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Kasasu Escape

Maroya Kasasu Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Maroya. In this game, you try to find the canned cat food by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


to knock down pic you hav to combine curtain clue & roman paper hint i think ...

Nice game....

TIP: Don't focus on the # of items on the TV channels, it's something else ;)

ok i still dont get pic ..any hint ..

hi all


click colors on the picture corners like on curtains

Blue red yellow .....
then click the picture

i dont get the maths for the box ?

found a coin under a pillow

ok megipoland thanx ..i swear im doing that but pic wasnot falling down ..

TIP2: Wiki Magic Square, it's the first eg. flipped horizontally ;)

on box spoiler

(roman numbers and pic)
5 2
1 3

3 notes and two coins and stuck

im still not getting it ?494 ?296?

cissors opened under tv, battery

ok got 2 battries ...one from under bed ...3 coins ..

box num# convert roman numerals on pic into numbers

second battery under bed....

and a green thing... abox ? under the right bed.

i feel so handicapped when cant understand the language..

did somebody figured out the doorcode?

for green box spoiler

number ceiling = 543
magic square
543-8= 535 (8/star)

where are the scissors

scissors in box under pic in box with hint roman numbers

thnx seb

8642 i think for the door

sorry hav to go ..will play later

i noticed tv shows on even numbers...wat could that mean

And out. End was easy.

thx bosunzak for the doorcode!

This comment has been removed by the author.

and out...thnx all

spoiler for tv

button 10 = YRGB= 8642
button 2=fish blue
button4 = tree green
button 6=red apple
button 8= yellow flowers

Is there only one ending ???
When we use crowbar, there is a TV with #12 but on TV I can't traduct what's write ... :(

for last code on the green box two num# are on chair 4 & 7 ..where is third num ?

NVM found it ..

where is the last coin? anyone pls help...

This comment has been removed by the author.

nvm got it...
five coins - 1.behind the chair; 2.inside the picture safe; 3.under the pillow of left bed; 4.in the green box; 5.under the table outside;

can't believe that i am a cat and have so much brain and strength to do all these things...

@Gazoline: Yes, only one ending. But you did find a hint for something extra (which is mentioned in maker's game page). Doesn't affect the ending though.

For those who don't get what is displayed on #12: Before you find the hint, it says "Grow a Mochimu" (another game made by the same person). After the hint, it becomes "Find a Mochimu". And there IS a Mochimu inside that room after you watch the clue on TV.

And I didn't find any canned food as mentioned in the game description above, only a fake scene of crime. The big cat (Maro) thought the small cat (Komaro) was murdered, and their owner (Micchan) got kidnaped by someone. So Maro tried to escape from that room to find its owner.

But then again, the game is cute so it's not a big deal. (*´▽`)

@sam1902: Maro (the cat) says it's a secret regarding its brain and strength, so it'd be best if we keep that to ourselves. =P

need help ive clicked blue,red,yellow then click picture it wont come down,ive tried like 4 times

its ok forgot other curtain

i dont get code for green box in cupboard under tv

ok out

I bf'ed the table number...did anyone say where to click to find it? I just kept getting the spot where the coin was!

Shunko, thank you so much for your explanations -- we have a few Japanese readers on the forum here and could always use more. I very much prefer Japanese games and some of them have storylines which I would love to understand. Your comments are deeply appreciated.

Nokra, arre you there?

Thankx Shunko Kuda !!! :))

If I understand well your question, for table number, you have to click above table and handrail (?) to see down on the ground

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Cute one! :) (like most of Maroya's)

Quite liked it.
And thanks a ton for the hint with the box under the bed....grrr the only thing I missed!

Brute-forced my way thru the rest of the game :P

(e. g. the middle digit in "table code", had no will to search everywhere ;P as well as the magical square, which said me that if e. g. "ceiling code" had been e.g. 654, it would have to be 654-9, 654-8 or else. [deffo in interval 645~653])

@Andrea: Am glad that it helps to make such games more enjoyable. With that said, will write a bit more about the story.

The game started with Micchan & family going to a hot spring inn, along with Micchan's friend who Maro tried to avoid because she's a stranger. So all the time Maro was in its cage (which we saw in the room as we play the game), standing by (or we call it hiding). After some time, the surrounding became quiet, so Maro decided to come out and look around. That is when it discovered Komaro lying on the ground (sleeping actually), with a white line surrounding it. Misunderstood it for a murder, Maro decided to escape the locked room to find its missing owner.

Then we played the escape. =d

Sneaking through the hole (using the nail remover), Maro looked into the room next door. Someone (or Maro called the suspect) was cleaning the room, with the door left open. So at the right timing, Maro dashed for it. Out in the corridor, Maro looked around, and Micchan just came back with her friend. Excited to see its owner, Maro pounced at her, much to Micchan and her friend's surprise because they locked the door and wondered how it came out.

Back in the room, Maro found Komaro alive (well, awake) and complaining they all went to the hot spring, leaving Komaro all by itself. The next thing we saw is the touching(?) reunion scene, with Maro saying stuff that made Komaro all puzzled up. Next, we found out the identity of the white line: A toy Micchan's friend brought to play with the kitties, and they enjoyed it a lot. Here is where it is revealed that Komaro fell asleep, tired after all the playing.

The game ends with Maro running away from the hot spring (for pets), crying for its life.

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