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Sunflower Find Room Escape Walkthrough

Sunflower Find Room Escape

Sanpoman - Sunflower Find Room Escape is another Japanese free online room escape game from Sanpoman. In this game, find clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Play Sunflower Find Room Escape

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only 5 wrong clicks????

looks like it's more a "find the letters" game

Can't find H I S W and only have one click left. Not really my type of game

No, I won't start a hundred times just because I had a wrong click too much.

After two attempts it seems that we have to look for letters (from A to Z), so it should be more a hidden-object game.

do we need a tool to open the basement door ?

When I started the game, I first clicked on the right text button. Maybe this turns the five click system off, cause I can click as often as I want without restrain.

Hello !
Open game with right option: thre isn't number of wrong clic
W is in the cupboard 1e vieuw ;)

This comment has been removed by the author.

H above red box in cb

H is near the red box

NOTE: Some items are very tricky to open up in this game. E. g. that "mini-bed" (looks like a doll's one) *CAN* be opened, but you need to know how!

Hover the mouse GENTLY until you see an additional green arrow. Then you will have found the position from where it can be opened.

hope this helps

still missing s n i

I miss I P R S V

ADDITIONAL NOTE: With some of the items, this can be done in sequence! So if you see that green arrow, and open the thing up first time, *HOVER AGAIN* and you get yet another arrow to flip the item!

Nifty stuff...

Gazoline, with the hints I just posted you should at least find the P :)

found the S :D next to the green box !

al, I tried this yes .I shall try again ;)
V is on door of 1st cupboard

This is much more a hidden letter game than an escape game


--> ... empty glass jars ... --->

any idea bout the mini door ? still I left , must be there !

Yes, I found S and P :))
To I and R now ...

did u flip the covers looser ? i thing there's a letter on the back of one of the two !

OOOH ! I must go ! I come back soon

Anyone know where I and O are please :)

hi everyone ......just found alphabets around table ....

Bed covers Addict? Heck, must try again then.

This is a weird one...feels like Easter ;-)

raasti only one I found at the table was a 'C'

And there is a trapdoor WELL hidden if you use a certain color setup on your desktop, notebook or even smartphone yet another letter there...

*j*olly good ;)

ok i found i think morethan 1 from table .....

did anyone open pot with red cover ?

there is C & D at the table
U is on tray
M is at chair
K is on the floor

hey raasti .. just get the I for me !! :D

where oh where is the R???

@ Gazoline V is at the cb door with sunflower on it on the left of door

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 6:46 AM  

Looking for G and I.

addict - not sure, but it might have been around the flower in the pot

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 6:46 AM  

R is on the wall above the little cabinet with the picture.

TY!!! szarra -and escaped. will have to play again cos didn't take notes

I please ! :D

Thanks szarra.

In order not to give away too much, let me point out that this cupboard can be viewed from *TWO* sides of the room. The letter will only show up on one of the sides.

G is on the ceiling - flower on left - table on right

@ szara i found G but dont kno from where ....anyone get anething from that jars ...

This comment has been removed by the author.

G is on the ceiling where two lamps are ......

raasti : YES! As I wrote above, you can flip the lids of the jars. How, I've explained in detail.

im missing A & I

just missing I

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:03 AM  

Missing I, L and Q - and can;t seem to open the trapdoor???

@MaryD - Q is on the inside of the left cupboard door.

Just missing I as well !

A - check table again
trap door opens when you have found all the letters

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:05 AM  

L is on the window, Q was on the flower...I think. Can't open trapdoor either. No I for me. :(

@ Mary d Q is on the left cb door inside on the bottom ( sideboard with jars )

mmh still no I and P - anyone remembers?

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:08 AM  

They could at least let me eat a cookie! That I is laughing at me! I know it!

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:09 AM  

P was on the underside of a jar lid.

@SwissMiss - P is on the inside of the lid of the left glass jar.

check the jars again swiss

thanks for P :)

just "I" to go now

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:11 AM  

Gah! Found it! Lower left corner of long cabinet!!!

I am missing A I and X.

yeah thanks szarra :)

X is right side of cabinet where you also found the W. :)

Missing A as well. The hint to "check table again" didn't help me at all.

Where on the table is the A? Also still looking for I and S

A - on left yellow leaf of plant (9 o'clock)
B - on table above right door
C - right of table
D - on upper edge of table
E - behind plant (right side)
F - in red bowl
G - on right side of ceiling (facing table)
H - right of red bowl
I - bottom corner of left door
J - right of trapdoor
K - on floor under table
L - bottom left on window
M - on left chair
N - on ceiling (when facing the window)
O - on bottom leaf of plant
P - left jar (flip it 2x)
Q - left door of big cupboard (opened)
R - top right corner of wall (view with door)
S - left side of green box
T - on bottom of right chair
U - under blue pot
V - on door of small cupboard (closed)
W - inside small cupboard
X - right side of small cupboard
Y - left side of small cupboard
Z - behind right door of big cupboard

Thank you szarra! :)

       Anonymous  9/19/12, 7:16 AM  

Feminin21 - Look closely at the flower for A. You can view the side of a cabinet for X. I is on the long cabinet.

Thanks Casual!

And thanks a ton LNS for confusing me to check table for A. :P

Can't find the X on the right side of the small cabinet.

Out. Thanks everyone

Found it! Thanks guys!

Small correction. C is not right of table but right of food tray.

Thanks casual - lots of people will appreciate that

but I would have thought the game rated higher then just 1.5 stars? More a hidden object game then escape but still nice enough!

Well, it's a hidden object game disguised as an escape game, in my book. :)

arbeits just get over details so u can do better escaping ! :D

thanx szarra .. casual !

WHere are the alphabets

A ...is on the sunflower petal at 9
B ...on the sideboard
C & D at the table
E ...is on the side of sunflower pot
F ...is on the red cover of pot
G ...is on the ceiling with a view of 4 lights
H...is behind the red pot in side board
I ...is on the left leg of cb of side board ..(thanx to szarra)
J ...is near trap door
K ...is on the floor near the table
L ..is on the window bottom left
M...is on the chair
N....is on the wood of light with the view of 4 lights
O....is at leaf of sunflower...
P ....is on the inside of the lid of the left glass jar
Q ...is on the door of left cb inside of side board
R ...is on the ceiling near the doot
S ...beside green box
T ...is under chair with pink heart
U ...is on tray ..
V...is on the door of single cb
W..inside single cb
X...is at the side of single cb
Y..is on the floor at side of single cb
Z...is int rie cb of side board..

oops before posting i should refresh it ..Casual already did the walkthru ....

@casual a great WT out thanks alot, I know I could not have finished the game without your help. Its a nice little game, but the WT helped alot. thanks again

Well, I am still missing I.....and of course, I clicked the hint button.....lolol

Bottom corner of left door.....OH...the door of the cabinet! TY @casual! now, escaped....lol

I liked it even though I never play hidden object games!!!!


That's NO "details". Something "right of table" means "beyond the area of the table plate".
That's because "right of tray on table" and "right of table" are two entirely different pairs of socks. And you had better not argue with me about that. :P
Because it's those details that might cause people to look for 10 minutes just because someone hadn't make themselves clear enough. Yes, I too got caught in by things like these in the past.

8D i like the aggressive tone !

Aggressive? That? Some clear evidence for me that you haven't seen me actually 'aggressive' yet then. :P

This comment has been removed by the author.

R is top left corner with the door.

"I" was the trickiest...

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