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Long Story: Episode 1 Walkthrough

Long Story: Episode 1

Buuka of Southern Island - Long Story Episode 1 is another point and click type room escape game by Coconuts Park. In this game, you try to find the items and solve puzzles to finish the game. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Anyone else playing...?

Loading here.

Key under door carpet opens drawer for paper hint.

Apply the hint on the books to open the 4-color safe. Got a banana (I think)

Found a knife to the rightmost side of the street.

Give banana to one of the pigs blockin the road. Can't remember which one

I also had found a shovel in one of the streets i think, and used to dig hole in the forest area. Also got stick from same forest

I did that @AlpacaKay, thanks.
Also found a shovel up to the north. Used somewhere on a dark spot by the street it to get a shell.
I guess we have to give the shell to someone, but now I'm running late to school. Will come back to the game later... good luck!

I've done several different things so far and its really hard to remember exactly what I've done to get where I am, lol. But I'm left with my stick and knife after giving coconut to one pig and the green caterpiller to another pig.

Thanks! Edgar. Have fun at school :)

I normally very fond of these games - but this is very pixely - cant find neither knive nor shovel

for shovel, I believe it was straight all the way up at the end of the middle road.

I have no middle road - just the one sceene

pop - got piggy out of way with banana

From the scene where you get the coconut, look in the mailbox for a straw. Use the knife on the coconut and add the straw to make it ready to give to the pig on the upper street.

Once you have given all stuff to pigs around you are able to remain inside the store to solve a couple of things there.

-playing on the bus...!-

Can't really play like this, lol. Have to quit, but first, at the store:
Solve 3-digit by counting the candy in the jars.
To solve 3-color safe, notice the arrow under the window for direction.

Really quitting for the moment....

Not pixelly Swiss just go up all the roads...

Lots of errands and don't know what any of the are.
Have a knife, a stick, and a caterpillar -- nobody wants any of them and can't find a coconut tree!

Coconut tree is in the leftmost scene on second street (counting from bottom to top) where you should have given the child (from the store I think... the one that had the caterpillar on it).

You can give the caterpillar to the pig at the farm-like house on the 3rd street after getting past the pig you give the coconut at.

POP! Scene where you dropped brat pig off!

LOL a bendy straw from a mailbox?

From the store I got GLUE, DOLL and CHOCOLATE BAR. Only have been able to leave the glue at the farm-like house... and stuck.

Gotto go now. Good luck again.

Found home for caterpillar, but still have stick and knife. Now can go in candy store

Ok, I gave the chocolate and doll to the pigs on the pink house (two pigs sitting at the table scene)... Now, I only have the scissors..

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Very confusing -- there are 2 pages for inventory, even though you don't have many things at a time

I gave the caterpillar to the grey pig (at the white house with yellow door and pink mailbox

-->I now received a cut-out rectangular piece...

Go back to the store, then you can go through picket gate to Park.
Another set of puzzles!

LOL I thought the dictionary was a hint to alphabetize the colors!

I took the cut-out rectangular piece to the candy store a received a drawing..

You have to get the caterpillar back from wooden house, then go to the house with the child (get cut-out paper)

Go back to the store with the child and get a drawing from the pig at the store -use the cut-out paper on it to see numbers-

Use these numbers on the fence in bottom part of neighbor.

Have to finish! LOL!

After getting past the fence, get a DICTIONARY.
Use the stick to get another coconut and wash it on the faucet to see colors sequence.
Use the scissors on the flowers to see the color order for the box.
From the box got another STRAW.

Have to go... :(

LOL @Edgar, you've been leaving for about 30 minutes!

