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Mini White Room Escape Walkthrough

Mini White Room Escape

Mini White Room Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Mini White Room Escape

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


goin in, who's with me :)

Got hammer, SD, round lens, key mold, glass and cloth.

have hammer, sd, green glass bottle, can with the number 8 under it, key mold and a picture of a butterfly

Found remote but not batteries yet.

Got a blue clue card. Where´s the bf pic?

broke green bottle for lens

seems that my sd now works on panal (didn't first time around) for cloth

bf pic is under right table leg

Thanks Jo-Ann. Pour the liquid from the bottle in blue pot

roberto you are much farther then I

where did you find liquid?

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:00 PM  

- BATTERIES in locked box (use frozen key)

oh... apparently I did have liquid....

Liquid from bottle with red label

made my ice key for batteries

now to find the remote

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:04 PM  

- SD left behind fridge on floor

Hm I do not have a bottle with a red label, nor a remote.

Can´t find a way to get some liquid to fill the mold.

Roberto, the jar has water

@Cool red bottle is behind the vase on the floor

I also do not have a remote

sily me. My mold had liquid all the time. lol.

Okay found remote and have another number safe

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:07 PM  

- wet cloth in jar & clean black spot on door for 4-digit-code

remote in inside the code box on floor

sound is important in this game!

wet my cloth! only knew because of sound

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:09 PM  

- REMOTE from safe on floor
- put batteries in remote (turn bottom left)
- use remote on TV right of door for another 4-digit-display LOL

Don´t forget there´s something else where you found remote.

used remote on dark square beside door, need another code

bottle with red label is behind box

No sound here. That´s why I was still trying to fill my mold.

sorry! behind the box not the vase! thanks megi!

What´s the meaning of symbol in blue paper? Anyone?

You can see Roberto, because the color changes slightly.
I am where you guys are. Don't get the hint from the safe ... the foot "something" liquid code.

hm.... I am thinking
foot might be the number of feet of the butterfly = 6
liquid = 1

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:16 PM  

BUTTERFLY pic under table (click right far leg)

where is the blue paper?

do you mean the paper in the locked box?

My liquid is =8
Blue paper is where you found remote. look up!

guess I am not far behind all of you afterall

The red label liquid, you are correct.
What about that list of numbers on the wall?

What about that yellow hanging poster?

Or the blue/white ball, the egg or the flower

how to get liquid in mold

Just put the mold in the blue vase PM

Thanks cool!

I'm pretty certain that the blue paper is not referring the the can with the 8 on it but the lens. The lens looks exactly like the circle on the paper. I have no idea what that means tho

Waiting for a smart person with a bright idea.
I am totally stuck

I thought that maybe the clue indicated we had to use the lens to zoom in on the number "06" on the yellow poster since the butterfly has 6 legs. But no such luck...

giving up for now

good luck

Tried to translate the symbol on blue paper and got something like "lid" or "cover".

Has anyone opened the cabinet beside the code panel yet?

Nope ... I have a feeling that the code might do that?

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:42 PM  

- 1/2 BF as per foot paper (butterfly legs & bottle lid & 2 digits)
- got key from panel for door & OUT!

So that would mean something like:

Foot covers liquid ..... doesn't ring a bell

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:43 PM  

Ah, mayhaps the 2nd half of code came from the circles on bottle lid...?!

don't get it premiere

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:45 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:45 PM  

Hints as per foot paper:
- number of butterfly legs
- number on red bottle lide
- circles on red bottle lid

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:46 PM  

& again typo fairy: lid*

But that's only 3 digits

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:49 PM  

- cirles on lid, you can write as 2 digits...!

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:51 PM  

Rats! cirCles... (do I need a new keyboard...?!)

you lost me completely

feet = 6
number on lid = 8
circles would be 00?
but 6800 does not work

Nope ... I would recommend a typing course :)

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:53 PM  

3 circles on lid...!

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:53 PM  

Aargh, CooL,

Cook ..... :))))
You did that on purpose

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:55 PM  

Mayhaps I shouldn't type so fast with my 10 fingers...!

