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Phantomisty Escape Game 11 Walkthrough

Phantomisty Escape Game 11

Phantomisty - Escape Game 11 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by Phantomisty. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the place. There are 3 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Phantomisty Escape Game 11

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picked up log placed between 2 rocks

Wow, i think this is was too complicated for me tonight, i am tired.
I made it through the tunnel and have a box....Wood used on rocks.


click log it snaps revealing hole in wall went through found a box,went forward not sure about the numbers and shapes on wall,found sack and some floating lady infront,came bk out went right theres crack on wall and a reset button thats as far as ive got so far

opened sack got a piece of paper thats blank

Same here....

I died, restart....

I hate these game where you are dying all the time.

killed by the ghost !! :D

not sure if box is to do with the numbers/symbols on wall or the reset button on wall on wall but stuck,surprised i got here and ist to play makes a change but will wait see if any one else can get any further

green dots on device are clue for green nose !

Got the 2 arrows, click them like the box.

Killed the ghost with sword.

blimey not been killed yet better watch where i go lololol

Ohh i died again, but i saved before

Always save the game !!

got sword .. dunno where to use it !

I tried killing ghost with sword, but didn't succeed. Any tips on how to do that?

Nope i died again....

Tried to use sword on sack, but nope.

i tried zazie .. but she never died ! :D killed me even with a sword in my hand !

OHHH use sword on wood.

cheers for green buttons clue got me sword.im dangerious with a hedge trimmer let alone a sword lolol

Put sack on wood to make a torch

But better always save the game...

Torch is lit....

Zazie, what did you do? I can't do anything with the wood and the sword. Tried the piece of wood by the rocks and the pile where we got the first piece of wood. Nothing. Hints?

Upps, i put burning torch into waterfall and the sack is gone.....only the plank stayed here.

dam it she killed me and i had got so far too

@Daily, i used sword on the wood pile from where i got the first wood piece. The long planks...

Ok cleaned sword with box that has dots for up/down arrows that gave sword. Tried to kill ghost again with clean sword. No luck. Saved the game, but it didn't save. Starting over for the umpteenth time...

Sharpen the sword on the gray box with green dots.

used sword on pile of planks (after sharpening with grey stone)to shred them. Light on fire and place blank paper in it for code hint.

Make hammer with gray box and stick. Hit crack. Escape. But not good end.

Fortunately i saved the game when my torch was lit....

use code to find what to change stars to right of waterfall to.

after you figure that out, enter code, wall cracks to left of waterfall. go down hole, use sword on monster to save ghost. no idea now.

wat wood did u use sword on i tried the one on the rocks and the pile of wood

Or put bag on stick, light other sticks, burn paper for door code clue.

First sharpen the sword on the gray box, then cut the pile of wood.

shaz, I think it only works if you select whetstone (about item) and use sword on it to sharpen it

Sharpen the sword on the gray box ? I never did this...i am stuck

I cannot burn the paper with the torch. How did you do that? I tried "about" and clicking on the paper with the torch highlighted. Tried clicking on open torch with paper highlighted, too. No luck... Frustrating!

What a strange game, i have lit torch, paper, box and sword, now what ?

use the torch on the shredded woodpile, then use paper on bonfire you just made.

I have an overly attached ghost in my inventory.

I just burned the pile of wood and saved.

ok sharpened sword ,clue to making fire bit vague how u do it please cause i place piece of wood on the flames on wall and nothing

Subguy702 - THANKS!! When I tried that the first time, I accidentally put my torch in the water and it went out... I was more careful this time.

First make a torch of the stick and the bag. Light the torch with a wall torch. Use your torch to light the pile of boards.

Got it! put torch out in waterfall, attach torch stick into whetstone to make a hammer, use hammer on crack in wall by the eyes!

LOL @Elmer...

But what about the 3 signs code ?

dam didnt light the fire some how made a hammer hit crack on wall went up ladder and was out,guess theres few ways to either die or get out

Zazie, light the paper on the bonfire you made with the torch. It gives you the coordinates for the symbols. Once you got the right symbols, go through the opening created. It should be self-explanatory from there.

I am out too by the crack, but i have to sleep now. Maybe you are finding some other endings.
GL all and good night.

'nite Zazie

Thx Daily, this is logical, good find !!! So there are 2 endings in fact ?

Thx all for the help !! i made it twice now :)

restarted got fire burning now have code on paper

Yep shaz, as Daily said, these are the coordinates for the wall pic with the signs...us them for the 3 shape wall panel..
I am gone now :)

first jap game escape succeeded with no help !

im so stuck with this code 23-65-21,ive looked on wall with numbers and symbols but cant figure it out

so after all the ghost was to be saved not killed ! :D

shaz these r the coordinates of the code .. just match them in the painting within the cave !

i dont get it explain it better please,i tried clicking each number i really dont get it

can some one tell me which 3 symboles to click and how u got to those 3 .i really cant figure this out and hints given dont help

ok listen , let's say we have a 2,3 coordinate , u draw a line ( an imaginary line ) on the 2 row and another one on 3 row and the intersection of the two lines gives the first shape ! got it ? hope i explained it well i'm terrible at this ! :D

it ok finerly figured it out and out

the coordinates i have r : 4,3 2,5 6,1 ( dunno if u have the same ones ).. so 4 horizontal 3 vertical and the intersection is where the first shape is !

ok glad u made it !

Hah, there might even be yet another end...

When we kill the monster, it has got lots of band-aids on it :) However, these could be 'X'es and a clue to yet another puzzle...

was a cute creature after all .. dunno if we can call it monster !

well ok, you're right. One of the nice monsters like Slime in 'Ghostbusters' ;)

and the question is : how he managed to catch her ? :D so many eyes may have helped ! i mean she's been so elusive to me when i was first trying to kill her ! 8D

Alright, when we finished with the better end we got this


translates roughly to 'Double Escape Ending'. So probably the 'double' means that you didn't escape alone, but rescued someone else on the way.

but we rescued the ghost didnt we ?!!

oh n the other way we would be saving the monster ! he'd kill the ghost n escape as well ! it's a double either way :D

3 possible endings in total:

1. Normal escape end: break the wall next to the face with up-down arrows with either wooden log or hammer.

2. !!?!? end: Pry open the big rock with wooden log, turn left at the water puddle area, then keep going straight until dead end, then take one step back.

3. Double escape end: Pry open the big rock, pick up gray stone block and cloth sack. Solve the up-down arrows, sharpen the rusty sword with stone block. Cut the remaining logs into sticks, pick up one stick. Take out yellow paper, wrap the cloth sack on stick. Light up stick to use as torch, then use torch to light up the pile of sticks. Put paper on bonfire to get code, solve thecode next to waterfall. Defeat monster in there, save the (cute?) ghost. Put out fire from torch, combine with stone block to become hammer. Break the remaining wall, and escape.

out esey try to use Item mix togeter

i got killed only 4 times by the ghost ..but manage to get double ending in first time ....:D

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