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Abandoned Escape

Abandoned Escape is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com It was late at night, you were on your way when your car broke down. You walk for a few miles and come upon this large abandoned building. Once inside you find that you can't leave. Now you must find a way to escape! Good luck and have fun playing!

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exactly what I need! thanks @Selfdefiant!

This one is huge LOL (just got map)

took crowbar in 1st scene and opened door. map in C

red key in E (use plunger from B)

Wow, a live Asylum - my first time! :-D

thanks, SD! I've been waiting for this.

whoop whoop....!!!!

just getting through the commercials. I'm probably already hopelessly behind!

just wait ..game is loading

Wow - no wonder it's been a while - this game is a monster!

you weren't kidding @Leroy, that's a huge map! I guess I'll see you all in an hour or so...

word and book open 4 digit box..

Where is the code box Leroy? The one in room L didn't open.

no orbs....

plunger in B. And the walls are "breaking bad" looolll

Hi! for box in L, hint in K

Room J codebox LOL

cant play now ..hav to go :(

Cleaning toilets....I've already done that today! lol

I need last quarter for room M

Oops! Thanks seb and Leroy. missed the box in J. Now trying to decode the one in L.

Hi Everyone - trying to catch up!

where is the box in J? can't find it, only trash...

POP! found it on right side

Use SD in room I for last quarter..

Found a little bug: Room O can be entered by room J.

This comment has been removed by the author.

silver plates in O, K, I (use SD), K

Grrrr... entered too soon....

... which isn't drawn in the map.

torch in x

Clue for box in L is shapes on file cabinets.

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 10:11 AM  

Room O is an island on the map. But you can get to it from Room J. :-)

knife in AA

OK Torch in room X

Knife in room AA

green key in AI

@Philomena: this is the blue key in AI

ok back ..i dont kno where is code for box in J

but there is book in F

Where was that s/d?

lighter in S

opened second 4 digits box ! got a piece of something !! box in J hint in N !!

LOL @caroline

lighter in S

lol sorry -- color blind moment

green gem in room AH use time clue...

Anyone have a clue for piano in AH?

green key in AJ (hint from Z)

green key in AJ

crystal in AB

please, where is plate in I? (read with Sd)

im short of 1 piece ....

@seb: behind brick on the right side

got red gem in F by lighting fireplace

didn't see sd location in comments; it's in L

What is the code for the piano? 37275634 is not working.

Thanks Casual

This comment has been removed by the author.

piano clue is long number converted into letters with the book clue, you get green key

Spoke too soon! it did work! probably the marked key above is the reset button.

green key from playing piano in room AJ

Leroy - where is the time clue?

time clue in book

Wow the much needed teleporter crystal ball in AB

Cool! fast travel crystal ball in room AB

must need a wrench for radiator in P

Duh! I forgot all about that one! Thank you Casual!! :-)

Basu you beat me to it LOL

I want to use the knife and get the gold key!

Leroy, couldn't get that far without you!

use flash light on radiator

Use torch on radiator in room P LOL

@Philomena: no, use flashlight

I need gold key, need to use knife, unstick the drawers in P, and what is missing in AI?

While in room P use SD on stuck drawer I think it was

Thanks EnJoy!

LOL I have 3 gems and searching for gold key....

The drawers are not opening with knife

Drawer in P will NOT open with SD, crowbar or knife

ok im out of comments race but im still playing game quietly ok guys ...;)LOL

Stuck with you Leroy.

Or was it use knife on drawer and SD on loose brick????

I have yellow, blue, red and green gems. Looking for gold key, stuck drawers, something to put on AI

I had a very blond moment: In AH I had tried the times on that clock thingy in both directions, but I didn't press the centre.

Hmmm sorry Enjoy I forgot my progress LOL maybe one of my earlier comments??

SD on loose brick. Crowbar on drawer in K. But those drawers in P won't open with SD, crowbar or knife. We may need dynamite :-(

EnJoy, where is the blue gem?

But that just gives me another gem. I need blue, green or gold key. What is missing in AI?

YAY!! I thought he'd forgotten about us LOL!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blue gem in in room with stairs on the bannister

Blue key is in AI use flashlight. Green key is in the piano room AJ, use clue from Z

Ahead of me Enjoy LOL

I don't remember where the gems were. One in radiator, one in fireplace? one in dial puzzle??? sorry didn't keep notes

oh yes, blue was on stair case bannister (knob)

Thanks Graham. Tried using knife on the beans, no use

I have been back through all rooms and still can't find gold key or where to use knife

I only found these gems:

red in F
green in AH
yellow in P

That old lighten-up-keys-with-flashlight-trick. That shouldn't have happened after all these times. Thank you, Debasmita!

Did we find anything in O with all the drawers? I can't remember

i finally i reaches where you people are with 3 gems ....:)

Room C bugs me Grrrr!! can see a room thru the window but no room on map LOL and I cant break it or light kerosene...

What about in Room C where it says windows lead to another room but can't get thru with anything. hmm...

