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Maple Place Escape Walkthrough

Maple Place Escape

Suzunari's Maple Place Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Suzunari. In this escape game you must search for items, solve puzzles to finish the game. Good luck and have fun!

Play Maple Place Escape

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Slow loading

Hmmm stuck at 25 %

Stoped at 25%.....

Wont load properly

Second attempt on FF 14% Chrome 10% don't have IE and not downloading it for one game. Good luck everyone.

Got in after refreshing a couple of times.

I have a stick, paper with numbers (used) and a pair of scissors.

I had no problems with chrome!
got a note, a stick and a key (move leaves for key)

Hi All:o)
Got Bird, net, stick, Paper w/numbers (which can be transfered to to deers)
@Jenn where did you use the numbers and where are the scissors?

fed the cow some grass (use paper hint and stags) and got a net - caught the bird with the net

And out!

Use the paper code on the little shed thingey and you'll get scissors; not grass. Grass you get from the door next to it, which is opened with a key.

There must be a bug. I got the bucket of grass with the key without opening the right side of cupboard.

Where's paper please?

I have only got one paper with the numbers for the deer!

Paper is behind a rock by the water. Not sure if it was with the tree or not

got it now - its not the side which they are facing but male / female
the + = female

scissors cut line - combine with stick

TY Jenn, it was not-tree-view.

free the bird and it brings you a twig - put twig down on left view of bear for nuts

I cant give the nuts the squirrel

Put the nuts on the tree stump.

Now there is a number code in bucket of grass

put nuts on treestump - then see hint in squirrel hole - toolbox now takes the number from cow-bucket

lol now fishing (thanks jenn found it in the meantime)

nice ending - all the animals giving me the key!

last hint - look at fishscales for lift

I don't get the fish scale hint?

Oh, I'm out - missed a view. :) TY all.

i cant get the fish ...have the line and stick combined ...?

@Jenn: Thank YOU :o)

nvm got it ....no one said to put code in backwards or upside down

out at last good game :)

for the lift hint look at the bones on the fish the bear ate ...x

I dont understand hint for right side of cupboard.Help, please!

Like SwissMiss said, + is female; that means arrow is male. Put the paper in the deer view and click the buttons accordingly.

TY Jenn!

cute and fun!

       Anonymous  9/30/12, 6:40 AM  



- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- note & click sth moving left on hill (between leaves): it's a BIRD (as per chirping ☻)...
- move 4x LEAVES bottom left for KEY
- go 4x left
- note along the way: SQUIRREL in tree HOLE, DEERS, COWS (one wants food)...
(cow: click & hold mouse button)

- unlock left door with key
- open door for BUCKET with COW FOOD
- note LOCK on right door (cross & arrow)...
- go right

- give food bucket to cow in front
(click grass right of cow)
- exit view & come back for NET
- go 5x right
- note along the way: FOX (wants young), BEAR (far cave in fox view), MOUSE (go left from bear)...
(fox: click & hold mouse button)

- note on BIRD's FOOT: STRING...
- catch bird with net
- take left BRANCH (without leaves)
(if you touch bird or branch before catching, bird will fly away: exit view & come back)
- go right

- move ROCK (2nd from right) for NUMBER PAPER
- note in RIVER: FISH...
- go 5x left to

- put paper=transparency on deers for HINT (female/male order)...
- go 2x left to

- open right door as per deer hint for SCISSORS
- click OFF BUTTON on TOOLBOX to activate number DISPLAY

- cow is still eating, so exit view & come back
- food bucket is empty now, note HINT (number)...

- open toolbox DRAWER as per bucket number hint for FISH HOOK
(click ON button at the end)

- cut STRING from bird's foot with scissors
- put string on top of branch & hook on string for FISHING ROD
- catch a BIG FISH
(click river, watch CUT-SCENE & click fish - also more than once - when rod it's shaking)

- put bird back at branch
- exit view & come back
- take TWIG from bird

- go to CAVE in the background

- put fish in front of BEAR on ground
- go left

- put twig left of mouse on ground
- exit view (go right) & come back
(note bear nosing fish...)
- take ACORNS from smiling mouse ☻
- go right

- bear is still nosing fish...
- go to

- put acorns on trunk
- go left

- squirrel is gone...!
- note in tree hole: MUSHROOMS with HINTS (colours & shapes)...
(click mushrooms)
- go back (note squirrel eating acorns on trunk) to

- bear is gone, fish eaten & cave ENTRY free
- note on eaten fish: HINT (bones)...
- enter

