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40x Escape

[UPDATE] 40xEscape is another point and click type room escape game created by Bart Bonte. Only one door, firmly locked, but have you got what it takes to escape 40 times?! Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by PurpleLogic]

Update: Added new updated version!

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40xEscape Walkthrough

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First door unlocked - 39 to go!

on lvl 3 now

lvl 7

10 doors unlocked - and counting

interesting. utilize all ur puzzle-solving skills :)

stuck on the vefi one lol

@SM, spell the level # you are stuck in...

lvl 16...

No idea what to do on level 30.
The one with the bird picking (and sometimes stopping for a little while) on the right side of the door. And two buttons to click next to the door.
Managed to get the E and the S green by clicking left and right button at the moments the bird stopped.

pop does it lolol

First half done!

u mean level "five"? @ swissmiss

this time it was not GREEN. :)

was playing snowhouse escape n when stuck n back looking for a hint the page disappeared !! :D

Level 16,help please? :)

11 doors done but elvn????

seems i m stuck at #17

Nvm too easy LOL 12 doors done...

Hmmm I hate puzzles like Lvl 15 Grrrrr!

It seems we can't go back on levels, so if you're stuck somewhere better describe the level to get help..

Lvl 16, Spell ESCAPE.
Lvl 17, only one color is common in all letters.

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Thanks Edgar lol

17#???? only one colour same for all letters LOL

halfway house lol

For level 30.
Left button is the letter you want and right button is to confirm.
So if you want the S for example, you click two times left and one time right.

it was hard to move on 21

lvl 29 total?

I thought that was adding all the letters and I think that was 49. But it opened for me when I did the second box on 3 or 4.
No idea how it should have be done.

any hint about 29?

Great game, I'm at level 23 and it is still a lot of fun!

Grr I already said it LOL I hate those puzzles but this time for door 23

Level 27...4X4?? Any ideas?

4x4 = press 4 buttons 4 times each

Mollagan - stuck there too
tried to copy the birds moves

Level 27, 4x4 means 4th button 4 times.
Level 29, total = all doors SPOILER040SPOILER

help with "total" please. 029 or any other not working

aneel ty

On level 27

For level 34.
Make the letters green starting from the end.
So start with the last E.
Then click the move button till the P is green and go one like that.

Already stuck on 11 (elvn)

lol TYPO in level 32...

@ Edgar question is not releated to thi s game ..just curious did you get out of that snow escape game ?

Zazie, Click letters to spell the level # you are in.

lvl 35 now

Zazie - press the buttons E L E V E N

Need help on 35 (123...)

level 20?

I did raasti, but the game was deleted (drafted) for future release. Ask me here if you want.

Thx Edgar, how stupid i am lol (BTW did you escape the snow house ? I did after it disappeared)

i tried "soften" but failed. any hint for lvl 35?

Stuck on level 35 too.
The level with the note 123 and the buttons OTFSEN

POP - count to ten

24 ? the news thing

Level 35, O=One; T=Two and Three; F=Four and Five, etc.

Thanks Dabbeljuh, great find :)

That's North, East etc.

well? i counted now what? @Dabbeljuh :)

@E-Addict, NEWNEWS = North, East, West... Click the cardinal points in that order.

OUT! Puh.... hard work

Level 36 is just doing what it says
Knock up.



click the buttons in the order One, Two ,Three, Four... That means click o first, then t twice (for wo and three), then f twice (for four and five), then s twice (for six and seven), then e once (for eight), then n once (for nine), then t again (for ten)

aneel - one=o, two=t, three=t, four=f, five=f and so on

oh. i continued from number 4 :) thnx s-t

Out. Thanks all for the fun :)

Oh, much too late, comments are slow loading for me today, stuck at 38 (40x)...

Stuck at 20. A A A A A A and 20! Don't get it :(

escapism - what are you doing 40 times just now?

lol the bird escaped - lots of trial and error but fun

im on lvl 40 now. seems strange!

im stuck on level 9 :(

marijo. write in letters what you see in numbers

thanx guys .. i'll be back asking for more help ! :D

@marijo, spell the number!

