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Anode and Cathode - The Museum Walkthrough

Anode and Cathode - The Museum

[REPLAY] Anode & Cathode - The Museum Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Anode and Cathode. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by helmutbuchner83]

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Very strange, one object stays empty and there's no forum to find people who that solved room #1 ... I think it's just empty and you can only get the mail-address and break the pillar

piece 30
where is coal

hey... that was a kool game....

Anyone playing ?

hi ... still live???

all what I could do is taking the key from napoleon and use it on the first room

collect items for the rooms, shield for boat on right wall in hall

use the key on dandy man in the top last room

use microchips to watch tow different scences ... didn't get anything from it ...

okay have got key,flower,coin,walking stick ,camera (used),telescope,microchip(used in glsses),glasses and lamp.... stuck

put coin in the fountain at end of hall in the garden get another key

how can I open the light at the third room?

you have to give him a stick

Put different items in paintings(rooms clockwise):
2)Put crown on man on the lefts head
3)Put walking stick under man hand
4)Give telescope to napoleon
5)Put shield form wall on right in hall on the boat
6)Put bayleaves on romans head

Take a photo of the paintings and change contrast.
Dunno where to use that hint though...

And what about that key nr 2 ? :/

press the top contrast button on the six pictures you took and get a clue

when all the lights are on a basement opens up use the clue there

how do u switch the lights on?

How did you get through the top left room ? :/
I think you should get the sword there, but how to take it first ?

press the little red dots outside the room when you have put the things in the rooms

oh , thanks persongage .but wot goes in the painting in the first room on the left side?

hello just joining. what a strange game. give hazelnuts to squirrel and he vomits another microchip. don't know where to use them or how to turn all lights on

you answer a question from the squirrel and then you can get the sword from the rock

feed the nuts to the squirrel

got it! squirrel asks a question. when you answer correctly he says you have a pure heart.....

stuck now though!

I'm missing the nuts then... :/

get nuts from tree hole

find a medallion in the top right of the maze and open it to get the 1st door key ... didn't get much from it though ... :/

For the nuts, click around the top of the picture...they fall from the tree.

Can't find the medallion in the maze. Havent' found a coin for the fountain, either. Help?

Oooohhh...found the medallion. Sneaky door!

the clue for code for the third room in the basement is People - rings - roses ... count them from the pictures in the gallary

oops just blew myself up but i'm still playing lol! don't touch the gunpowder ouch!

@DonnaLou the coin is on the rode in the front garden

Thank you @Goody! Now, I have a flower and a pearl. Can't figure out number of people or roses. And...is there something still to do in the first room in the basement? I mean, other than knocking down the pillar and reading the funny note under the picture?

the clue for the number of roses is under the roses painting in the gallery ...

Got into 3rd room spoke to girl - now what?

where is pearl @ Donnalou ? I think we have to give it to girl

ok found it and out

I can't give the man the walking stick - have tried clicking everywhere.

@Goody - I should have said, "rings and people". The roses number is the easy one. :)

@annaby - did you open the door on the pillar in the picture before trying to give the man the walking stick?

@DonnaLou - yes. And all the rest of the pictures are done.

where is that stick? i can't find it...

nevermind i finally found it... must have been blind or something... oO

@annaby - I don't know why, then. I'm stuck at the end, unable to count rings and people. I think rings might be 9. Are angels people? Are stick people people? Are cartoon people people? If I only have one variable, I can force it, but not with two. Psssssst - Hey, Goody - hellllp, please?

Must go for now. Will come back hoping not to rot in the basement of the museum. Nice of them to leave us gunpowder to hasten our leavetaking, if we choose. :D

i think i'm having the same problems as donnalou...

also, don't quite know which format i have to insert the numbers

finally! got him to take the walking stick. Now I can be stuck at the same place

ahhh you have to enter the number of people first! DonnaLou, yes, angels and stick people are people!
The correct code is



all 6 statues are lit plus a beam going to the gallery but no basement has opened. What am I missing?

And out !

annaby, go to the other room where the beam is going. then, click on the left "ball" which is actually a switch

thanks @Leni!! Missed that entirely.

you're welcome =) i'll stay around if you need help...

Thanks @Leni. Can you help me find the pearl?

did you find the box in the first room (sry i just changed my name back^^)

I just found it @Milena/Leni - thank you very much for all your help :)

you're welcome :-)

I cant give the pearl to the girl...she wont take it...

Anode and Cathode - The Museum Walkthrough:

1. After the intro, look into the mailbox. Remove the three letters, and take the telescope.

2. Enter through the gate. Click to see your nameless girlfriend's father...eerrrm, an old man walk up to you. He will talk to you, and give you some sunglasses. Take the sunglasses.

3. Click on the coin on the ground in front of you. It shouldn't be very hard to find.

4. Read the paper on the ground, which reads, "Napoleon has got the key." Now, enter through the main doorway.

5. Go into all the rooms except the one that leads you into the gallery. (That's on the opposite side of the screen from you.) Search around them to find a walking stick, a computer byte-chip thing, an unreadable paper (it's French, but note the name reading something like "la spiel"), a camera, and a lamp. The lamp is lying on the ground off to the right-north corner in one room. The camera is sitting on the couch in another room. Also sitting on a couch in another room is a small green block (that's the chip-byte thing.) The walking stick is leaning directly against the far northeast corner, and in the other room, the unreadable paper is sitting besides the couch in plain view. Don't worry about the statues beyond these rooms; you won't need to access them for awhile.

