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Biologic Institute Escape Walkthrough

Biologic Institute Escape

Nifty - Biologic Institute Escape is another Japanese point and click adventure game developed by Nifty. Try to escape this place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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got lot of things sd ,key bottles ,wrench nut usde ..still have hint book & some green thing ..

I'm pretty sure I have little or no idea what's going on, but I seem to have clicked and/or done several things in the right order. :-/

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:46 PM  

raasti - if the green thing looks like a strip it goes in the robot head above the green keyhole.

I seem to have built a robot, and apparently need some sort of 1 chip to go with my 2 and my 3. I think. I do know at this point I'm stuck, though. I also think i could possibly have left at one point but didn't and lost my chance. ::scratches head::

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:47 PM  

I managed to find 3 different endings.

@szarra: oo, cool. So when I click on the hanging robot head I get some sort of view where I have a 2 and a 3 filled in but not the 1. How do I fill in the 1? Do I *need* to fill in the 1?

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:49 PM  

Use screwdriver on the back of the book.

POP! Nvm! I found the 1! I used the SD.

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:50 PM  

Don't need the one unless you want the third (maybe best) ending.

Yay! I got it right. ... Now of course I have no idea what to do *next*...

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:56 PM  

Just replayed...you use the 1st pipe combo twice for third ending. I guess I got lucky the first time. lol

Seriously, I have all three of the numbers filled in, a SD and a wrench and can't seem to make anything else happen. I have the pipes on the wall arranged according to configuration 1 (I think) and since you said that was the best I figure I'll keep them that way...but like I said, I can't make anything new happen.

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 8:58 PM  

You will need to use all three configurations. Each gives you something different. The first gives you the metal plate that gives you the robot parts. Then you can use it again later to get a different ending.

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 9:00 PM  

Drat...not explaining myself well. Use 2 to get a remote for one ending. 3 to get a heart for another ending. 1 + heart to get a second heart for the last ending.

Ooh, I see...ha ha! Robot SMASH!

I got all the way to the end twice and I can't put the


2nd heart in the robot (sorry- I don't know how to hide these)

This would all be a lot more satisfying if I could read what the endings were, but I get the drift and it's all very clever.

he just keeps smashing-- I can't tell if it's a different ending. I played twice. 1st time I didn't get the 3rd slide, but i used the remote and ROBOT SMASH. The 2nd time I got both hearts and ROBOT SMASH. hmmm...
Oh-- and at some point that door was open but I didn't go through it. Can't remember how I did that. Nice game though!

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 9:11 PM  

Just need the second heart in inventory. Take back the first heart when you have the second and use the first. Robot does the rest. :)

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 9:15 PM  

The door opens when you put the metal plate on (it opens up the place with the robot parts) and it drops a chip. lol Never tried just walking out before. 4 endings!

Got out but not completely sure how!
Really interesting -- the metal book was very helpful!

Now reading comments.
I did not get any "SMASH"
First chip I got was #1, then #2, then #3.
(maybe says I did more or less what game maker wanted)

Was there ever any use for the game controller? or just something you needed to have in inventory?

Something important seems to missing me. I have only one chip. I have the pipes on the wall arranged according to configuration 1 from this chip or tile, what else... and now I'm totally stuck! Help please!

ohhh! I got it!

missing #1 !

got it ! :D

is he supposed to look at planet Earth at the end or did i do something wrong ? :D

Does not work, drat.

When I've made all 3 configurations, I can't get back to configuration #1 to obtain second heart. I don't get 'OK' but '--' and a deep hum.

I must be doing something wrong.
(yes I want to get the best ending)

AHHH got it! The actual place for the heart is in the pipes screen!!

       Anonymous  9/26/12, 6:42 AM  

you don't need to set configuration-1 again, it also works with the last one you set (#3).

Interesting. Well, szarra told me so, so I did it that way. NVM. The ending screen was a bit dull, though. Just those two robbies facing each other. Bah.

       Anonymous  9/26/12, 6:47 AM  


- game has 4 ENDINGS...!
- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

BUTTONS at start screen
- LEFT: START new game
- MIDDLE: LOAD saved game
- RIGHT: ? = instructions
IN GAME: wrench top right for SAVE option
- click (top) LEFT button (arrow down in basin)
- click LEFT button (arrow down in basin)
- click BACK button

- click CROSS on MACHINE to see: NG (no go)...
- remove COVER left of machine for broken ROBOT
- click robot 3x for KEY
- go left ;-P

