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Ruins Escape

Gensou - Ruins Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by Gensou. Try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello everybody! :3

Hi Nini, loading...

Hi guys!

got a food can (click for the lid) and a stair.

found an sd card or something seems to be a map of some sort

I think I went right then straight til I found a wall

the maze is a bit confusing..
got through a hole using the stairs

Have a blue ball, a golden bowl with keyhole, an open can and a mini disc which seems to be gone into PC ? Have a map since...

Put ladder on hole on bottom.

ladder goes across broken floor

got pickaxe,flower and can of LN2 that I used on green slime

Use the lid on the tree for a part of a sling shot

picked a flower after going across the ladder

Now i got a spray can from 9 field wall riddle, hint were somewhere on another wall.

Wheel from using pick ax on the wall. My can is gone after I took the lid, so no slime for me

use pickaxe where u got card for a wheel

Slingshot complete! now where to use it?

Made a slingshot with rubber band from gras and ball.

pick axe used on a square of wall for a wheel

put wheel in place but don't have the code for it

UGH!! This one doesn't need a walkthrough, but a MAP...maybe I can do one...

arbeitslooser - click on the computer icon for a map

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falling behind fast!

no rubber band...did you find it in the grass?

Jo-Ann turn right after slime

Trying to find where to use the slingshot, and need a clue for the wheel

thanks miles ... found it by accident 30 secs after I had posted...incredibly easy. Almost TOO easy. I would gladly have taken the challenge of doing a map. But as everything is right there...pfffff.

can't get past the slime, I have no can, it disappeared when I got the lid

There is a wall with a bunch of grass in right corner.

No code for the wheel either...

looking for left right clue for wheel on pipes...

Jo-Ann u need the solve the tiles puzzle first

come to think of it...YES a map COULD be necessary! I mean, this is just a map toi know where you are. But what about a map de-luxe that tells you which items are where? :)

glad it's easy for you arbeit - however, I'm stuck.
Jo-Ann, use the spray on the slime. I don't have a can anymore either

so do I need to start again? did I make a mistake? was the can with the bag and wooden box or was there another can?

Has anyone used the sling shot?

POP forgot about the code and the 3x3 squares!

have spray, off to fight the slime!

nope miles.. going around in circles without a clue ..

Great - Jo-Ann! Has anyone gotten past the spikes?

Where did arbeit go? He said it was easy

and what about the wall w/ 2 diamons and a X ??

Stuck where you are.....

And the trapdoor in ceiling ?

haven't used the flower or the sling shot

if you turn the gold urn over in inventory, there is a key hole

doesn't help but I hadn't noticed it before

Nini - I'm clicking that wall right now with everything I have! Jo-Ann, I don't think any of us have

Tried using everything everywhere and nadda!

miles: Let me correct...eas*IER* with that map at hand to do a "map deluxe".

BTW, that "computer" is not there by the start of the game. It won't appear until you've found that small black thing in the south part of the maze.

I'm busy right now magnifying that map and taking it as a basis for "my" map.

I think we need to turn the wheel to make the spikes go down...

Tried using pickaxe on crate ... nope!

I wish all game makers would enable us to copy and paste text so we can make some feeble attempts at translating

it would be much faster then for me to learn the language... I am pitiful at other languages

Oh, arbeit - I thought you were out! Sorry! I have to go for a bit, will try again later. Good luck!

I even tried to get the ladder back for the trapdoop, but nothing :(

bye miles !!

bye Miles!

stuck with the rest of you

bai bai miles! :D

Picture of diamonds and X on wall is clue for L/R for wheel. Look closely at < and >.

brilliant @Indiedog!

thank you

LOL?? I tried that but it didn't work?!

OK, in case anyone wants it, here's the same map as the computer shows but with x = 720 :) (i. e. magnified)

maze map (directions only)

Now it did! great.. xD

planted flower in dirt, not sure why

ok, caught a fairy

Turned a lever and gor fairy

Returned fairy to its friends and got key!

broke wall and it looks like I can get out but not sure if I should

went back to trap door on ceiling to see if fairy would open it but she didn't

Great find indiedog !!!

Put flower in grass pile.

where did you find a lever nini?

POP nevermind lol

You can go back in...

Used slingshot after going through door

Where is lever ?

rang the gong with my slingshot and got a hook for the trap door

Oh no! The End?
Maybe there's another one!

went upstairs, placed the urn and out?

never returned fairy to her friends?

more then one ending?

Lots of teeth in the bowl ?

Please where is lever ?
Does lever open trapdoor ?

