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🖳 Pool Bar Escape Walkthrough

🖳 Pool Bar Escape

[REPLAY] Jan's Room Escape 15 - Pool Bar Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game from Jan's Room. In this escape game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Looks nice, going in...

Got an ice pick (?) and a screwdriver (?) so far by solving the roman number and the square triangle circle codes...

Almighty SD found with hint from lamps over Pooltable

So far:
Ice pick and ice from fridge -> first ball.
Paper clue, glass, clue from thingie under glass, ashtray.
Lamps above pool tables give shapes clue, but that does not seem to work.

Solved the fridge code:

SPOILERLook under glass on table and take the plate and turn it around, tells you that the solution is the bottles and glassesSPOILER

2 white balls and 1 white ball so far.

@cool: look how the pool tables are situated in comparison to the lamps... There is a small line that indicates the cue.


I do not get the lamp code.
Tried circle-square-circle-circle-triangle-square but that does not work

@cool: it is


c=circle, t=triangle, s=square

Ah got it ... thx Escapism

Oh balls are numbered from 1 to ? got ball 1, 2 and 3 (unter pooltable)

please hint for box with roman numbers. I think is red pillars position, but nothing

I dont get the hint on the backside of the paper with the left-right-button that shows a glass, the round thing, the ashtray, the ice pick etc...


When in fridge view, look at the wall under it.

ok. got.

@tadas: you can see it in the fridge view.

Thanx for the third ball under pooltable, dabbeljuh!

the roman numbers are under the shelves with bottles and glasses

Where is the ashtray??

3 balls now, need 1 more.
I can not find a clue for the left-right button.

maybe we have to light up the dots under left/right buttons for solution

@aridza: beside fridge

ashtray is beside the fridge - right side

Do you have the paper with the hint for the left right button too?

all we have left for clue are the red tubes positions, we also have an unused glass and we still haven't used the SD

escapism - no, only the paper from under glass

Do you have the hint from the roman numeral box? There was a hidden compartment under the ice pick

got left-right buttons. have 4 balls

I don't have a left right clue either.
Where did you get it?

@Tadas: how?

and out

POP! Got it too!


hint for left-right buttons:
paper from box with roman numbers. this paper turn around and you see another hint. glass- left, round paper - left, ashtrey - right, and etc. you see hint in your inventory.

Solution for the r-l-buttons:

If you have the hint, look where the stuff (glass, screwdriver etc.) are in your inventory, left or right...

Got it ... and 4th ball too :)

I see escapism and tadas lying back with a big grin...

thanks! out too

Out too... Grinning... :-)

hm ..... number does not seem to work on door.
Is it in the order red-yellow-blue-green?

HELP 8746 does not open the door ... what am I missing????

@Cool: Look at the circles around the ashtrays in the other. And count the dots.


Tried that several times, but the door does not open

finally out! number isa correct, but it don´t work before you found the clue on sofa

Maybe you have to see the paper hint first, it is on one of the sofas.

great pleasure to play with you!

Yep ... that was it.
Needless clue actually, because the order was clear.

Dabbeljuh, you are right, great pleasure to play with you too...


duh .... Dabbeljuh was, of course, addressing me .... :D

@Cool: Ah, ok, thanks for telling me... I'll reconsider my answer though... ;-) :-b

LOL - but I meant ALL of you! Sorry cool...

If you cant play the game, this is alternative link:


Thx pierpor for the alternative link, i am going in now....

And out all of my own :) Cool game !!!

yeah good one ! just missed the hidden compartment !!

Good game - love it!

Great games....remains me of Tessi-e games and its happy coin...

very nice game!

DWAW (Definitely Worth A Walkthrough):

A beautifully rendered game, not too hard but the puzzles are clever. One color code at the end. No picture corners! (Thanks Jan)

(I had to use the alternative link in Pierpor's post, 1:47 am above)

At first, you find yourself in a pool bar with noone to play with and nothing to drink. Gotta get out of here. There's a paper in a glass on the bar. Take the papefr, that's CLUE 1; take the GLASS and the COASTER too. Turn over the COASTER; that's CLUE 2.
Moving forward/right, there's 2 safes here; the one on the right is actually a freezer. Click to its right and find you can take an ASHTRAY from the stack. Freezer needs 3 #s; the box on the left needs a 1-11-111 order code. Backing out, you find the Roman numerals are evident on the bar itself. Go ahead and solve it (spoilers at end) for the ICE PICK. Wait! Notice the upper right corner of the box? That's a hidden compartment. Click there and take CLUE 3, a clue for a left-right code.
Now look at the bottles/glasses behind the bar. Look again at CLUE 2. That number gets you into the freezer for an ICE CUBE containing BALL 1.
Look left at the door; you see that the neon word 'POOL' might be a coor code, and the door needs 4 numbers. Turn left.

Before you is an arrangement of rather odd display cases. You can close-up the third from the left. Looks like you need an SD. Look at the code panel on the right, then at CLUE 1. It tells you that to solve this code box you need to look at the pool tables, and note the lights above them have different shapes. It tells you the order to enter the shapes, keeping in mind that the slash on the bottom rectangle shows the position of the pool stick. Enter that code and get the SD. Go left to the third display case and remove BALL 2 with SD. Before you leave take a look under the pool table for BALL 3 (thanks escapism)
By the way, I didn't mention that you can go ahead and free BALL 1 with your ICEPICK.

Turn left twice, and see there's a sealed door in the wall. Must be where they serve the really good stuff. Focus on the gumball-machine-looking thing in the middle. There's your left-right code. The trick; the items are either left or right in your inventory! Take BALL 4. Back out, look right, and place balls in machine to open the speakeasy door.

Inside, there's a clue paper on the booth in the 1st view. You can close-up on each of the tables; count the screws. Look right and count the screws on those tables too. Then get the number order from the POOL sign, like the note says. Go to the front door, enter those numbers and you're out!

Solutions on the way...


Note that you have to look at the correct clue before you can solve anything.

For ice pick - II-II-III-I-II-I-II (on bar)

For ice cube - 549 (bottles and glasses)

For SD - c-t-s-c-s-c (lights)

For last ball - LLRRRL (items in inventory)

To leave - 8746 (POOL is L-to-R rybg. The tables are L-to-R gbry. Match the number of screws on each table to the corresponding letters in POOL.)

Btw there's another clue for the inventory trick; before you solve it you can look down at the base of the gumball machine, and see a row of black squares that looks just like your inventory.

Where's the second ball?

Nm, found it at the red tubes :p

im out without help but i read your walkthru just1 ,,, i did not notice the inventry hint ..so its worth reading :)

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 10:13 AM  

The game won't load...

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 10:48 AM  

It isn't a bug .... BUT do not complete the left right button puzzle before you use the screwdriver to get ball number 2. The screwdriver disappears after the left right puzzle and you can't get ball number 2. End of game for me.

       Anonymous  9/25/12, 10:56 AM  

Finally I could play it, it was a very good game !

Out with no help! (except pixel hunt for ashtray). Clever to use location as inventory in game, never saw that before.

Jan is one of our best game-makers -- and totally fooled me with the inventory positions! lol

Thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

3 pixel hunts:
1) Under a pool table in one of the views
2) To right of zoomed refrigerator
3) top right corner of inside roman numeral box

Great game until for some reason I lose almost all my inventory!

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