- note BOX & BARS...
- go right (no direction arrow!)
- note closed PASSAGE, locked cat CB & SHAPES right of passage...
- go back (down arrow)
- put in colour code in BOX as per cave & mushroom hints
- push BUTTON on top of box to lift bars
- go left (no direction arrow!)
- take YOUNG FOX
- exit cave (3x down)

- give young fox to the adult one
- exit view & come back: foxes are gone...
- go left to

- surprise, surprise: all animals are gathered...! 8-D
(bird is the one from hill, the other is still flying in fruit tree view LOL!)
- take CLOVER KEY from trunk
- go back to

- open cat CB with clover key for up/down ARROWS
- push arrows as per fishbone hint to open passage
- go thru & click thru OUTRO for


☺ ☻ ☺

- with aid for colour challenged folks

- paper:
- deers (F=female, M=male):
- combine for shed door, click (cross=F, arrow=M):

- number in bucket:
- turn upside down/180° for code:

- cave hint:
- mushroom hint:
Pu/heart - W/diamond
- gives code:
- click:
G (start)



It finally loaded...What a great game!!!!!

Cute game it is, which I'm sure should worth the wait with a warm story in an autumn day.

Well, since EGDALAQT (Even Gibberish Demands At Least A Queer Translation):

We play the escape as a stray cat; the time's autumn as the green scenery started to change its colors. The cat was lying on a bench, enjoying the sunbath before looking at the faraway mountains. The cold day reminded it when it was abandoned, for the mountains had the same beautiful colors like now. After a while, the cat started to make plans for later, using the "freedom" it has.

First, it visited its friend in the 2nd street, an old cat called (Gramma) Mii. Mii envies the cat because it is free to go around, while she needs to be with her owner when going out The neighbour apparently dislikes cats so Mii was told not to run out on her own. So most of the time she enjoys lying on the cushion made by her owner. The stray cat wondered if it was the person who chased it away with a frightening look when it visited Mii one time.

Next, the cat visited Ma-kun who lives in the 7th street. Ma-kun likes exploring, so he'd join the cat to play in the mountains or near the river once every 3 days. Ma-kun also envies the cat's freedom, because he needs to resist the temptation to play longer once it is time school ends, or else Miku would be worried. Miku is the youngest daughter in the family, and she was the one who took Ma-kun back from a cardboard box, then asked for the permission to take care of him. The father's heart has a soft spot for his daughter, so Ma-kun became part of the family. The stray cat remembered seeing Miku stroking Ma-kun's head, and hearing Ma-kun purr, which is a sound it's not familiar with.

The cat has "freedom" others long for, but looking at Mii on her cushion and Ma-kun next to his owner made it realised that they have something it doesn't: A "place". Though not sure what this "place" is, but it also wants to have a "my place". And so, our adventure started with the stary cat searching for its "place", with the beautiful mountain as the starting point.

*plays the escape game*

Exiting the cave, the stray cat reached a house covered in a sea of red leaves. An old man in front of the house warmly invited the cat into his house. Inside the stray cat met many of its kind. A black cat came, and commended the stray cat for its good fur, then displayed its silky black fur proudly, saying that the man washed it everyday.

A white cat with blue eyes came limpingly next, saying that the man would come to the rescue if wounded so they can rely on him. After that it went to sleep comfortably after a big yawn. It started to snow, but the stray cat didn't feel cold. A kitten playing on the chair explained that the house is always warm so there's no need to curl up when sleeping.

The old man appeared with a ribbon, and tied it on the cat's neck. The man praised the cat for making its way here, and named it Momiji (maple/red leaf) because it appeared in the midst of red leaves. Then he placed Momiji on his lap, and kept stroking its head. Momiji felt comfortable and at ease, and the man help it to realise that here is its "place", on his lap. Momiji purred, for the first time.

Since then, Momiji still goes to anywhere it likes to play. The only difference is now, it has a place to go home to. Everyday it will spend the rest of the day on the man's lap, purring.

With this, the story of Momiji's Place, or Maple Place as the title says, comes to an end. =)

great WT Premiere. I needed it

boy, this one is SLUGGISH!!

Suzunari's old games were better in terms of performance on the machine. This one is a MAJOR CPU hog and lets my CPU usage go up to near 90% load with some of the screens.

Not a great fun in gaming w/having to play at snails pace.

Thanks for the WT, I'm out.

Just one thing: wasn't it the bear who had captured the fox cub?

And eventually we can see all animals in one scene, peacefully...not very logical ;)

       Anonymous  10/1/12, 1:39 AM  

Nice game, great walkthru, and a pretty story to go with it :o). Thanks to all!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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