Enjoy part of the green plate thing..

@ casual blue is in V

As far as I remember, nothing in the drawers in P

In O there was a part of the disk

the was a gem in V

where to use knife ? i think i did not use knife still ..

In AB is says the light is blocked, but stabbing with knife does nothing

not so! there were fingernails and rat droppings in the drawers in P!

Could someone please tell me the colours of the 4 digit box in L? I'm colour impaired :-(

I think there must be a bug.. all of us stuck in the same spot. I think the drawers that we can't open is where the gold key is

Missing one piece of the green disc. Any hints please?

@ Rudi its i think 4535 ....

@Rudi: from left to right: square, star, triangle and "house" left of square

Rudi -- diamond was blue star yellow triangle green box red pentagram violet

can't remember what order, sorry

Oh Rudi... I can't get there again.

@Rachel: discs in O, K, I (use SD), K

Thanks @raasti and @Casual!

Rudi - check the coloured shapes on the drawers in K and incorporate it with the coloured blocks on the box you need to open :)

I'm glad no one was in the beds as I have been frantically stabbing them!

And @Philomena and @Enjoy :-)

The hint in K has a blue Rhombus, yellow 5 pointed star, green triangle, red square and a purple pentagon. As far as I remember, the colours of the digits in L were red, yellow, green and purple (not sure). count the corners and proceed.

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 10:51 AM  

Stuck with NO gold key, a NO use knife, and a pile of beans in Room V. I am grateful for the crystal ball otherwise I would have given up by now.

Two pieces in K?

loose tile in W for gold key!

are all we stuck at the same point ? need to find gold key 4 gems & unused knife

Thanks Graham! You did it!

thanx Graham

Graham, our hero!

Thanks Graham!!

use light for purple key in AJ

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 10:54 AM  

Bless You Graham! Got gold key by using knife!

purple key is in AL ..use light

Thanks Graham

Thanks selfdefiant!!!!!!!!!

LOL TY Graham that was a pixel hunt...

white gem in AD

Purple key in AL

purple gem in AK

white gem in AD

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 10:57 AM  

I'm among those who need a gold key and don't know where to use the knife ! I have only 3 gems (red, yellow, green).

Thank you Graham for gold key.. I thought I had tried all those tiles :)

there is also hint on chair in AK

Clue and purple gem in AK

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 10:58 AM  

In AJ is a blue key, not a purple key.

Where is the white gem in AD?

Debasmita, use the knife at the chair!

YES! Pop and SILVER KEY is mine!

Thanks merineith, missed the hotspot.

Orange gem from playing piano again...

Where to use the new clue? Didnt work on the piano.

Now where to place the gems and in what order?

orange gem from the piano

Will try again Leroy

@ Leroy... where was the new clue?

place green gem in O

Oh LOL I see now... Not usual setting... Purple goes in wall in AF

Clue for piano on school desk but I can't get it to work.

Is the top A a reset button? Or do we need to use it in the new clue?

last orange gem using clue on piano on top keys

As always, I'm too late with any helpful comments! If anyone still has questions re: the knife, it's used on a tile near the bottom of the screen in W, to get gold key. Also, use knife on back of wheelchair in AD for white gem.

New clue is on chair in AK. But not working on piano so far

rightside of AK is piano clue...

TY Graham!

place red in C & yellow in G

Ritybuds, it is not reset button, that is where you play the new tune.

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 11:05 AM  

@Graham, thank you for the gold key !

I'm sorry, I made a mistake : the purple key IS in AJ !

White in X

I can't get the new clue to work on the keys?

Damn orange goes in Z but I havent found it yet...

gems go in c, g so far

Debasmita - play on keys one up from letters. you should see only a letter A on that row.

and OUT! Thx SD!

Red in C

orange in Z

couple of red herrings in this one. Excellent, as always!

Thank you Debasmita Basu! I am just not thinking today I guess!

purple in AF

whooops I do have orange just didnt rotate invent enough...

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 11:10 AM  

Clue in AK should work in AJ. But:
ABFABGAB does not work on organ. I even tried using the keys on first row because of the "A" on that row. ???

where to place blue gem ?

I have the same question raasti. Been through twice now.

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 11:12 AM  

I'm trying to play CGBGEFCD on the upper keys of the piano, but the orange gem doesn't appear.

x. left with one gem (blue)

4red3 use the top keyboard...

Please i need help with disk parts!
i am found 1 in O, 1 in J and 1 in K with crowbar, where is the last?

LOL blue in N but where is yellow?

oo You look in all drawers in tall cabinet?

Leroy, yellow in G

@ pdgph one hint is for key on the piano (num# one )

& other clue is for gem (letter one )

Leroy, in G.

I swear I have been to N but missed the slot!

       Anonymous  10/4/12, 11:15 AM  

I guess I was playing notes too fast. I went slowly and finally got the orange gem.

TY will be out in a jiffy then LOL

gem placement:
x - white
n- blue
o - green
g - yellow
c - red
z - orange
af - purple

And out! Thank you all!

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