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Escape from Daintree Rainforest Walkthrough

Escape from Daintree Rainforest

Escape from Daintree Rainforest is another point and click adventure game made by real images from Lemon Grass Games. In this game, you are in the daintree rainforest and to escape collect photos of wild animals. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Naturetracer]

Play Escape from Daintree Rainforest

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This comment has been removed by the author.

this looks good...

but it taking too long to load..

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:32 AM  

Beautiful landscape!

- FLY in D3 (you have a MAP)

This looks interesting

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:34 AM  

- BIRD for photo in B3
- CANDLE (not lit) in D6

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:35 AM  

- CAMERA in tree in F6

I didn't get anything from the chest???

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:35 AM  

- funny ROAD SIGN in F7

How do we take a picture? Is there a camera somewhere?

Everytime i click places, the picture comes with me...

oops, should have refreshed first! Thanks premiere

im out from other game but this game is still loading..

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:37 AM  


       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:38 AM  

- CHEST in E6 (needs code...)

cant start the game .. anyone had the same prob ?

I got a picture of a butterfly from the chest

Put sign in post in F3

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:41 AM  

- light candle for code

feed fly to frog in E4 to take photo

weird and annoying use of inventory...

I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with all the pictures in E5

place sign in F3 for pic #4

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:43 AM  

& in F3 (after putting signpost):
- take photo of bird on road

after liting candle you will get code

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:44 AM  

- take also photo from alligator (or crocodile?) in F2

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 9:44 AM  

ok, it was a croco LOL

this game is weird

still need two more

frog is not taking my fly ..how to give it ?

navigation doesn't match the map...

How many photos do we need? I have 6, can't seem to find anymore

oh the sliding puzzle grrrrr lol

raasti, just pull it to the frog until you see a spot

Rimic - what sliding puzzle?

well, I don't have time to finish now

miles1 i think its in E5

nvmd - didn't realize you could move the pictures in E5

need to click the stump on tree to get it...

frog eat my fly & did not give me anything

i dont kno wht happening in my game frog is not giving anything to me ,in E5 there is no sliding puzle for me only white screen & only 1 pic of butterfly ..

7 pictures now - slider took me awhile. How many do we need?

im gonna be here for a long time

Oh - i guess you only need 7. Out now

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 10:04 AM  

I'll be back... (speaking with Austrian accent ;-D)

raasti - in E5 there's a hotspot on the stree. If you click on it, you should get some pictures of snakes, crocs, and a koala. You need to get the Koala out

so dumb of me now i got camera & finally hav some pics ...

i hav butterfly ,kingfisher,croco,frog ,fox,cassoway ..wht im missing now ?

ok missing one more pic....

ok i read miles comment but when iclick on the hotspot in E5i only get white screen ..there are no pics

raasti you need koala from the sliding puzzle in E5, click on tree

Nothing in your tree raasti

Well i lost my cassoway sign lol and i cant find cassoway??

im clicking but i got only white screen now ...before there are some pics but that time i did not kno abt that puzzle..

Maybe i can take a photo of the sheila in F7 lol

ok im leaving i consider myself to be out & @Rimic sign is may be in F7 i think

raasti where did you find the cassoway please :)

is the sign classified as photo?? eeeiiii ive lost that sign :(

Rimic consider urself to be out from lemon grass...

ok so i will leave also i guess cause i gave away my Cassoway

lol raasti yes i will :D

Oh good grief!!!!! The link takes me to the game but when I click *play*, the album cover *017* blocks my view of game instructions, map.....everything....gah!!!! Sooooo....just in case this is happening to anyone else, I was able to play the game without any problem using the following link: http://www.mixgames1.com/2012/09/escape-from-daintree-rainforest.html :)

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 11:54 AM  

Back & OUT in E2 with 7 pics - nice one!
Slider took me AGES!
(another confirmation for my aversion to that sort of puzzle LOL)
& also to find
- FOX in E3
(a FLYING one! So was confused about comment withouth «flying» & looked in the bushes at bottom & not in the trees LOL!)

