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Circus Escape

EG24 - Circus Escape is another point and click room escape game from EscapeGames24. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Circus Escape Walkthrough
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       Anonymous  9/24/12, 1:43 AM  

Picked up a coin, looks like I need more for the machine, and got a hammer from the colour puzzle. Trying to make something from the skittles for the number puzzle but not succeeding.

Oh well I make do with what games I can get on a Monday LOL

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 1:48 AM  

Oh I've also got a stick, and a nail, picked up on my way around.

3 coins give key
make a torch

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 1:52 AM  

Have got a hammer and two nails now - but don't know where to hammer!

hammer (hint colors stools)combine with nail

For the number clue, look at balloons and then count colors under the seats blue yellow purple red

add a wood on wood 1st view and use hammer/nail

I don´t get the clue for other box, pushed like knifes from small to big and big to small but nothing

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 1:54 AM  

Ahhh thank you katrinfix. four button box clue is the knife throwing target, very simple.

i´m with you! 2 sticks, two coins. balloons give order for 4-digit-drawer.

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 1:58 AM  

Have 2 bits of wood, one on fire - and only two coins. I can;t get the other bit of wood to go on the wood in the first scene.

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:00 AM  

I think I did large to small, Katrinfix - worked for me.

Mary have you lit canon? (with stick)

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:01 AM  

Ah no I haven't Seb.. thank you!

light cannon with torch to get sword and coin. third coin in vending machine gives key

ty mary, now I´ve nauled the nails and stuck with 2 sticks

A Canon is somebody in religion LOL Now if it was a gun(cannon)?? JK I shouldnt pick things LOL

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:03 AM  

And I got a sword, which got me a rope.. but no further forward LOL. Time for coffee!

Nauled the Males? JK again LOL

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:04 AM  

Katrinfix, light a stick on the flaming hoop then light the cannon.
Can;t fix my wood with my nails..

how to make the torch?

katrin - one of the sicks go on the flaming ring

*cannon, sorry Leroy ;)

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:11 AM  

Ooooh I failed to spot the wood pice in the chairs! Have been trying to hammer the other stick..d'oh

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:13 AM  

Tadaaaa I now have two bits of wood nailed together, a rope, and a key but no keyhole. What am I missing?

THX Mary! Didn´t see that spot too...

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:14 AM  

Oh OK.. the bits of wood made a step so I could reach the curtain ring.. and it all falls into place :o).
Thanks for the help, everyone!

Mary put rope on curtain 1st view and add stick

now you can climb up the stairs and put the rope on curtain. then stick on rope

Voila - the keyhole!

       Anonymous  9/24/12, 2:17 AM  

I got there in the end, thanks, Seb & Dabbeljuh. I'm wondering why I didn't just duck under the curtain with my key LOL

maybe it´s the iron-curtain...

oh nice and easy after all....coins give key,rope and wood reveal the door and out xD

Hi all - late on this one but I'll do a walkthrough - it'a fun and easy if you can find that first nail


Scene 1: pick up COIN 1 behind pins.

Go left, get the WOOD in the stands. Note colors and sizes of stools.

Go left and pick up NAIL 1 behind the green footstool.

Go left, pick up a STICK and note sizes of knives on throwing panel. Also color order of balloons.

Left again; enter color code (solution below). Get HAMMER.

Left to return to 1st scene: enter corners code. Get NAIL 2. I think if you try it the wrong way you have to leave the scene and return to try again. This one didn't work for me at first. Then, place WOOD in front of the other wood. Combine NAILS with HAMMER, nail STEPS together (one NAIL at a time).

Left twice, and enter the number code, which is the colored lights combined with the order from balloons. Get STICK 2 and COIN 2. STICK 2 burns if you put it at the top of the ring of fire. STICK 1 won't do this.

Go right once, set off the cannon, and get a SWORD and COIN 3.

Right twice, and put your COINS in the booth to get KEY. Strangely, you have to use them in order, left to right.

Right twice, cut down ROPE with SWORD.

Right twice, stand on your improvised stairs and attach ROPE to curtain ring and STICK to ROPE. Yank STICK and the exit door is revealed. Use your KEY. Freedom! Moral: Don't run away from home to join the circus.


COlor code is large to small, r-o-g-b. Left to right, that's 3X-1X-0X-2X.

Corners code also goes large to small, so;

Number code follows b-y-pi-r, so 3254.

nice & easy ..clues are so obvious in the game :D

- dots on circus ring border (fire hoop view)
- balloons:
- pedestals (cannon view):
- star box, click:
G (start)

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Thank you EG24 for avoiding Bordom!

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