My end was something like the guy in a ship and red glowing eyes inside a mailbox? xD

I left for coffee == not getting the left right clue here

can someone explain the X and diamonds clue?

Zazie lever outside after u break wall w/ pickaxe

mine too Nini but I never returned the fairy to her friends?

@Zazie, lever opens door with bars over it in the top right corner of the map


the diamond/x clue look closely at the < and >

it looks like <> >< <>



Arrows hint for wheel:

look at shapes: Diamond ( left,right) X(right,left) Diamond(left,right)

Which wall ? Is it somewhere after the spikes ?

@ soto i also need that hint but i completely lost dont kno where i saw that X clue ..

@Zazie do you need to find the lever?

Got close to a different ending then...
I opened golden bowl but couldn't get what was inside.. ah! I won't replay the game so nvm then.

Ohh i broke already this wall, but i can´t see the lever.

Ohh yes, did not see the left arrow !!!

@Zazie, go out the hole you made, then go left

Zazie go out to trees scene and turn left (btw fairies are between trees)

Got hook from guy after using slingshot, opened trapdoor with hook from guy and put bowl with teeth on pedestral.


this time I got the fairy to her friends and she gave me a key that opens the urn. Looks like torn paper in the urn....

i did for wheel L R R L L R ......just heard sound of click & what change after it can someone tell me ...

And out by the big window....and then in a boat...

@Zazie, teeth! lol I looked at it as torn paper!

I have no idea what is in there, and it seems that when I click on it, the text also has a ? so maybe we aren't supposed to know

raasti, the wheel makes the spikes go down.

@raasti, the spikes go down

Well... I'm going.. thx all for the help!

I think the teeth were for the monster in box on the boat...when i clicked it with bowl it ended somehow.

doesn't seem to matter if you return the fairy (and get the key) or not same end

Have to go as well....cu later !

ok thanx now i got fairy but i read somewhere read that you people make slingshot ..i hav rope ,blue ball


from the bag (scene with wooden box) you get a can of something. When you click the can, you get a lid

use the lid on the tree for a branch

attach the rope to the branch for a slingshot, then add the blue marble

thanx JOANN but where to use sling shot ?....

could anyone please hint me at the location where to find that X+diamonds wall?

(Note: I skipped the solution for the L/R clue, I'd like to make an attempt to find it myself first.)

ok found that guy ...........

out with the red guy & red eyes in a crate............is that the end ?


I can't remember but it is down on the right side somewhere

slingshot is only used at the final part of the game, so everyone stuck earlier, IGNORE the slingshot for now as it's of no use until much later.

@raasti, seems to be the only end whether you return the fairy and get the key or not

Jo-Ann that means right of the chasm where I put the ladder horizontally. OK, so I will take a look there. Thanks.

yes... just can't remember which dead end it was...

ummmm, not the one with the 3x3 grid lol

@ arb you are parti with the langauge ,afraid to help you but anyhow .the clue is from ladder go straight ,then rite again rite ...

BINGO!! That wall is in an alcove I've never looked into before. It's west of the chasm and directly south then. It shows up as a lone mirrored 'L' on the map.

* particular (look i made a mistake :)

> arb you are parti with the langauge ,afraid to help you

Speaking of language, I didn't understand a word of that gobbledigook LOL.

I know a cure: Type more slowly ;P

Where are this fairy's friends?

Ohh...let me think...I hope I remember correctly that this was behind the wall you smash with the pickaxe. Right hand side of where you found that huge switch.

Yeah, it's indeed right of the switch. Getting there might be a bit tricky: click on the VERY RIGHT of those large trees you see.

THanks arbeit!


(right click to open link in new tab/window)



- SAVE option available (CAMERA)
- LEFT option: start NEW game
- RIGHT option: LOAD saved game
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- already in inventory: BLUE BALL & BOWL with KEYHOLE at bottom...
- you can go back/down, but not outside...

- go RIGHT, RIGHT & FORWARD for MICROCHIP, gives MAP (computer)
- note on wall: darker square...
- go 3x back DOWN (crossroads)
- go LEFT, LEFT, FORWARD for HINT on wall (numbers)...
- go 1x back DOWN, RIGHT & LEFT for LADDER
- take also CAN from BAG & LID from can
- go 4x back DOWN (crossroads) & FORWARD to

- can't go further, so
- go back DOWN (crossroads), RIGHT, RIGHT & LEFT to

- use ladder to go FORWARD

- go 2x RIGHT for HINT on wall (diamond/cross/diamond)
- go 2x back DOWN (crossroads), FORWARD & RIGHT to

- solve grid PUZZLE as per number hint for LIQUID NITROGEN SPRAY
- go 2x back DOWN (crossroads) & LEFT to