Yep, great game.
Thanks for posting Edgar :)

ok. hint in the name. it was easy and fun! :D

Stuck at level 27 and 4X4

Silly me! Just had to write TWENTY!

see my hint above @purplelogic

POP! But thanks for the help, Dabbeljuh.

Out now, great game!

aneel - whats the title of the game !

Now I hate button puzzle on 34 LOL

ohh ok Edgar...i closed the game b/c i was stuck after getting shovel ...anyway thanx for your generous offer ;)

now im starting to play this game ..:D

Level 38- Stuck! 40X and room for 6 numbers...

Got it!

Mollogan - perhaps for letters not for numbers?

any hints on level 9 please :)

and out great game enjoyed it.total is how many floors there are I think

we see ?:D

You are welcome small-tool :)
@bosunzak, For 9 don't move means "keep your hand away from that mouse!"

im feeling so embrassed to ask you all intelligent people to help me on lvl 3 (i think im the only 1 who stuck so soon :)

You have to describe the level if you want us to answer. Didn't make notes.

Same trick. W=west etc.
But now North is down.

@E-Addict, WE SEE is the same as level 24 (Cardinal Points) but this time they are upside-down.

Oh by the way, Small-Tool.
You can go to any level in the game by clicking on the pause button and then on the number under the "continue from level..." right circle.

oh thanx again guys .. i feel stupid !! :D

@raasti, level 3, click buttons from 1 to 6.

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanx Edgar ..

Level 38?

on 34 the middle button is useless !

WONDERFUL Bonte Game as usual

Darko Sazdanovic,
Spell the word you want :)

35 ? 123 with letters above?

Do one, two, three, four etc. all up to ten.
Only use first letters.

soo far half done ..now on 21 :D

Thanx Small-tool ;)


LVL 1 – light the letters by clicking the knob

LVL 2 – light the letters by clicking the letters (there´s no knob)

LVL3 – click the knobs numbered from 1 to 6

LVL 4 – click left knob to light E, click right knob to select S, klick left knob to light S, click right knob to select C and so on.

LVL 5 – click the buttons F I V E (this Level)

LVL 6 – you can light letters as long as the green light is on.

LVL 7 – click letters until all are green

LVL 8 – turn puzzle pieces to form a 8

LVL 9 – do what is written on the sign – don´t move. Your mouse deserve a break. Wait until the letters are green. Do nothing, nada, zero, go to bed or something like that.

LVL 10 – click the letters PEACE. The first E in PEACE is the last E in ESCAPE. S is not nessesary

LVL 11 – click the letters ELEVEN

LVL 12 – click E, then button to select next letter, click S, then button and so on

LVL 13 – count the corners of the shapes. Code is from big to small (453)

LVL 14 – knock knock knock. Click the door three times

LVL 15 – Light the letters. I did it by trial and error.

LVL 16 – transform the numbers into letters A=1, Z=26. Maybe the word is ESCAPE ;o)

LVL 17 – turn all letters to yellow (the only colour, which ist available in all letters)

LVL 18 – Do, waht is wirtten on the sign. Click button and hold on………….. until all letters are green

LVL 19 – click first button to select E. Click last button to light it up. Click second button to select S, click last button to light it up. Click third button…. You know, what to do

LVL 20 – 20 - TWENTY

thanx small tool , edgar .. funny !

im stuck at 37

E 1x
S 2x

@ small_tool i did not get it ...when i clicked C the green light of E & S gone ....

1st letter is clicked 1 time,
2nd letter is clicked 2 times,
3rd letter is clicked 3 times, etc...

Try again Raasti,
Click the E one time.
Then the S two times.
Then the C three times etc.
Make sure you don't miss a click.

clou for 38 please

Peter petry,
Make the word you want.
The code panel is not about numbers this time.

can i skip the lvl 37 i cant do it with laptop ...