- note big & little HEXAGON...
- take BLUE BOTTLE with LETTER A right on right CB
- open CB with key for WRENCH & BOOK
- note in book: HINTS (robot assembling & cross machine)
- note backside of book: SCREWS...
- note DEVICE (looking like a robot head) above CB (also ZOOM)...
- pull LEVER at left side for UPPER body part of ROBOT (but it goes up again...)
- go left

- take BIG SCREW under round sorta WINDOW & SCREWDRIVER bottom left on floor
- put screw in broken BRACKET of right PIPE
- use wrench on bracket to fix it: now window is lit up (purple)...
- note: DOOR can't be open (yet)...
- go left

- you can adjust PIPELINES by clicking the 4 CIRCLES, but you don't have a clue yet...
(btw: remember zoom in robot head device - doesn't it look like the same with the 4 circles...?!)
- unscrew PANEL in centre with SD for RED BOTTLE with letter B
- make (click) a HOLE where bottle was (what a special shape...!)
- go left

- put blue bottle A left & red bottle B right side in machine as per book hint

- unscrew backside of book with SD for CHIP-1/3
- activate CIRCLE COMBINATION-1/3 in robot head device (zoom)

- adjust pipelines as per circle combo-1
- push cross for OK
- take HEXAGONAL SHAPE from round window
(aha, it's a materializing device...! 8-D)

- put little hexagon in centre of big hexagon for
- watch CUT-SCENE
- go to

--> SAVE HERE (at the very latest)!
- don't do anything else, but just go thru now opened door
(left button with circle to confirm your decision, right button with cross to resume game)
- BUTTONS: arrow, recycle & middle at start screen to load saved game
- take CHIP-2/3 in front of door on floor

- collect all 6 ROBOT PARTS from big hexagon
- build on PEDESTAL under lever LOWER robot body part with the 6 parts as per book hint
(2 feet, 2 legs, pelvis & connection)
- pull lever to put both body parts together as per book hint for ROBOT
- note same special shape in its CHEST as at pipelines...
- activate CIRCLE COMBINATION-2/3 in robot head device (zoom)

- adjust pipelines as per circle combo-2
- take CHIP-3/3 on pedestal, where robot part was
- push cross for OK
- take materialized REMOTE from round window
(note: door's closed again - no more way to get out...! ;-P)

--> SAVE HERE again (at the very latest)!
- use remote on robot & watch OUTRO
(left button with circle to confirm your decision, right button with cross to resume game)
- BUTTONS: recycle & middle at start screen to load saved game
- activate CIRCLE COMBINATION-3/3 in robot head device (zoom)

- go to WT Part 2 ☺

       Anonymous  9/26/12, 6:48 AM  


- adjust pipelines as per circle combo-3
- push cross for OK
- take materialized ROBOT HEART from round window

--> SAVE HERE again (at the very latest)!
- put heart in robot & watch OUTRO
(left button with circle to confirm your decision, right button with cross to resume game)
- BUTTONS: arrow, recycle & middle at start screen to load saved game
- activate CIRCLE COMBINATION-3/3 in robot head device (zoom)

- put heart in shape slot in centre of pipelines
- push cross for OK
- take another materialized ROBOT HEART from round window...!
(it doesn't matter which combo you've activated, it works with all...! 8-D)

- take heart BACK from slot in centre

--> SAVE HERE again (at the very latest)!
- put heart in robot & watch OUTRO
(left button with circle to confirm your decision, right button with cross to resume game)

Just don't think, you're nothing like others...!


- right click to open link in new tab/window



Not sure if this will help getting rid some of the dullness, but below is the story in short:

You started in the institute, with no memories at all. But you felt like there's something you need to accomplish, thus the game has begun.

Following the (nicely done) WT by premiere, below are the endings:

1. The hexagonal plate acted as a key, and opened the door. You have escaped the institute, but you felt like having something left undone.

2. You have successfully assembled a robot, but the door has closed. With the remote controller in hand, you activated the robot and used it to create an opening on the wall. You have escaped, with the robot as an accomplishment. However, your memory is still lost.

3. With the heart installed, the robot started to act on its own. Following its actions, you finally recalled your mission as a space explorer. Completing your journey, you have returned back to Earth.

4. You installed the robot's heart in the open slot, giving it free will. Then it helped you to regain your heart (with your memory). You recalled back your true identity.

That's all for the basic translation.

Personal thoughts regarding ending 3: Well, since there is nothing throughout the game that clearly states that you are on Earth (besides the suspicious title screen), came up with two theories: Either you went to space once the robot was activated, or you were at space (possibly another planet) when the game started.

Personal thoughts regarding ending 4: The robot manual (that R-book) actually gave a hint for this ending. On the first page right after you open it, the (roughly) translated text is as follows: [Robot Type 2 (Robo-2), a project by Robo-1].

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