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 11:56 AM  

Hiya, irish!
LTNS (or better caught you in a game LOL)!

I wandered around clicking futilely ...then.... Finally figured out HOW to play...made a little progress...then the sign I found disappeared as I was looking for the place to put it...I don't have patience for buggy games!

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 12:41 PM  

Not my day for games. I have a big ?card? with 017 on half the screen...

How do you take a picture?

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 12:49 PM  

to use items: drag - so drag camera to subject.

LOL....Hi premiere!!!! I have been here but I usually get here after everyone has escaped and fled the scene ;) Great to see you!!!! Played a really cool, longggggg game yesterday....Heatherdale! I will find the link again and post it in chat because you aren't in and out *snap*...lol!!! It takes several hours and the characters interact with one another....I loved it!!!!! WOOT! Okay....back to this game :P I lit the candle, got the code and entered it into the chest in spa room; however, "grrrrrrr"....instructions tell me to press the red button after I have entered the correct code but I have clicked all over both bloody red buttons on chest and, well, either the code is incorrect in which case shame on that candle, or perhaps there is more than one place to enter a code???? LOL!!!!!!! Do you have any words of wisdom for me, premiere ;)

Always good to see you...you are always so happy to help and thank you for all the walkthroughs you write :)

@Gayle....I experienced the same problem but if you go to this link: http://www.mixgames1.com/2012/09/escape-from-daintree-rainforest.html you will be able to play the game :)

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 12:55 PM  

thx & my pleasure, irish,
glad I can help!

Slightly remember Heatherdale (but have to see it to know, if I already played it)...

- code is on candle from top to bottom
- as far as I remember, I clicked chest somewhere bottom right side...

@ irish i think the code start from 3 & u hav to press rite red button on chest ..

Thank you @raasti and @premiere...so close yet so far :P I entered *3192* and was clicking like a mad woman on both sides, but thank you for the directions..POP!!!!! Kind of like going to the doctor because you don't feel good and magically, somehow whatever was wrong no longer troubles you....geez!!!! ROFL!!! I have every confidence that I will click on areas I clicked before and POP will work its magic....haahha!!!!! Thank you again...CHEERS!!!!!!

thanks premiere! I'm out!

Irishenigma...Thank you! Same problem.

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 1:53 PM  

@Irish, nope. Same thing happens but thanks for the help! :)

@gayle...I am so sorry the link did not work for you; I opened it up no problem and I am using Internet Explorer. I do not know if using another browser, i.e., Chrome or Firefox, will make a difference but I Googled *Escape from Daintree Rainforest* and that is how I found the mixgames1.com link...I know that huge 017 sign is very annoying/frustrating!

@cassepied...you are very welcome :) I am assuming you were having the huge sign blocking everything dilemma ... I am glad the link worked for you :)

REALLY??? ROFL!!!!! @raasti & @premiere...here I am clicking everywhere in the bottom areas of that weasel chest and suddenly....I unwittingly moved my curser below that devil chest and I see the *hand* cursor....I click and now I have a lovely photo of a butterfly!!! Now to find the camera, although I lost the *017* sign out of my inventory and suddenly, it has reappeared. Is this game a bit buggy or have I been staring at the screen too long...lol!

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 2:25 PM  

LOL, irish,
btw, there's a photo counter in inventory (from 0/7 till 7/7, increasing after taking a photo)...

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 2:27 PM  

Same problem for me...so sad. It looks like a great game.

Groan!!!! This is soooo frustrating...usually I am very good at finding hot spots, even in buggy games, but this is truly ridiculous...pfffftttt!!!!! lol!!! I have gone over every inch of that tree and not one hot spot has popped out at me :( I have been in scene E5 for slider and F6 for camera...I do have one picture though :P

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 4:02 PM  

did you find your way out of the jungle in the meanwhile?

Well, unable to find any hotspots, cannot even place the sign on its post...methinks the game went South because I know I am a better escaper than this :P Once I opened the chest and got the butterfly..ne'er a hotspot did I find ever again!