LOL @Puzzled... *hush*! We don't want the whole class to know that, do we?? :P

I finally finished! Thanks everyone for your help:-)

Warning 1: More than most of these stories you'll wish you knew what the text says!
Everyone is setting you errands and you must guess what they are
Warning 2: There are 2 pages of inventory items, so you often have more than you think you have
(If you've played earlier episodes of this story, you will recognize some of the locations and characters)

You're still on the tropical island where everyone is hot and no-one but Brother Pig wants to do anything for themselves
You play as Brother Pig
To give items to pigs, you often have to do so in zoomed out view
Watch opening dialogue
Go right and talk to purple pig with blue flower
Go inside house

See 4-color safe in shelves
Nothing under pillow on couch
Locked drawer under TV

Try books in various combos on color safe but they don't work
Then, look under carpet for key and use key on locked drawer for CLUE

Use clue and books to get BANANA
Give banana to purple piggie in street

Go into next house and find Auntie and Sister
Outside, go right to a 3-way crossroad
Go right and talk to piggie by gate
Go right then up -- get a machete

Back to 3-way crossroads
Go up to a 4-way crossroads
Right = Purple Piggie with pink ribbon
Left = a woods with a spot to dig and a POLE
Further left is Purple piggie with Yellow flower (PY)

Back to 4-way crossroads
Go up to 4-way crossroads #2
Right = Blue pig
Left = dead end
Up = a Trowel/shovel

Take trowel to woods and dig to get a SHELL
Give trowel to Piggie with pink ribbon
Go further right to candy store
Talk the owner and Bratty kid (earlier game), see a couple of puzzles and take kid with you
Take kid to pig with flower, dropping off kid and taking caterpiller
Talk to them again (they move to right) and use stick on tree for cocnut

Cut top off coconut, take straw from mailbox and take to blue pig
Continue on road
Give caterpillar to farmer-pig

Now can go into store (shop lady didn't want caterpillar around any more!)
Count candy in jars to open 3# safe, then see clue above windows
Open color safe for SCISSORS
Cut ribbon on box for GLUE
Talk to store lady to get DOLL and CHOCOLATE

Take glue to Farmer
Take doll (and chocolate) to Sister
Still not done -- have a scissors

Return to farmer and get caterpillar back -- he's fixed it so it's no longer crooked
Take back to brat-pig and get a paper with holes
Take kid back to store -- drop him off and get DRAWING

Kid by picket gate is gone -- need 4#
Put 4-hole paper on drawing to get 5806

Enter park (click just under pig)
Cut FLOWER with scissors and find BOOK behind trash can
Cut down another coconut -- it's dirty, so wash it
Use on flower box for another STRAW
Cut top off coconut and insert straw
Return to Sister and Auntie

4 color safe
OYB ORY (enter) YRO BYO (enter)

3# safe in store

3 color safe
(arrow says right to left)

4# safe

flower safe
Flower petals (clockwise starting at top) are Pi B G Pu O
Cocunut has 12345 = OBPuPiG

Thanks @Edgar for helping in places where I got stuck! (hope you didn't miss much in your class)

LOL Edgar and thanks for you help and thanks a lot Puzzledin for very useful WT :)

Normally enjoy these games but with the language barrier this was frustrating to play as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing the entire time. Thanks for walkthrough PuzzledinCA, but I need to use it so much I think I'll quit.

Writing down the story if someone's interested, but I'm sure many would get the idea what's going on as they play along.

The game started with Buuka(sister) and Noib(brother) meeting their neighbor, Kiib with her pet(?) Gurin, who lost its favorite book. Kiib was tired, so Buuka asked her brother (who agreed) to look for the book. Kiib mentioned that they might have lost the book in the park, then went back home with Buuka following her.

Noib met piggy #1 who was hungry, so he went back to find some food. After offering a treat, piggy #1 left thanking Noib. He reached the park, only to know the park was under cleaning so it's inaccessible at the moment.

Picking up a few tools along the way, Noib met piggy #2 who lost her money at the clearing, and piggy #3, who's not talking for now. Noib found a shell (which is the island's currency), and gave it back to piggy #2, who went off to buy sweets happily.

Dropping by at the grocery, Noib asked Yuub(grocer) about the book, but no information. Bucchan(child) wanted to go outside, but Yuub needed to look after the shop. Couldn't bear Bucchan's tantrum, Noib offered to take him to Aab's, who is Noib's cousin.

Aab agreed to look after Bucchan, then Bucchan's toy broke. Aab doesn't like the toy so she asked Noib to take it away. Realising the toy is made of wood, Noib knows just who to ask for repairing. But before that, he met piggy #3 again, who said he's thristy. Noib decided to get him a coconut.

