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Snow House Escape Walkthrough

Snow House Escape

Games2World - Snow House Escape is another point and click type room escape game by Games 2 World. In this game, you are locked inside a Snow House. Try to escape from the House by finding and using items. Use your best escape skills. Good luck and have fun!

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I am playing this game, but i am nearly giving up, because i am endlessly stuck, maybe buggy. I will open a new screen to see...

Not the best of games around but well... I am playing.

Meat, newspaper and tumbler from small table.

Got paper piece from newspaper.

Belt and key from hanging clothes.

Kerosene, matchbox, knife and axe head from cupboard.

Hammer and pully from chest (use key).

knife in red vase ,match box in blue vase

And stuck at the same place...

Lit up a match. Use it with kerosene in fireplace.

Use saw on window to complete the hammer.
Hammer opens bottom panel after using knife on rope.

Use knife to get rope, 4 pieces of wood and another key from right corner.

hammer from the chest ,used it on floor & fill bucket with snow

Second key opens cupboard for the saw. TY Zazie for where to use axe and hammer.

Get some snow there with bucket, bucket in fire, then meat, then paper piece.
Then clean the pully right on purple scarf and put it on ceiling, then add oily paper,..
After this i am stuck, rope won´t go on pully.

Cup with snow goes to the fire to melt it. Add then the piece of meat and the piece of paper.

Same place as you Zazie...

Rope goes on the door metal ring.

And now...?

Then logs under the big table. After that escaping is easy.

Two logs go on table then add belt to logs on table. Click rope, chop logs with ax under table then use ax on top right panel for a shovel, shovel snow and escape.

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