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October 8, 2012

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Amnesia 3 Walkthrough

Amnesia 3

Amnesia 3 Room Escape is another sequel of point and click room escape game developed by Doctor Fou. Again you are locked in a room and you need to escape there by searching, finding and using items with clues. Look everywhere carefully and use items at right places to escape. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Doctor Fou]

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Amnesia 3 Walkthrough


Anyone playing? Can't seem to do much. So far only cut the rope

same here - cant do anything, cant find anything

Used the iceskate to cut the rope and 'can't reach' something on the top shelf but, other than that, nothing

Same place as you guys

Same here! Been around 2X's and nothing ?

In a new room now. Found high heel (used) and SD and two photos.

do you actually pick anything up in this game..all is writing telling you about the items your looking at..?????????

Zazie - how did you get into a new room?

How Zazie?


how zazie ?

5 postcards n stuck !

Click beween the grey and black box on bottom to the right for highheel.Throw higheel on a box in upper shelf on the left side and use sd on keyhole.

wow, thought i clicked there several times! thanks, Zazie!

thanks zazie

Thank you Zazie!

stuck with scissors , tower n a closed trashcan !

Jewelery box in drawer and key on bottom. 5 cards now.

I'm stuck in a black screen -can't get out. restart

@Zazie ... I got the 2 photos but not a SD? Was SD in that box also?

Towel and scissors in bathroom in drawer.

Yes linda, turn all arond in bottom view.

@miles dont restart .. just wait ! :D

Never mind - found the SD!

too late E-addict... guess I'll go back to that scene. Thx!

Another card left of toilet

Back in the black screen - please tell me nothing is going to pop out and scare me!

Oily cream in tub.

E-Addict, what am I waiting for? Nothing is happening

Nvmd - Out of that scene now. Stuck with scissors, trash can, cream, towel and 6 postcards

Put trash bin in corner by window to get a knob from curtain holder.

Inside knob is a ruby.

Nice find Zazie. There's a ruby in the knob

put the trash can down in the bedroom in the bathroom door view (put it right next to the door) to get the curtain rode down, view it and turn it over for a ruby that you can put on top of the box for another card

Put the ruby on the jewelry box for another postcard

Put ruby on box for another card.

put trash can in front of blue curtain and take bit of curtain rail

Got another postcard somewhere in the alarm clock view and one in the bottom cupboard where the daughter's photo is. The ruby in the jewelry box gives another

put ruby on jewlery box for another card

ruby hidden in bit from curtain

lol I should refresh more often - I sound like a parrot

@miles when it goes black just click on any ( about item ) then close it n try to click where the directions arrows use to be !! working to me !!

you can take trash bin back. Maybe to put somewhere else ?

do we have to pick letters from whats on the postcard? like E from Stonehenge etc?

so far I have 8 postcards but I don't know what to do next, can't combine any items and can't go to the hallway

Another card in start screen, put the bin down and go up

Stuck in a black screen again...

use the trashcan again in the closet

anyone used the towel yet ?

Thanks E-Addict, that worked

weird, I looked at the postcard, flipped them and moved them around, the 6 and 8 "combined", well not really the desert picture goes over the mountain one and I can't disassemble them, not sure why

Hope Im not to late, loading now

btw the faucet could be opened for water !!

And where to use scissors ?

Has anyone used the cream?

other than the screwdriver and the shoe, haven't used anything. Been trying to oil, towel and scissor everything in sight

Not me miles...

Zazie I left tip for you in other game.

tried to wet the towel - but cream on towel - cut everything - nothing :(

Same RSA - frustrating

key for box on floor among the mess by door you can't enter

ok I managed to put the towel down under the dresser with the picture of henry and the girl, don't know why yet haven't tried anything

Thx Leroy !! Will finish it later, i have to leave soon :(

are we all stuck with 8 cards, unused towel and cream and scissors?

well it was to move it for yet another postcard

oh aridza there is another card...

aridza - very good - then move the cb and get another card

Great Aridza! Now I have 9 postcards... I'm guessing there are 12

10 cards now

yes! and now you can wet the towel! progress!

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I can't take the picture of Coloseum in box?


Thanks :)
That moved the dresser
Now it says I have 10 cards and should sort them out

have you guys tried to put the postcard 8 and together? just want to make sure it's not a bug if I can't separate them

and now we can wet the towel

Use the wet towel on the wall where you moved the dresser

Then scissors

I have to leave for a bit - good luck!

bye miles

so it was all about the magic towel !!!!

get doorhandel off with SD

Where is the tenth card ?

but the door is still locked

please, where was 10th card?