Finally .... I swear I tried that before

mayhaps using 10 is a bit too ambiteous. Try using 2 :P

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:56 PM  

If so, Cool,
then mayhaps you forgot to click ENTER...?!

Thanks Premiere, but still completely confused as to why we had that lens...

Surehaps I did not forget that :D

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 12:58 PM  

LOL, Cool,
I just can't type with 2 fingers anymore after longstanding touch typing system...!

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 1:01 PM  

we broke the blue bottle with hammer from drawer & only got the bottom=lens=opposite of lid...?!
But mayhaps my BF conclusion concerning the 3 circles is not the correct one...

I still don't get code - 6 legs 8 bottle 3 circles what is 4th number???

Me too, @linda....I don't get it! 6838 did not work!

Wait a sec

legs = 6
bottle cover = 8
rings on cover = 3
lens looks like zero = 0

Does that make sense?

That doesn't work either, @cool...who is out and how, please?

is it still live or you all are escape ?

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 1:08 PM  

(how see my hint above at 12:45 PM)


This comment has been removed by the author.

The order is 6803!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 1:09 PM  

(3 can also be written as 03...!)

Okay had the order of the last 3 wrong.
It works but somehow isn't really convincing.

... tsss ... last 2 wrong of course.

out ..thanx for the help esp with the last code ..

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 1:34 PM  

In the spirit of EGDALAQT:

- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- go left

- HAMMER & KEY MOLD from drawers
- red BOTTLE right behind box on floor
(#8 on lid...)

- blue BOTTLE from table
- smash blue bottle with hammer for LENS (top of bottle)
- butterfly PIC under table (click right far leg)
- put WATER in key mold from jar
- go left

- put key mold with water in freezer on top
- zoom out & in again
- take key mold with frozen water
- take frozen KEY (about item)
- SD bottom left behind fridge on floor

- open BOX with frozen key for BATTERIES
- unscrew PANEL on wall with SD for CLOTH

- wet cloth in jar

- clean black spot in right corner with cloth for CODE

- open SAFE on floor with code for REMOTE & blue HINT PAPER (inside safe on top)
- put batteries in remote (turn bottom left, about item)
- use remote on TV right of door for another 4-digit DISPLAY
- put in code in TV as per blue paper hint to open wall SAFE right of TV
- take KEY from wall safe
- unlock door with key
- click on door to get

☺ ☻ ☺



(alien interpretation ;-P)
- hints on blue paper:
pink foot, lid, lens
- gives:
6 - feet/legs of pink butterfly
8 - number on lid of red bottle
3 - circles on lid of red bottle = lens (top of smashed blue bottle)
(written as 03)


Care to explain EGDALAQT ?????

       Anonymous  9/27/12, 1:51 PM  

Every Game Deserves At Least A Quickie Thru

haha ... nice Premiere.
I was just curious :)

ohh cool i wanna ask the same question to premiere :D

Helluva confusing game...my my ...

P.S. What if the 'lens' is no lens at all? Once Shunko sneaks around the corner, he/she might enlighten us. Thanks in advance in any case.

BTW, thank you MegiP for being there :)

@arbeitslooser: lol, talk about pressure.

But it did came to me after looking at the answer for that last 4-digit code.

I kept wondering what that yellow paper on the wall is for, then I realised it's the same idea we came across when playing Pool Bar Escape not long ago.

Hints: 1. Total numbers on the yellow paper. 2. Total number of slots in our inventory. 3. The position of that item we're looking for in the inventory.

Well, not much of a hint though when the answer's out already. =d

The blue bottle is ramune soda, a type of flavored drink. Inside the neck there is a small glass ball, like a marble. Some people collect the marbles - to get it you must break the bottle!

It is not really a lens; it is an orb. (But it will still distort anything viewed thru the orb!)

So what was with the blue "eye" on the floor in front of the fridge?

BTW -- you can continue making ice keys while waiting for inspiration! (although you never have more that one in inventory)

@PuzzledinCA: That is a ball actually. I think it has the same function as the flower vase and the shaved-ice object: decorations.

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