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Escape from the Room With Broken Door Knob Walkthrough

Escape from the Room With Broken Door Knob

Escape from the Room With Broken Door Knob is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by 86Game. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the place. Language barrier may be a problem. Good luck and have fun!

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I've only managed to get two of the puzzles on the box and I'm soooo sleepy

okay, I've managed all but the 3 digit number

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That toy is all full of surprises! LOL
A screwdriver in it, figures and numbers.
I found a box (given) to place key toy that helps us and the two tables on either side of the door!

Sorry! I was wrong to copy T.T

will have to try again in the morning, just to tired to finish. stuck on the box, got 3 of them done.

well, I can't figure out the circle + triangle + square number and have tried every configuration of the bears my mind can come up with

I could with the numbers of bears!

But I can with the door, do not understand the key :(

OK lotta math here...

Figure out which bear = which number, then multiply the 4 as given by the pic on the right

THEN (last code), figure out the missing #'s using the cube and the differences.... Gives a small # starting with 1


Grid, not cube, I meant

@ mugglehead
One with the colors of the walls, another position bears, bears another color, another multiplying the numbers that come out according to the position of the bears in the box by the door and one I do not remember
What I do not understand is the key to the door!

Thanx a lot Guru
solved the 3-digit code on cube. No going to the last code

hmm, got all but the 2 3-digits. Don't understand the clues and hints.

@mugglehead: look at the cube and notice the position of the bears. Then look on pic left of door, note the numbers and then multiply.

Answered the door code?
I sleep for work tomorrow LOL
I can not sleep if I do not close this escape game well XD

Still thinking of the last code

Ack!!! Down to door clue! Thank you Anja!

Position of bears for my hub: 8, 3, 6, 3
multiplying .... key out

ah got the last code - was overthinking again, lol

And out - nice game

Last code: Look at the positions of the triangle, circle and square on the shelves. Pay attention to the numbers as well. Then look at the paper with the plans for the box. The math is really simple. Really easy if you draw it on a piece of paper...

well please draw it for me!! I'm brain dead right now.

last line:
5 + 15 = ?
? * 15 = 35
right side up:
5 + 25 = 30
30 + 25 = ?
and so on

no good, going to bed, I declare myself out.

oh sorry not * but + ( ? + 15 = 35)

thank you Anja!! Now I can sleep!! Officially out!!

Good night mugglehead :)

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Tq guys....I can escape now...

       Anonymous  9/20/12, 4:26 AM  

I must be thick but I cant understand the last code. Tried to work it out but still dont get it to be honest! Can anyone help?

hmm i got all the codes of the cube ..now the door code is left only ....let me try my luck & brain too LOL

0ok i dont get it ..i read al the hints but still dont understand ....

i cant believe it ..I FIGURE OUT THE LAST CODE .....yeah ...

I don't understand the clues for digit codes! I guess it is too early for my brain to work! lol

I don't get the last code on the cube either. Very frustrating.

Is there someone whocan explain last code, please ?
My numbers are:

- - -
+20 - - 30 +25
35 - 5
+ 15

I though it was 180 but it's wrong ???

circle + triangle + square?
if I use the hint on wall
I get 3 + 1 + 7
doesn't work.....hmmmm

Nokra, Dana, if you are there, I can open a new game
and try explain - but my english is not very good :(

I'm still here.

oh and what do you do with the 30,35, and 5?

for last code you have to corelates with symbols & num#

for last line
5 + 15 =20
35 + 20 =55
for right
5 + 25 =30
30 + 25 = 55
30 + 55 = 85
85 + 10 = 95

95 +55= 150

So for the last code on the cube, you multiply the 4 numbers that correspond to the position of the bears' heads that are revealed by solving the other puzzles on the cube. That will reveal how to solve for the triangle, circle and square.

this is how i get my answer ...

I thought the three digit puzzle on the cube was solved by figuring out the triangle, circle and square. I couldn't figure out where you all were getting the 15, 10, 25, etc. I got it now.

Thanks you guys!

1. grid colors: you have to note colors of the bears on the shelf
-> if 1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
=> 1 3 4 8 9 are red
2. + : colors of wall
-> top = grey
left = orange
right = green
bottom = brown
3. other grig with 3 parts of grey: position of bears on shelf
-> M L M

... I continue ;)

4. 3 digit code: positions of faces of bears on cube
combined with pictures on wall
-> 2 x 3 x 6 x 8 = 288

But Dana says, I don't understand last code:
Raasti, wish symbols are you talk about ?

Dana, you 've got it ? Please explain !!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Gazoline when you solved all the puzzle on the cube ..you will get grid with num# on it sides ..& on the back of paper there are shapes or symbols ....go back to bear shelf & move them to note num# & shape & do maths ,get your code for the door ...

It's an arithmetic sequence

e. g. if you got a '+17'

and a '12' is in the rightmost field, from right to left you would get

12, 29, 46

(NOTE: the center middle field is empty in this game)

Sorry, I come back just now and have to go soon. And I feel stupid on that last code:(

We have:

triangle - circle
- - 30
35 square 5

+10 above
+25 on right
+15 bottom
+20 on left

So I had done:
above: 10
right: 5 + 30 + 25 or (5 + 25) + (30 + 25)
down: 5 + 15 or 5 + 15 + 35 or (5 + 15)+ (35 + 15)
left: 35 + 20

But no addition does 150 ?

[url=http://img250.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=154901213_BrokenDoorKnob1_122_61lo.jpg]Picture answer with lousy writings (contains spoiler)[/url]

No, no addition does 150 but at the beginning, the values for circle, square and triangle are still unknown, aren't they?

What you *DO* know, is that bottom left field was 35 (my moving the bear there). So the adjoining field is 20 as you figured out. And since the square was in the VERY SAME field, it means that square = 20. :)

THanks Shunko, the picture makes total sense.
It's a sequence. Start in the bottom right corner (5) and notice that 5+25=30, which is the square above it. Continue the sequence up to the top right corner and you get circle = 55.
Similarly, going from the bottom right corner and adding +15 to the 5 gets you a sequence (right to left) of 5, 20 (square), 35.
From these you calculate triangle and get 150.

Just to be totally clear:
triangle = 75, and add up circle, triangle, and square.



Thanks for the clue!

This comment has been removed by the author.

You're welcome. Glad to know that it helped out at least one of you guys after all. :)

       Anonymous  9/21/12, 10:41 AM  


404 Not Found

@4red3s: Hm, hope this would be permanent.

       Anonymous  9/22/12, 3:22 PM  

Holy smokes! That last puzzle looked like absolute Greek to me, since I'm not Greek, and so did Shunko Kuda's drawing, until I saw the first part of Andrea's comment, "Start in the bottom right corner...".

Then I backed up and looked at everything again, and it all made sense. Like Werner said, it's easier to draw the grid on a piece of paper and fill in the numbers... Thanks everybody!

And once you've entered the code, a conveniently-sized hole appears that then answers why there's a grey knob on the box... Too cute!

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