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Tropicool Escape is another free online point and click room escape game from Tomatea. In this game you need to find items and clues to solve puzzle to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Tropicool Escape Video Walkthrough
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YAY, Tomatea!
But I have to fully wake up first LOL, so I'll be back...!

pink statue by plant.
SD/pen in vase.
hint on porch, gives brown statue


Only puzzle I've solved is the pattern puzzle (brown statue) and stuck. Where are the hints? :)

The hints are in the blue book (in the cupboard)

Hi everyone, love these Tomatea games, looks like might actually have caught one live.

Tnx, ST, I think I've clicked that cupboard a hunderd times lol

Stuck with 4 statues and 1 battery... and a ipad that needs batteries. :)

wow i caught a live tomatea

not used the SD yet.

Don't mind to be stuck. Who's with me sipping a cocktail on that porch? lol

You can change the screwdriver, when it's blue you can use it above the table to turn on the lights to get a hint.

And out! Another great game from Tomatea!

Yay, thanks small-tool! :)

@st how do you change the sd. i have three statues one battery sd and i pad thing

Now, I only need 2nd battery, to power up the tablet and that will hopefully give me the numbers clue :)

trying to turn that sd - but its not working

nvm got it now solved the three letter clue

You first need to make the screwdriver with the two pieces.

You don't have to turn the SD. When you assemble it, just click on it and it will turn blue.

You need the SD-tip AND the Handle...

Yes, (2XD) = B, (O) = O, (2XV) = W...

Aaannnd out! :) I didn't want to leave though. ;)

For the second battery, use the screwdriver on the bottom of the yellow statue.

Where's the 2nd battery?

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POP! :) Tnx, st!

Back - morning chores done, breakfast eaten, everybody out?
Wow, @s-t ist here, so we are rescued...!
Hi there btw, LTNS on escape games...!

Hi Premiere :)
Busy in the riddle world.
Btw. This friday my new riddle will be released.

Yes, (2XD) = B, (O) = O, (2XV) = W...

ok and out now, great game.small gonna miss your riddle going on holiday on friday

small - good to know :)

I still have not opened that xy+ cubboard
where is the hint for that? the x + xy + + does not work

Great, s-t,
looking forward to playing it!
Unfortunately my kid-free holiday is just finished then, so probably can't play live (depends on the releasing time)...

pop - stupid me - overthinking again

Hi Swiss,
it's also in the hint book - it's not maths...!

It's in the book, it does work.
Click X click + Click X Click Y Click + Click Y

I just love the shapes of TomaTea keys :) And out (finally).

thanks prem and small - pop did its trick

I love Tomatea :)

Hi ! I don't understand why 2x V = O isn't it X ??

2x V isn't O It can be X or W and here it is W

Ah ok thanks small tool, read a wrong comment...

What is meant by "live game"?

where is the statue that was yellow and the 2nd battery??

'live game' is a game that's just released here and still played 'live' by people because it isn't solved yet (or at least not by a lot of people).

mystg - it means that it was just posted and people are actively posting updates as to their progress.

Smalltool, please (again, lol)
I don't understand sd on wall...I put Sd in blue, tries to click as hint blue book but light on and that's all
what's wrong please??

The yellow statue is in the bottom right cupboard door. To get the code for that you first have to use the screwdriver (with blue tip) above the table. Put the SD in the middle to turn on the light and then follow the pattern as in the book to make the light brighter and then the hint is on the table.
In the yellow statue is the second battery.

& now a refreshing fruit juice while relaxing in the hammock...!
Sneaky little 2nd battery LOL & very nice number puzzle pic!

I'm in the same position seb, can't take the screwdriver back out either so not sure how to start again if my order is wrong.

I see. Thank you, small-tool and DJT! :)

POP: Got it now.

You answer my question too...thanks

and the 4 digi code????

For the 4 digit code you have to put the 2 batteries (1 from the melted ice cubes and 1 from the yellow statue) in the i-pad and then solve the little slider puzzle to see written out numbers.

@Seb go starting from the middle go Top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left, then back to the middle.

@Renata: Four digit code is from solving the I-Pad puzzle once you've placed both batteries.