- pick FLOWER
- cut BRANCH with can lid
- go RIGHT & LEFT to

- take PICKAXE
- note CLOSED gate...
- go 2x back DOWN (tree), LEFT & RIGHT to

SLIME (or similar LOL)
- freeze slime with LN2-spray
- go RIGHT & LEFT for RUBBER BAND in grass
- go 2x back DOWN (slime), LEFT & RIGHT

- go RIGHT & note PIPES with a star sLOT...
- go 1x back DOWN & LEFT to

- can't reach trapdoor on ceiling...
- go 3x back DOWN (slime), 2x back DOWN (tree)
- go 2x back DOWN (gap/ladder), 1x back DOWN & FORWARD to

- use pickaxe on darker square (most right in middle row) for WHEEL
- go 1x back DOWN, LEFT (gap/ladder), FORWARD, LEFT (tree)
- go LEFT, RIGHT (slime), LEFT, RIGHT (crossroads) & RIGHT to

- put wheel in star slot
- solve wheel puzzle (turn L/R) as per diamonds/cross hint
- hear a click sound after solving puzzle correctly
- go 3x back DOWN (slime), 2x back DOWN (tree)
- go 1x back DOWN (crossroads), 1x back DOWN (gap/ladder)
- go 3x back DOWN (crossroads) & FORWARD to

- YAY! Wheel worked, you can go LEFT, RIGHT & LEFT to

- use pickaxe on wall

- click nearer tree to go to POND with FAIRIES (chirping like a bird LOL)
- as there's nothing to do here yet, go back DOWN & LEFT
- pull LEVER
- go 4x back DOWN & FORWARD, LEFT, RIGHT & LEFT to

- put flower in grass
- go 1x back DOWN & again LEFT (exit view & come back)
- catch FAIRY
- go FORWARD for DEAD END...!
- go 5x back DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT & FORWARD

- go to pond again (click nearer tree)
- put fairy in centre of screen
- exit scene & come back for KEY
- go 5x back DOWN (spikes), 1x back DOWN (crossroads)
- go RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT (gap/ladder), FORWARD
- go LEFT (tree), RIGHT & LEFT to

- Abracadabra! Gate is open now thanks to pulling the lever...!
- go FORWARD to

- combine branch with rubber band & ball for LOADED SLINGSHOT
- shoot at GONG to make warrior K.O. (with sound...?! 8-D)
(click warrior)
- take HOOK
- go 3x back DOWN (tree), LEFT, RIGHT (slime)

- open trapdoor with hook
- climb up LADDER

- go DOWN to note: again NO EXIT...
- go back DOWN & FORWARD


- just put bowl on pedestal & click it 2x for kinda EARTHQUAKE
(click skip ARROW top right or bowl again to stop it)
- go back DOWN (trapdoor is closed...!)
- go DOWN
- now you can go OUT!
(click passage again)
- seems to be an lift/elevator house...?!
- click house & thru CONVO for




- open bowl on bottom with key to see kinda elephant TUSKS...?!
- do the same as for ENDING above...


- click order of squares:

- hint:
diamond (left/right), cross (right/left), diamond (left/right)
- or diamonds/cross (middle line):
<> >< <>
- turn wheel:


This comment has been removed by the author.

missing 2 items on MAP:
- top left (pond) - KEY
- top right (warrior) - HOOK

Anything else I missed?

- at grid with squares to click, spray is behind PANEL below grid (click panel to open)

Good work premiere!

Say, did you use my base map I had posted far above or did you "cut out" a whole new one? ;)

Will try to clear up the confusion regarding the same ending issue:

In this 7th game of Roy the treasure hunter, he got a request from a girl named Rachel, to put back the Chalice of Fortuna (that yellow cup with keyhole) in the ruins where her father discovered the chalice six months ago.

After bringing back the chalice, her father fell sick till the point of unable to walk. Doctors couldn't find the problem, but the people in temple confirmed he got cursed. That is why our hero here went to the ruins.

In the ruins, remember the kid with the hook? He said Roy "abducted" his grandfather, and demanded him to return his grandfather. If you got the key and checked the content of the chalice, Roy will mention some white fragments/remainings.

In any case, the main objective is to put back the chalice, so the ending is the same. The only difference is Roy's monologue on his return, depending on whether he uncovered the mystery of the curse or not.

Hope it helps. Will try my best to answer if anyone still have questions. =)

Thx, Shunko,
for the enlightenment...!

& nope, arbeitslooser,
as I just LOVE to work with Win7 snipping tool & paint, I did it from scratch - disappointed now?

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