6. Enter back into the "Red Room" (that's what the computer calls it), and click on the green shield hanging in the northeast corner. Man, why is it always the northeast corner?!?

7. Advance to the side screen door to enter the gallery. Look at each painting if you want, some of them hint as to the story plot, and what's going on.

8. Use the camera to take a picture of all six of the paintings. Look at your pictures, and turn up the contrast until you get a secret message. Count up the numbers of rings, roses, and people contained in the six paintings. Write them down; you'll need this information to solve a puzzle later on in the game.

9. Go outside. Use the lamp to be able to see.

10. Click on the large fountain. When clicketh upon Cupidon, the game will say that he is threatening you...Whatever. Take the crown from his head; he's not goin' anywhere!

11. Take the coin and toss it in the water in the fountain to make a key appear. Take the key.

12. Leave the fountain, and click on the big tree off to the left side of the screen. Once there, remove the wreath off of that woman's head. (Yes, that's a woman. Look closer.) After disclothing the statue, click around above the hole in which the squirrel sticks out of. Three nuts will fall down from the tree. Take them.

13. Feed the three nuts to the squirrel. While only feeding him the last nut is essential, do what you want. He will hock up a chip for you to take.

14. After talking to him, answer his question: Paris.

15. Now that your heart is pure, go back to the front yard of this mansion, and remove the sword. Remember that you have to click on it's grip, and not the sword itself, much less the scabbard.

16. Reenter the mansion.

17. Enter the six rooms from left to right, top to bottom. The first room requires you to give that guy his sword. You have to click it near his gauntlet, so that he can actually hold it. The next room is where you have to place the crown in that bald guy's hands. Cool music! In the next room, you have to give that Frenchman his walking stick. You'll be coming back to this room soon. On to the next room: Give that guy his wreath (put it on his head.) In the next room, place the shield on that blank spot surfacing his boat. Leave. In the sixth room, give the guy on his horse (hey, that's Napoleon to you!) a telescope. Click on the second, smaller saddle just half an inch right of his groin to get a key to fall. Nab that key! See? Napoleon did have the key! Exit back to the "Red Room." Go back to the room with the Frenchman and his walking stick. Use Napoleon's key on the golden box. Take the byte-chip thing inside. Now that you have all of the chips, insert them into that slot in your sunglasses (yes, in order) to retrieve your memories. Hmmm...

18. Go back into the "Red Room," and click all of the pink switches. There are six of them. Now, click the green switch in the middle. Go to the gallery.

19. Go outside, and click at the end exit of the labyrinth. Get the swinging medallion, and go back to the gallery.

20. Open up the medallion, and obtain "the" #1 key. Cool...

21. Click on the switch with the huge hole in it. A green beam from the last room should imbue its color in a stream that eventually reveals the basement. Go downstairs, then. You heard me.

22. Read the sheet of paper inexplicably floating in front of the left side wall. This is optional.

23. Use the key # 1 on door #1 if you want to, but bewarned that this might screw up the game. Instead, use the key #2 you got from the fountain on door #2, and enter. Don't touch the red boxes; you'll blow up. Yes, I'm serious. Try it, if you're feeling cynical right now. Just click it twice. Anyways, open the top drawer of the desk, and take the small red box. Don't worry, because this one isn't possessive of dynamite. Leave.

24. Rings, roses, and people...For you lazy people out there who didn't bother counting, the code they WOULD GIVE YOU IF YOU WOULD HAVE BOTHERED COUNTING is a date, and an important one to the French, at that: 26-8-1789. NOTE: In most places of the world, they put the day of the month before the month itself when writing the date. So, don't get mad at the programmers; they're French! You're lucky they even bothered working so hard to translate the whole SERIES into English in the first place. Be grateful, okay? These are some quality games, and the last thing the developers need is being insulted, and nagged at. I just wanted to let you know.

25. Anyways, now that you have the code for the third door, enter it! This is near the end of the game! The door should unlock, and you should NOT enter it. Because...

26. Click on the small red box in your inventory. Keep clicking on it, until it opens up, reveiling a bullet. Click on the little circle on the top of the bullet to open up the bullet, reveiling a pearl.

27. Go back upstairs to the gallery, and get the flower. It is hanging in the bottom left corner of the first painting on the left side of the wall. Now, go back downstairs.

28. Now you can enter the third door. Everything else is taken care of. Phewww...

27. Click on your girlfriend.

28. After exchanging dialogue, give her the pink flower you just picked up.

29. After exchanging even more dialogue, place the pearl on that gap in her necklace that hangs down over her chest.

30. After more exchangement of dialogue, exit through the secret, newly found door. You'll find yourself back in the garden labyrinth.

31. Remember that place where you found the medallion? Well, go there right now. Click towards the river to escape.

32. Read the ending sequence text, and enjoy the conclusion.

NOTE: When you could have opened door #1 earlier in my walkthrough, you'd have found that the room was just full of unusable junk. Well, if you've ever played the first game in this series ("The Office"), you'll know what to do in this kind of case. Simply click on the top of the frame of the painting that hangs on the wall near the right side of the screen, and it should slide up. The rest is for you to find out...Good luck!

       Anonymous  9/12/12, 6:28 PM  

Very entertaining and helpful WT, Yalçin! TY for this one and many others!

now if you´re looking for a real brillant game - here is one! and dont plan any other things when you start that game, better take a day off.

I do not have a red box in my inventory? Where was it located

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