Thanks, got it :)

im out:)

Btw (before I start LOL):
As a nice change, will be here a @s-t-WT soon once again...?!

Oops sorry Premiere.
It's all yours :)

thank you tomatea!!

thank you tomatea!!

lol I read the slider puzzle from left to right.
Didn't help me at all until I read the comment. So it's 2612.
But now there's another problem. When I want to enter the code, it says "I have no clue how to solve this." and I just cannot enter the numbers. What to do?

Excellent game :)

did you SOLVE the slider puzzle or guessed the numbers?

Shame on me, I didn't solve the slider puzzle correctly. The numbers were still readable though. 2162 it is. :D :D

And out. Thanks for your help! :)

For slider puzzle, have a good look, where the picture frame is...!


That was one of the best ones I've played the last 3 months!

Very, very good game, thanks Tomatea! You've excelled yourself with this one!

BTW, for all the slider puzzle haters, this is NOT a true slider puzzle. A true slider puzzle will not let you "exchange" tiles, you would only be able to move up, down, left or right.

LOL, thx, arbeitslooser,
for the explanation - how do you call then this kind of puzzles as in game?

Ohhh happy days! Love these games... so far I have the notebook, pink, red and brown statues, one battery and screwdriver (just the first part). Trying to figure out the 3 letter box :)

Ok I am on to the last bit I think lol... just trying to do the 'slider puzzle' whatever it is called lol ;-)


(click right to open link in a new tab)

- you can reach some places from 2 views...
- puzzles can only be solved, after you saw the clue...!
- ABOUT ITEM = circle «i» top right of each stuff in inventory
- SAVE option available («game menu» bottom right)
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

Note, what you will need/use later:

- locked...
- note on balustrade: HINT (pattern)...

- valve puzzle in right CB
- 2 paintings
- 6 pedestals with slots on left CB
- locked door...
- 5 puzzles in CB (letters, numbers, left-right, black/white, flowers)

- shape in wall


- take SCREWDRIVER HEAD from flower VASE
- take PINK STATUE behind PLANT
- note: you also can have a look at BOTTOM of statue (about item)...

- take most right BOOK from bottom shelf with HINTS (line, statues, signs, sun/moon, letter maths)...

- always click square button under puzzle display at the end...!
(hint: letter maths)
(also this statue can be looked at its bottom...!)
- LEFT/RIGHT: ICE & KEY-1 (open also 2nd door)
(hint: sun/moon & painting)
(note in about item: sth inside an icecube...!)
(hint: pattern on balcony balustrade)
(ditto statue bottom...!)

- turn gadget & lift lid to note: 2 BATTERIES needed...

- put SD head in SD handle (about item) for WHOLE SCREWDRIVER
- still in about item: turn SD head for BLUE TOOL (click handle) 8-D
- put tool in HOLE in CENTRE of wall shape to turn LIGHT ON
- (click dots) to turn light even MORE on...!
(hint in book: line)
- note on table: HINT (flowers)...
- take tool BACK & turn head to have a normal SD again
(make sure to have made note of flower hint, you can't see it anymore, once tool is taken back ...! Or take tool back, AFTER you solved puzzle...! ;-D)

- open door with key-1
(enjoy the terrific view...! ♥)
- take RED STATUE about bottom right, where COCONUTS are
(statue bottom...!)
- put ice on table right of sunbed
- exit view & come back to take BATTERY-1/2 from melted ice

- use SD on bottom of yellow statue for BATTERY-2/2
(did you turned SD head again? ;-D)
- put batteries in device, close lid & turn gadget for PICTURE PUZZLE
- solve pic puzzle for HINT (number)...
(hint: have a good look at the picture FRAME...!)

