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Lotus Flowers Escape Walkthrough

Lotus Flowers Escape

SmileClicker - Lotus Hall Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Smile Clicker. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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I really hope it is not a bug with the birds??? I lifted each once and didnt get the battery and key quickly enough... Birds dont lift anymore...

Another bug???? I used knife on left sofa and it disappeared and nothing else happened?????

same here. managed to get the key under the bird but not the battery. can't find anything else except backpack but it doesn't do anything

I've just finished, little buggy, as always

knife under right sofa
two cards in the lamps

Hmmm LOL and unlimited numbers in 2 digit code drawer....

LOL Megi where did you use the knife and what did it give you?

this alot better than lasst time can get in ist attempt,found few lotus flowers ,2 kets and red and yellow strip just after the other colour to place them and have a battery

Nup Ive had enough of bugtown escape... Red X for me LOL

use knife on backpack (there are two knifes - one behind the window)

Shaz green on left chair as I recall...

Out, let me know if u need help finding anything

Other cards in the lights

paced battery in thingy not sure wat it is,wat was weird i didnt have to sign in to leave a comment,found knife went to use it and poof it went dam must be a bug

ty leroy

knife for back pack other device for couch

need last flower, why can I do nothing with the rucsack?

dam cant find last lotus and have nothing left in my inventory

thanks for suggesting knife under couch: could open backpack!

guess we cant finish it cause me knife went poof so cant use on ruck sack

played again used knife on ruck sack and out

Hey, I have a novel idea! Test your games before you put them out!

My hammer disappeared for the second time and I don't seem to find the last lotus, so... I'm out of here.

Be careful with hammer, don't use it on anything other than the ball on the coffee table. Knife under sofa is for backpack. Other knife looks like a rectangular box with screws, just press green button to activate blade and cut left sofa. Battery and key are easy to pick up if you double click near base of birds. If you get a green piece of paper stuck on your screen, click on right chair and it will disappear... Yes, buggy game and I had to play it twice to get out as first time I lost my hammer.

Other knife looks like a rectangular box with screws,

OK, and where exactly do you click to get this device?

What is Where
- watering can (opens left drawer)
- right bird (grab it quickly!)

lotus flowers
-cup on table
-left speaker
-left bench (use knife 2)
-stripe ball on table (use hammer)
-backpack (use knife 1)
-drawer under TV (use #code)
-left locker
-right locker
-AC unit (use remote with battery)

colored papers
green - left rocker
yellow - left ceiling light
red - right back ceiling light

battery - left bird (grab it quickly!)
Knife 1 - under right bench
Knife 2 - window
hammer - above window (buggy - use ONLY on ball or lose it 4ever!)
#code (place papers on computer)
remote - right lamp

For knife 2 - click green button to open blade

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