked the guy out - need some batteries

got the key from the policemen - showed him the pic of the criminal

I think, somehow we must get the cable from policeman.

electrocuted one in the pull - naughty naughty lol

casual - just pull the plug at police station - the policeman dropps a key plugging it in again

@swiss; he gave you key? He just explained to me who the weird guy is.

Should refresh more often :)

thanks. got it

lol and a little peanuts for the last one - and out

that was nice. but short :(

lol, just started the other game of the same creators. if you haven't played it, you should try it. starts even funnier than this one...

Short, but funnily insane! I liked the wig trick!lol

LOL! "Uncle Louise". Someone clearly unfamiliar with this name, or maybe just poor at spelling?

LOL! "Uncle Louise". Someone clearly unfamiliar with this name, or maybe just poor at spelling?

LOL sounds funny... just starting :D Hi everyone!

Lol and out... bit too short but fun! :)

fun game!

WIW (what is where)
(some places you need to return to several times, using map in lower left)

Police: information/tasks, business card, key
Pier: drawing, phone, flashlight, candy
Clinic (several rooms): stick (outside), batteries, medical record
Motel front: insect poison (from exterminator)
Motel office: plug
Back room (need working flashlight): electric cord
Pool: wig

Other hints:
- unplug cop's computer to get key
- use stick to get cord in water

Ha! A medal of bravery for basically assault and attempted murder. Woo hoo! (I'm joking. This was a funny.)


1. Go to Police station. Talk to the policeman. Take a look at notice board and take a card for pest control. Unplug the computer wire. Pick up the key policeman dropped.
2. Go to the clinic and unlock it. Take the stick near trashcans. Go inside. Take batteries. Go left and see the medical chart on the shelf to the left. Exit.
3. Go to the pier. Shoot some ducks to win a flashlight. Put the batteries in. talk to the candy lady and then the caricature guy. Go back to the Police station and give him the picture.
4. Go to the pier and se the phone to call pest control.
5. Go to the motel. Watch scene then pick up spray can. Use spray can on door. Go in. Go to the right and get the extension cord.Go back and use the cord on the socket.
6. Go to the pool area and use stick to dip the cord in water. Take wig. Use wig and give peanut candy to the kid.
7. Go to the police station and talk to him.

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