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Episode No. 008 - ATM Escape Walkthrough

Episode No. 008 - ATM Escape

Aries - Episode No. 008 : ATM Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. There are two possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

Play Episode No. 008 - ATM Escape

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First in I hope I can figure this out

Oh crap its in japanese and google translate not working could be here awhile

I can find lots of things that need to be picked up but no screw driver to be found no pick me up thingy either AAAAARRRGGGG

we just need a tool to reach all these things !!

Have a aries bank book w/numbers and neckles

Somebody Anybody Heeeeelllllpppp

Have a aries bank book w/numbers and neckles

finnaly the orange card has three views the thinnest view you use to get item from under phone cabinet

use sd on phone for hex key

This comment has been removed by the author.

thanx jolow ! use it to unscrew the panel beside ATM !

out of ideas for the code below the ATM

finally getting some where don't want to give too much away

I think the arrow on the door might be a clue for the code, but dont seem to work what i've tried so far

the dang number code has me stumped tried every combo possible I must be missing something really obvious

it looks like that arrow relates to a keypad, but tried every orientation

Ooo I just found a number clue at the left hand side of cabinet under phone @ floor level

ok look at the hint on bottom left corner of ATM .. opened lower panel now !

is that the ooo+oo+ooooo by any chance?

It's clear as mud to me

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 7:31 PM  

the code has to do with numbers on bottom of card

Hint: group and add

use the first sd taken off the car to get tool from behind phone !

cant figure out the S+N puzzle !

Thx escapemistress slap of hand to forehead

E Addict try S, bottom of screwdriver, N (don't add)

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 7:38 PM  

welcome jo! got normal end... eh

Stuck with magnet and card. Still cannot reach paperclip.

s =7, n=8?

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 7:40 PM  

@jen: have you found the necklace yet? think about where you would normally find one...

ok got a maintenance card but cant insert it !!

E-Addict you have two numbers on magnet S7 & N8 put these to numbers in and i just kept dialing middle number till it opened up

I guess I would find a necklace on the ground. Have not found this one.

the necklace is found on the body of woman next to the save option

ok got a maintenance card

Ha found it.

place necklace on magnet to get ring pull outside

...and out. Thanks for the necklace tip!

and out, damn that was tricky

have phone working have typed in name of bank but I think I will have to google symbols as its not working

n how to get the clip ??

i wanna go back in and empty that ATM machine, lol

combine the magnet with the necklace you got off the woman next to the inventory E-addict

the symbols are from the greek alphabet

dont worry about what the symbols are jo, use the arrow clue on the door

oh thanx but that was silly !! thought it was an ad !! :D anyway normal end !!

omg sooo over thinking it thanks my_bum_smells

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 7:58 PM  

Please help! Can't use the leaflet to open anything

Happy end -- look up when facing the door
You'll need to know capital vs small Greek letters.

spoil it Andrea !!

googled it n got the gold !! happy ending .. funny game but oh that god damned necklace !! :D chapeau to escapemistress for finding it !!

spoiler for happy ending ..

on a grid of 9 ( as on the ATM screen )


it's : 3 4 8 7 1 2 9 6 5 !!

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 8:35 PM  

Okay, I think I understand the clue on the toolbox:

The + isn't a plus sign, it's the tip of a screwdriver.

Episode 008 ATM Escape Walkthrough

Game takes a while to load -- be patient
Opening message is all in Japanese
Note: there are no color clues
Solutions at end

I'm facing an ATM screen with "ERROR" on screen -- presumably it has eaten my bank card

See "Aries Bank" on ATM
I pick up a brochure to right - on the back is a phone #

So, I pick up phone, but it's not working
I can zoom on left of phone

Turning around (left or right), I see a view of mirrored text and an arrow that traces a 15 (mirrored)

I look down to see the situation is worse than I thought -- I'm locked in!
There's something on floor to right

Facing the ATM again, I look down
Here I see a panel with 4 bolts (cross and hex)
To the right is a screw panel above a door I can't open
I look at the left side of machine to see a math clue
I look under the right side of the machine to see something I can't reach

Turning the pamphlet on edge (skinny view) I push it under the machine to get a toy car
Then I take apart the car to get GRAY THING that lookes vaguely like a SD?
I use it on the screw to get a number entry panel
I enter code then back out
Now I can open the lower panel for a TOOLBOX
Inside is a MAGNET, a +SD and a 3# lock (S + N)
I enter the code to get a MAINTENANCE CARD

I go back up to the ATM and use the gray SD on the phone zoom view to get an ALLEN WRENCH
I use the +SD and the Allen wrench to open the blue panel for a RESET button

Now what?
Reset doesn't seem to work
I only have a magnet and a card
Neither work on item right of door, or anything on the machine

Then I discover a necklace on woman next to inventory (is that me?!)
I tie the necklace to the magnet to get the thing outside which is a PAPERCLIP
Now I unbend the paper clip to get a WIRE to use on the reset hole

Now there's a "Welcome" on ATM screen - yay!
I insert the maintenance card in the small slot to get a grid of Greek letters

First I try to enter the bank name, but there's no "rho"
Ah, I use the arrow trace on the door!
Door is now open (SUCCESS - door)

(take card) and leave

I face the door (after open) and click upper left of door
I enter the new code in the ATM to get "SUCCESS -pocket"
The blue panel under the card now has a gold bullion chip which I take and then leave
(Where is this ATM?)

Further mystery
The happy end shows mochi and green tea, so it's not likely in Greece, where the treat would be baklava and coffee!

Thanks @joLow1 for the necklace and @Andrea for the Happy End!

Phone number on pamphlet is
Clue under door is
Use on phone number for
017+08+58337 = SPOIL58362ER

Look at magnet S is blue, N is red, so 7+8
Not 15, but 7x8
Look at handle of +SD for middle number

alpha beta gamma
delta epsilon zeta
eta theta iota
Use mirror of arrow on door
If this were
enter 147896523

As above, enter 348712965

It was a little tricky getting started.... I got the first item with the folded orange advert paper, which was a toy car and it was under the ATM machine...not the phone.

@ Puzzledin CA thanx for your walkthru ..but i cant found that Clue under door is 000+00+00000 where was that hint ..?

oops found it ..it is on the lower left of ATM machine

Took me forever to get out because I forgot to mirror that arrow clue on the door lol.

normal end

Oops! Thanks for the correction, @raasti
Had it right in the WT, but not in the solutions!

loved this one a LOT...Aries is one of my fav developers regarding his puzzles...

Puzzles are a bit Ninja Motion style IMHO...tiny hotspots you must find and then shimmy your way forward bit by bit...


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