- put all 6 statues in their slots on CB left of couch
- set them correctly for KEY-2 from CB
(hints: in book & on painting)

- open door with key-2 for


☺ ☻ ☺


- in book:
(2XD) (O) (2xV)
- double letter D vertically = B
- O stays as it is
- double V horizontally = VV = W
(it also could be X, doubled vertically)
- gives:

- in book:
- on painting, sun & moon:

- click X = white:

Or visual aid:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

- click dots (tool in centre):
top right, bottom right, bottom left, top left, centre

whole flower, 1/2 flower to the left, 1/2 flower to the right, whole flower

- click:
X + X Y + Y

- puzzle:
- gives:

Or visual aid:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)

- on painting:
R-Y-B-Pi-G-Bn - turn them
L-L-L-R -R-R
- statues in inventory (x = other stuff):
x - Pi
x - G
x - x
x - R
B - x
Bn -x
Y - x
- order (in book):
R-G-Bn-Y-B-Pi - looking
L-R-R -L-L-R


Well done premiere! You are the master of walkthroughs lol, always so clear :D

(I am reading about the Moai... so thanks for the link @ premiere LOL)

premiere also from me thank you for all your walkthroughs.

i just played the game ..though im out but i dont understand that dot clue i hav to cheat from Premiere walk thru ..if anyone comeback leave explination for that clue ..thank you in advance ..

Great Game! Lots of help! Fun, FUN!!!!

if you mean the black/white one:
set puzzle like the pattern on balcony balustrade.

Fantastic game, the only con: I did it on my own, so no need to read premieres wt, but- I read it anyway! Entertaining and perfect as always, thanks for that, premiere!

no the premiere the light one clue in which we use sd ..

Ah, ok, raasti:
Hint from book means to follow the DIRECTIOn of the line (note arrows) for dot click order.
As tool goes automatically in centre of the wall shape for start, (even if you want to put in in another dot LOL), next dot to click is top right, then bottom right etc.
Everything still clear?

Nice to see Premier and SmallTool back around. :)

Thanks for the hints on the XY+, like SwissMiss I was over thinking it. Nice Tomatea game :)

hmm you are rite premiere that sd only goes in centre..thanx now everything is clear like a 7-UP ..:)

Oh, my! What a lovely game! Thank you Tomatea! Wish there were more!

Out with no help, great game.

really nice game

I cannot get the x+xy+y to work for the life of. I understood the clue but it still doesnt work. Grrrr.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Ross Elliot,
here a visual aid:
(click right to open link e.g. in a new tab)


& if you make a mistake, zoom out & in again to reset puzzle.

or another explanation:
- click
1) LEFT valve
2) RIGHT valve
3) LEFT valve
4) MIDDLE valve
5) RIGHT valve
6) MIDDLE valve
- square button

Yeah I ended up saving, refreshed, loaded the game and it worked. I was doing it right. It just wasn't liking me I guess.

"how do you call then this kind of puzzles as in game?"

This is really difficult to answer. I would just call it a tile puzzle, because SLIDER means that something is sliding. And so are the tiles in a true slider puzzle, which is always one tile short so you can move tiles out of the way that interfere with your pattern. (well-known from Detarou :))

And just to something completely else: I'm pretty sure you could NOT save the game some Tomatea games ago. This must be new. Or I was blind before.

This comment has been removed by the author.

& I quickly checked the last Tomatea games:
This one & the previous 3 already have the save option, but the earlier don't...!
I still would prefer a larger game screen or at least the possibility to enlarge it (Ctrl+mouse-scroll or Ctrl+ +/- unfortunately doesn't work on Tomatea)...

Thx, arbeitslooser,
I asked, 'cause I love a similar kind of puzzles very much, regularly found in the Gamershood games.
But as I still don't know the correct name, I didn't find them yet in WWW (also already browsed for «tile puzzles»...

This most definitely made my day.. thanks ever so much Tomatea.

"This one & the previous 3 already have the save option, but the earlier don't...!"

Thanks for the investigation, premiere. I didn't say you should check for it, but now you did :) Last 3 then, good to know. Now and then, my browser went all wonky and then - even though Tomatea games are always so great - I had to curse out loud LOL. (because I had to start over from scratch)

I was just nosy, arbeitslooser,
(typically female...!)

Thanks Tomatea - another great game!

tomatea games are one of my favorite maybe sometimes
a little bit to hard .
For more good games look for inka games or carmel games.
this games are very funny.

thank you all for helping to solve this game.

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