Put towel down under dresser to slide it and get another postcard

Which doorhandle SM ?

zazie I dont remember where they all were :(
did you get 2 from jewellery box - one next to alarm clock, one behind moved dresser, one next to toilet

the brown door - use sd to unscrew doorhandle and use it on the "new door"

has anyone managed to sort the postcard out?

thanks Ev Games, got that one, i'll wander around, see which one I missed

and we still haven't used the cream

2 from little box ? I think i only got 1 from there...

no 3 is Neuschwanstein - if we do need the names at some point

cant find the tenth either !

1 card from bottom drawer of jewellery box and one when we placed the ruby from top

I cannot take the postcard from the box - 1st one when I opened it with the key? Bug?

1 stonehenge, 2 new york, 3 see above, 4 Niagara Falls ???, 5 colosseum, 6 dontknow 7 dontknow, 8 Egypt ??, 9 Petra/Jordan ???

any ideas

Have you tried near the toillet? click on low right of the shelf, there's a card there...

One is akropolis in Athens, still missing tenth card.

Swissmiss, I'm pretty sure that we don't have the same numbers on the postcards, I had to restart because 2 cards got stuck together and now I don't have the same numbers as the first time, I have 1556275572

Livia i got thisone.

Oh dear, do we all have different numbers for the postcards? I have stonehenge as one of the three 8s

seems like it as I don't have any 8 this game around

I have 7,7,5,9,4,2,1,9,1,2

found missing postcard, was between bed and alarm clock, hard to see

but you have the same cards and order?

what is 6 and 7 ?

Thx Thrynn ! Ten now...

still have the trash can btw .. shall i use it in a third place ?? still missing the 10th!! dont understand we all had 8 n then after the magic towel how many u guys found one or two ??

@aridza it seems like it. my stonehenge is 6...

no 7 is Versailles

to me 7 is the athen one and 6 egypt

with no 7 I mean the position of the card - not the number in the back
Stonehenge, NY, Neuenschwanstein, NiagaraFalls, Colosseum, ?, Versailles, ?, Akropolis, ? (Petra)

thanx thrynn .. clicked there for more than 5 min before though !! have it now !!

is that versaille? I would have said buckingham palace

My numbers are different.

not Petra - not enough into stone lol

I guess you're right for Versailles, thanks google (I guess I really suck because I'm French),r:11,s:0,i:171&tx=102&ty=103

lol thats a link to the same picture like on postcard

I'm not sure about the positions because I've shuffled them around, also I think the order depends on the order you found them in the game

which all doesnt help because we dont know when and how to use the cards - still got the oil and the towel

7 is somewhere in Jordan i suppose ..

If i'm not mistaken that's valley of the kings in Egypt, not Petra...i think

what is the clue to placing the postcards? not sure I understand why stonehenge is first, for example

I have to leave for a while, please leave me some spoilers lol.

shouldn't we have a book or something to let us know how to put them in order? maybe we haven't found everything

hey didnt know that im playing a live game :P got 9 cards, door is still locked. dont know all landmarks. My numbers are also different.

where to use trash can for the second time?

maybe the oil is for post-escape use !!!

Yes that's what i think too aridza.i'm trying everything everywhere like a mad woman lol

back in the closet aneel

I have to go get my kids from school and run some errants, I'm hoping that by the time I come back someone will have figure out what to do next

aneel72....use once in closet, second time under curtain rod by bathroom

I think we need to do something else before we can use the cards but I have no clue what

ah got it. i have sorted the 10 in ascending and descending order but where to use them?

i have clicked almost every book but got no clue either,

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 7:31 AM  

What about the shower curtain?

The card with only the front of a beige building is the library in Efes, Turkey.

as there are 3 empty slots left in inventory, therefore, im sure that we need to find something else before moving fwd.

is game is still live or im late ?

@aneel72 I agree but what??i've clicked evrywhere lol
Still on raasti :)

jeu raasti, you're just in time....tried to cut shower curtain, nothing works, going around room/closet/br clickity click click

sorry, that was supposed to be "hey" not jeu lol

i cant do anything ..can someone tell me how to enter in a new room ..i read in comments but dont get it ..

i will try to find what landmarks are exactly. hope this may help us.

