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Rabbit Escape Walkthrough

Rabbit Escape

Manmaru - Rabbit Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Manmaru. Try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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so far open only 1 puzzle ...

now the other puzzle by counting circles

ive only opened two aswell

anyone solved the middle puzzle yet

Hints for each puzzle:

Bottom right - Click in acsending order, with the rabbits at 4 corners as guide.

Bottom left - Number of dots for each color.

Middle - Use the dots to draw out numbers. Only connect adjecent boxes (so no diagonals).

Top right - From "first -->", click the boxes in the order given by a rabbit in each box.

Top left - Guess this is an optional puzzle. Use the memo found in one of other puzzles to solve this. The numbers 1 to 4 indicates that you'll use the boxes at the 4 corners. Click the bottom left button when you're done solving the puzzle.

thanks Shunko Kuda but i cant get the middle puzzle im not getting it

ok got the middle 1 ..thanx shunko

ok gtg ....2 puzzles are still left for me top right & top left

For top right puzzle, follow the directions the rabbits are pointing. First button is marked(top left), next is middle left, next is bottom left... Does that make sense?

Cannot understand the top left clue. Please any help?

Got the key and got out, but didn't solve the top left puzzle. Used the colors of the four corner boxes, but that didn't work. Must be missing something.

*top left puzzle clue

the button left corner of the puzzle is confusing me. Why to have 4 squares?

2 gmm i did not understand top right puzzle ..im not getting it rie

Oh I got it.
The puzzles suppose to be according the rabbits drawn on the wall. So the first set of three squares on the puzzle is the bottom right door. The second is the bottom right and so on. BUT the fourth qauare in the third set its just a button you have to push when you get the right order.

Sorry cannot expain it better. Though If you do not understand I' ll try

@ vk i understand the hint of your puzzle but can you explain top rite ...

ive only solved the bottom ones and so stuck

@raasti - It helps if you draw out the boxes on a piece of paper with arrows pointing the direction the rabbits are pointing. If the nine squares were numbered like this:
you would click 1-4-7-8-6-9-5-2-3

thanks Shunko Kuda...now i understand...x

The top right is to push the buttons accodring the rabits in the drawers, starting with the top left (rabbit shows down) so you press the top left, then the middle left. In the mibble left drawer the rabbit shows down. So the next step is the bottom left. and so on...

thanks gmm for the hint to top right puzzle ...wont be bothering with the top left im outta here .....x

oh thanx guys so stupid of me i was only clicking the sqaures for which rabbits are pointing....:)

thanx for all the help gmm ,vk & shunko ..i got the top left puzzle also :D

Finally got the top left puzzle. You need to refer to the paper clue, as well as the rabbits painted on the wall next to the four corner boxes. Bottom right is 1, bottom left is 2, top right is 3 and top left is 4.
For example the #1 set of boxes is:
orange pink
xxxxxx blue
Looking at the paper clue, #1 is the top left cluster of boxes. (This would be easier if I knew how to do screenshots like Shunko)

@ gmm i also dont kno how to screen shot ...hehehe

       Anonymous  9/29/12, 8:50 AM  


(bottom right)
- click order as per number of bunnies in corners:
==> get PAPER with HINT for top left puzzle

(bottom left)
- count dots of each colour:
5 -6-8

(top left)
- hint on paper:
- bunny order (corners):
- combine for puzzle:
==> dots of bunny square-1 top left
==> dots of bunny square-2 top right
==> dots of bunny square-3 bottom left
==> dots of bunny square-4 bottom right
- gives:

O-Pi W-B
x -B x-W

B-O -Pi-O
E-Pi x -B

==> click bottom left square in puzzle at the end (E)
==> get WATCH

- draw numbers:
==> each dot colour connected gives a number
==> don't connect dots, but adjacent squares!

(top right)
- look, where bunny in safe points (start top left as per puzzle hint):
1) down
2) down
3) right
4) top right (1 o'clock)
5) down
6) top left (11 o'clock)
7) up
8) right
9) puzzle
- gives click order:
==> get KEY

- open door with KEY to get OUT!
☺ ☻ ☺

- DOTS (left to right & top to bottom):

Pi-O B- -B-O
x -B x-Pi x-Pi

B-x x-O Pi-B
x-O x-x x -O

x-B x-x O-Pi
x-x x-B x -B

- DOT PLACES (puzzle top left):
W (start)


@gmm & raasti:
To create a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard when the monitor is displaying the page you want to capture. Then go to a drawing editor (like Paint) and paste it. Save after editing it, and you have yourself a screenshot. =)

       Anonymous  9/29/12, 9:02 AM  

If you have Windows7, you can also use the Snipping Tool (accesories).

@Shunko & premiere - I guess I should have been more clear. :) I do know how make a screenshot, just don't know how to link to it from here.

       Anonymous  9/29/12, 10:04 AM  

upload you screenshot e.g. at imgur:


Get a link to put here in comments.
If you want a clickable link, use this tag:

[a href="put link URL here"]LINK NAME[/a]

but exchange brackets [] with <> - you'll see now the link as follows in your post:


(right click to open link in new tab/window)

Use PREVIEW option for you post to see, if everything works fine.

Thanks premiere!

top left puzzle (test)

Is there something else that you need to have just the image appear without all the stuff on the side?

       Anonymous  9/29/12, 11:51 AM  

my pleasure, gmm!

After uploading, choose DIRECT LINK at right side, e.g.


(highlight link & click right to open it in new tab/window)

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ok i can upload image on imagur but dont kno wht to do after that ...

       Anonymous  9/29/12, 12:28 PM  

copy & paste direct link (choices at right side) here in comment.


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This comment has been removed by the author.

@ premiere thank you very much for all your information .i learn somthing new ..thanx again :DD

Oh, some dots are pink and some are orange....

ty premiere for a wonderful walk through,i tried game earlier but some of the comments was getting confusing so thought id come bk later,and there was ur walk through which helped me on bit i was stuck on earlier.

My suspicion was right since i never used the watch.This is a 2 ending game.You can go out without solving the color puzzle(top left) and the animation is different(just a small moon,no girl and rabbit).I think,watch stands as a 'happy coin'.(?)

i played the whole game again now & you kno why im unable to sove top rite puzzle b/c im only opening the sqaures which has puzzle not the all sqaures duh...

3 stars!

Should be 4, but I'm going to take one off because the choice of colors is simply an IDIOCY.

That light pink looks so damn close to orange, that in certain displays (or even "already" on Macs) the colors will look near-identical. Let alone when played on a mobile device...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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