With fresh coconut juice, piggy #3 left happily, granting access to Hiib's place, who moved in recently, and is good at making wooden sculptures from wood. After inspecting the toy, Hiib said he needed glue but he doesn't have it. Noib offered to look for one.

Back in the grocery, Noib explained the situation, and Yuub said she has it somewhere and asked Noib to search around. With the glue found, Noib headed back to Hiib's, after hearing from Yuub that Bucchan ripped Buuka's doll. He received a chocolate as compensation.

The repairing needed some time, so Noib went to tell Buuka about the doll. Looking at the ripped doll, Buuka cried out that she didn't want to lend Bucchan the doll in the first place. Not even the candy could cheer her up, but Kiib decided to fix the doll for her. Thanking Kiib for her kindness, Noib went to check out Hiib.

With the toy fixed, Noib went back to Aab's to give back the toy to Bucchan. Contrary to Bucchan's happy face, Aab was mad to look at the toy so she forced Noib to bring Bucchan back to the grocery after giving him a paper with holes.

Yuub thanked Noib for his help, and asked about Buuka. Noib explained what happened, then Yuub told Bucchan to apologize to Buuka next time he meet her. Instead, Bucchan decided to write a letter of apology, making the mother proud with tears. An illegible letter, but Noib figured out a code to access the park.

In the park, Noib finally found the book (and another tasty coconut). Back at Kiib's, everyone was happy to see Gurin reunited with its favorite, not forgetting that Buuka's doll was fixed. Noib delivered Bucchan's letter, but she (and the rest) couldn't even read it.

The game ended with the siblings knowing the real use of the dictionary, which they at first thought Gurin can read it. Back at their house, Buuka enjoyed the coconut juice, with Noib happy with Bukka's praise.

Sorry for the long post. =]

       Anonymous  9/14/12, 10:07 AM  

After I drop the kid with the catapiller off to the pig with the flower and I talk to them again, they do not move so I can get the coconut. What do I need to do?

       Anonymous  9/14/12, 10:37 AM  

And wouldn't ya know, *POP*

Thank you so much for thatv walkthrough, I would have never been able to complete that one with out it!

       Anonymous  9/14/12, 10:48 AM  

Bug Alert:

I you leave the scene with the brat kid that gives you the caterpiller, you will NOT be able to get the coconut. When you re-enter the scene the piggies say whatever and the only option you are given is to leave the scene.

       Anonymous  9/14/12, 10:51 AM  

Oh Please... POP?!?!?!

That's it?!?!? Is it a BUG or a POP?!?!?!?


       Anonymous  9/14/12, 10:55 AM  

POP - only I will tell you how it works

In the scene with the brat kid, the cousin piggy and bratty piggy are standing on the left side of the scene. They were saying whatever and I just clicked all over them and I either clicked on the exit arrow and they moved to the right or I clicked on them enough that they moved on their own to the right side.

Either way, they are now facing the tree and brother piggy is now able to get the coconut.

Thank-you, Shunka Kuda, for your post! It's lovely having the story!!

       Anonymous  9/14/12, 11:18 AM  

I finished it! After reading Shunko Kuda's post with the story, the game made more sense ~ many thanks. It was a cute game and I am glad I could play to the finish. Many mothers have played "piggies" with their children. This time we get to see the real Wee Wee Piggie.

Have shovel and knife. Went to spot in the woods, but shovel doesn't work.

@Shunko Kuda -- Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write down the story for us! It really does make the game more enjoyable to understand what's really going on rather than just guessing.

I was able to finish without cutting open the last coconut or getting the straw. I don't think the ending was different, but maybe it was.

@Prufrock: Well, think of the last coconut as a bonus, like key to a perfect escape. Getting the book is the main objective, equivalent to a normal escape.

@Princess: You'll need to talk to the piggy #2 located at the middle street row before you can dig.

And thank you all who enjoyed the story, glad i t helped in some way. =)

even reading walk through im stuck,i cut coconut got straw but blue pig wont take it wat am i doing wrong

it ok i forgot to add the straw

out ty for walkthrough geeeeez was geting cofusing after awhile wat pig was where lololol

Out, thanks for the w/t and the story :) Wish these were in English so we could all understand but still a fun game.

all their games are gone now :(

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