LVL 21 – The sign tells you what to do – move! Move the mouse until your mousepad begins to burn (eventually it´s enough, when the letters are green)

LVL 22 – light the segments for number 22

LVL 23 – Click the letters randomly until they are all green

LVL 24 – Think of a compass (North, East, South, West) click the directions as shown on the sign.

LVL 25 – Neo, Neni, vife are anagrams for One, nine, five

LVL 26 – click the letters in order shown on the sign

LVL 27 – 4X4 means click the 4th knob 4 times

LVL 28 – the longer you hold the square-button the longer the green light is on. Click the letters when green light is on.

LVL 29 – How many doors to open (total)? 040 I think

LVL 30 – 1 click left select E. Click right light it up. Two clicks left select S. Click right to light it up. Three clicks left select C, right click……

LVL 31 – WE SEE a compass (top down) Click the directions shown on the sign

LVL 32 – three numbers written backwards – read it forward and you get fourtwoseven

LVL 33 – Clicking randomly until all letters are green

LVL 34 – Click left to light E, click right to move lighted E to the end. Click left to light E again. Clickl right to move right until P is on. Light up the letters from right to left.

LVL 35 – Click the buttons in order one (o), two (t), three (t) , four (f) up to ten

LVL 36 – Knock up! Click like mad on the door until it opens….

LVL 37 – Click 1x1 (E), 2x2 (S), 3x3 (C), and so on

LVL 38 – Write ESCAPE

LVL 39 – Look at LVL 34. Same here, but you start with middle button that lights up the A. Move it with left button to the right. Whne C is lighted, you have to move the lighted A tot he right.

LVL 40 – Click the name oft he game (40xEscape)

Greetz Dabbeljuh

       Anonymous  9/5/12, 7:20 AM  

@ Dabbeljuh,

Thank you for level 19 !

pdgph - my pleasure!

If I can save only ONE escapers life, I did my work not for nothing ;o))

Ehmmm how long does it take to pass level 9? I literally left the PC to finish my dinner and nothing happened. I'm still stuck there :(

im feeliing very sad i cant passthru lvl 37 ...i want to finish this very nice game :(((

Ligeia - maybe you have to put the cursor on the sign. It last perhaps 20 seconds...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Dabbeljuh, it still doesn't work. Someone over on Jayisgames forum is having the same problem. Reloading and trying again now.

@ Dabbeljuh thanx for your words of wisdom .finally i did it ...i stop clicking after light is green .but last line of your comment save my innocent bird:D

finally my bird flew away ..:)

All right, now I got it to work, but only in Opera, and not in Firefox. Some folks over on Bonte's own site are having this same issue, either with IE or with Firefox.

Level 9 did not work well, I waited for minutes with nothing, then left ro read here and it opened...

To everyone that had a problem with level 9, I couldn't reproduce the problem, but I think I know what was causing it. There is now a new version online that should solve it.
Could someone that had a problem with level 9 confirm this please? Thanks!
(note: to verify you are playing the fixed version of the game, there is now a small 'v1.1' indication in the opening screen with the ad in the big pink ball)

completed all the levels got stuck on some ....big thanks to Dabbeljuh x

Confirmed, level 9 now works for me in Firefox too. Thanks Bart! :)

This is so much fun.... on level 21 and still going.... love that little birdy, lol

Yaaayyy! Escaped all 40 levels with no help :-D

just finished the game...all lvls at first try...so easy ;)

what do you spell with elvn in level 11

i need help please

Need help on 37

Thanks for you help.

Britney, spell 11 eleven

to go back a level just click the pause button and click the thing under "countinue from level" till you get to the level you want.

im clicking the door on lvl 36 like mad and its not working


@ Dabbeljuh thank you for the level answers

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Question 24 Asap!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  3/28/13, 10:46 AM  

on last level but still stuck

This comment has been removed by the author.

Killen this suckers timin myself so far im on level 39 with 1 min and 54 seconds
Btw if life gives you guns you kill

Lol.. I have finished all 40 levels in just 22 minutes.. :-)

Help!!! Level 35

Working link - https://bartbonte.com/40xescape/

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