@premiere...I trudged my way back to the place where I entered this jungle nightmare...lol! I hate to give up so...I will try again but at a much later date :)

Can't figure out how to use inventory to place signs. Somehow managed to take one picture, but that's it! There should be instructions ...

POP - drag item to place you want to use it!

       Anonymous  9/1/12, 11:57 PM  


defeated by the dreaded slider i give up well done to all that escaped

       Anonymous  9/2/12, 1:52 AM  

I'm afraid there is no camera in the tree (F6).

very very very poor rip off of SD games...pathetic.

       Anonymous  9/2/12, 8:59 AM  


Getting lost in jungle is easy...

- search for HOTSPOTS in views (hand cursor)
- click item to take & click it again to put it in inventory
- DRAG the items for actions...!

- with PHOTO COUNTER (0/7-7/7) & MAP in inventory

Enjoy lovely nature (well, at least some nice photos...)!

- NADA at
B2-down-A2-left-again B1-right-B2-right-B3
- B3: BIRD (for photo)...
- go right

- NADA at
- D3: FLY (food mwahahahahah...! ;-P), sitting on stone in middle of the river
(click to see photo & click photo to get animal in inventory)
- go left

- NADA at
- D6: unlit CANDLE on table...
- go up

- E6 (spa): LIGHTER in right farer wall niche
- back to D6: light candle with lighter & take it for CODE
- up to E6: unlock CHEST with CODE (type numbers)
- open chest (click bottom right red button) for BUTTERFLY photo-1/7
- go back down & right

- NADA at
- F7: yellow SIGNPOST behind plant right side of path in front
- go left
- F6: CAMERA inside TREE (click bottom of tree)
- back to D4

- NADA at
- E4: feed FROG (on big rock left of fallen tree) with fly
- make a photo-2/7
(in case frog is jumping away, exit view & come back)
- go up

- NADA at
- F3: put signpost in POLE left of road in front for CASSOWARY
- make a photo-3/7
- go left

- F2: make a photo-4/7 of CROCODILE bottom left side of river
- back to E4
- go left

- E3: make a photo-5/7 of FLYING FOX top left in tree
- go left

- E2 (boat): «The driver says: Give me your album»
- as you don't have enough photos yet: go back to B3

- B3: make a photo-6/7 of KINGFISHER on branch
- go to E5

- E5: solve slider puzzle in centre of tree trunk (solution below) for KOALA photo-7/7
- back to boat in E2

- E2 (boat): give your complete photo album to driver
(drag 7/7-item at boat)
- close OUTRO window &

☺ ☻ ☺



(right click to open link in new tab/window)

Mayhaps, there's a faster/easier way as I did, but at least my solution works...!

Oh frabjous day,

Not Jaborwocky nor Bandersnatch,
Nor creatures hiding to frighten me.

I raise my glass to toast and say,
*Premier your "Way to Thru hath saved my day*
I declare with joy,

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves,
'Twas insanity this game me drove,
I chortle now with beamish face
Tis saved, tis saved... I am, I am!

With mimsy I again proclaim,
As in the tulgey wood I go,
Premiere shall save the day..oh yay!
Galumphing out I shall return.

One, two....one, two....oh happy day!

       Anonymous  9/2/12, 1:17 PM  

Wow, irish,
overmuch honour...!
*blushing* LOL

       Anonymous  9/2/12, 1:32 PM  

& thx for the link in Cbox (missed you...)
Although, I already played Hetherdale - an epic one!

:) premiere...thank you!!!!! Aw...you deserve to blush...you are such a help to everyone! I just had to write something a little more original than "thank you"....well, with the influence of Lewis Carroll...lol :P I just love the word "chortled"..."slithy toves" sounds kind of cool too....ROFL!!!!! But I digress...thank you again :)

Wow premiere, i am impressed with that slider puzzle! How cool are you LOL.

But I got as far as about 48 and messed it up, but thanks anyway! I sure it is a great help to someone more patient than myself ;)

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