OK. SD goes in knob from closet

Where is the key for the jewelry box? I can't turn my box over, and there's nothing but another postcard in the cb below the drawer

I can't get the Coliseum picture out of the jewelry box... have to find a red high heel, throw it at a box on top shelf in closet

ok in a new room

key for box is on floor by door you can't go through

maybe the cards should be placed in the order we found them !! lol now that would be a task !!

the mountain peak is of Mount Everest (Nepal)

The only view that nothing was done in is the drawer at the extreme right in the view with the 'new' door. Could it be the colours of the sheets?

great. post card won't come out of drawer.

ok now hav 5 post card , scissor ,towel ,trashcan ,SD(used),
shoe (used )

not sure RSA...there is the right number of sheets, but the color clue is kinda vague for the cards

this is the time when u begin trying stupid things !! tried to put the red shoe beside the other one on the ground lol maybe bcoming the magic pair like the magic towel be4 !!

don't feel bad, E-Addict, I've tried silly things too, tried postcards on big mural over bed, tried to grease up the bed, cut the pillow...still going in circles

@raasti use the trash can to get the card behind the suitcase in first room and take it back then use it again in the corner beside the blue curtain !

Tried east to west, west to east, america to Zambia with every variation of where the cards could come from and ..... nada

the wall image with too many doors/windows is library of Celsus (Rome)

the castle is Neuschwanstein castle (Bavaria Germany)

ok, throwing shoe at walls, mirrors, lamps....nada

No it's not Rome Aneel72. I'ts a Roman library in Efes, Turkey.

the sandy image is of Abu Simbel Lake and Temple (Egypt)

Postcard that you can take from box is a bug - same happened to me and had to re-start :(

meant can't take! sorry.

I don't have the Abu Simbel card, where can I find it?

the image with yellow buildings/town square is of chateau de versailles (France)

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 7:59 AM  

Lady had a pair of scissors, a screwdriver and a "very" high heel. All of which make nice weapons and she's worried about scrapbooking her vacation postcards?!?!

not worth restarting for a third time...

the golden temple image on grey rocks is Acropolis of Athens (Greece)

Use the SD to remove door handle from the closet door. Use scissors to cut papaer around the door is Alice's room. Use handle in this door. NEW ROOM! YAY

lol @Thrynn .. ok good luck guys i'm out !!

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 8:02 AM  

Oh and she jimmied that lock once with a screwdriver but can't use it on the second door....

Do your cards have repeated numbers? I have 3 cards numbered 0.

ah sorry about Library of Celsus (it is Turkey) :) thnkx

ps: althought it's locked lol it's progress though lol

and i hope rest are much familiar to all. statue of independence (US), stonehenges (UK), Collaseum (Rome) and Niagra falls (Canada)

i hav now 10 cards ..but cant wet the towel there any trick to do so ?

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 8:06 AM  

You have to move dresser with the towel before you can get it wet.

did i miss any?

I stil can't find the Abu Simble card. Help please?

No aneel.I think they're all there

Livia. Have you opened the door after using scissors?

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 8:08 AM  

Rob - did you get both by the bed? One below the clock and one to the right, between bed and table?

Rob have you placed dustbin in closet?there's a card near the suitcase.

No roberto, i've placed the door handle but it says "the door is still locked".trying to figure that out yet...

Rob, one card behind cb, next to toilet

Thank you Szarra, went back to look but found nothing. Guess I have those already.

sorry rob! i forgot where i got it. see what i remember: 2 cards fell from the shelf and one more on the side of empty suitcase (first screen) but you will get it after using trash can on bottom view. 1 is in drawers below the girl's pic, 1 is below the bathroom cabinet, 2 from jewelry box (one by using key and the other by using jewel/ruby on it). 1 is found when you use towel on drawers on the left. that's all i remember.

Oh! ok. That´s where I am too. Guess we need to find another card. There´s one empty space yet.

i moved the dresser with help towel ..take it back ...but cant put it wash basin to wet it

raasti, turn on the water, then quickly grab the towel to put in sink, water doesn't stay on long

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 8:13 AM  

I think one was also between the clothes in the lower (doors) part of the dresser with the girl's pic.

Thanks, got that one already too Thrynn! :) Maybe the locations have different cards for each game... Can someone please sum up all the locations? Still need Abu Simbel...

       Anonymous  10/8/12, 8:14 AM  

raasti - turn on the water, then (quickly) drag the towel to the sink.

im unable to extract any hidden info from countries' or places' names :(

ok hav now new door ..but how to open it there any key for it..

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