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Find the Escape Men 41: The Escape Nyans 2 Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 41: The Escape Nyans 2

Find the Escape Men 41: The escape Nyans 2 is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. Look for items and solve puzzles to find the 10 Escape-Nyan, and escape from the room! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Game won't load for me.....

at school ,back home then play this and the 3 key one

Ascape cats I like it LOL got 4 now and see 2 others I have to catch...

9 nyans and stuck. I had a pencil, tape, cup, ball, lucky cat bank, pliers, remote, dvd, and cat toy. All used.

Got 10 cats and stuck with computer password

got 7 but but what do I do to catch the others LOL and the spiral code? wont go in PC..

I cant get pliers from under bed after getting ball... Is that a bug?

spiral code goes on safe, on the floor. First turn the lights off

Got #10 and I can't type "b"

Me too, @Andrea, and "F" is strange

Pliers anybody? I need to break bottom of lucky cat...

@zoran, it seems like only a subset of the alphabet can be typed in at the screen. M also comes in with a capslock. Don't know what to make of it.

I'm in need of a weight (?) to "activate" the black cat's tail, but I can't find one.

9 nyans now...not too bad without help I must say. :p

PLIERS ANYONE? hate to yell LOL

@Leroy, first take pliers under bed , then the ball...

Nvm restarted it is a bug get pliers before you tickle cat to get ball.....

Sorry Leroy, i took the pliers before the ball, maybe its a restart needed?

@leroy, sry was testing, yes it is a bug -- as you figured out already

!! always to late!!

I confirm. A restart IS needed in this case. Oh well...

aticus, yes, it looks like a bug cos once the cat gets the ball for you it sits on the pliers and you can't zoom there anymore

I though maybe the "secretariat of find the escape-nyans" was clue for computer password, but no clue what to do with it...I even searched the game makers website for clues to who created it, but nothing

arbeit, if you're still missing a nyan, there is one you have to wait for at the SPdOoILoErR, and a random one that shows up below the computer

Has anyone been able to get the password to work? I found the characters, but without being able to type "b" it's impossible to enter it in.

Thanks Andrea! Yes it was the one inside that special kind of box mounted on some vertical surface ;)

And that top drawer that we can't open... :/

I thought maybe there was something to the idea that the nyans flip over, but I can't make anything sensible out of it

LOL TY all BTW that code is weird (I have been trying other letters and note that KZXGJUQP cant be entered and F,M are capitalised....)

OH and the b of course LOL Arbeits time for some deconstruction?

Andrea you used pencil with tape to get a cat there LOL

According to forums of past games, the password is on the flipped over nyans. But it can't be entered without B... :(

@leroy Yeah, but that doesn't necessarily mean the drawer still can't be opened... we unstuck the lock, know what I mean?

Had the same problem with the ball and the pliers, restarted, now can't enter the code... buggy, very disappointing for this series, they're usually good

Leroy, yes, I'm on it...hacking around...

This is a new experience, all the Nyans, the password, and I can't escape because I can't type the "b".
The window still opens. Anyone knows what floor we are on?

Looking at the player comments posted on that page, it looks like the Japanese players are having the same problem.

Oh well I consider myself escaped LOL First??????

Has anyone noticed that the bottom of the screen has "Secretariat of Find the Escape Nyans" is full of accented characters? I hope we don't have to enter similar stuff... then again, that title doesn't have a "b" in it anyway... nvm

Well, giving up and off to bed... hopefully this will be resolved when I come back tomorrow...

Back from peeking inside the code...

The password is indeed queried in plain text, and yes, it DOES contain a "b".

I bet the Japanese author has just taken a Japanese password and "translated" it into the corresponding letters on a non-JP keyboard.
While making a mistake on the way...

I have 9 nyans I wanted 10 before I said I was out without being out does the cat have one ?

Clee You got ball and pliers?

Second bug in game LOL get pliers first then tickle cat....

Yes nothing in inventory and 9 cats? did I mess up Leroy?

If no pliers then restart.....

No!!!! You looked in letterbox on door?

Random one next to PCbox?

Yes and got the one in the books below computer, bank, ball game never did anything with the black cat?

Nothing from blackcat LOL Pencil in drawer hole? Opened safe on floor? (Turn light off first then turn right)

The last one in under the left chair cushion:-) Just click twice:-)

Ty Lizzy I forgot that one.... There you go Clee

Yes did all that and missing one , Oh well it's getting late and I missed something in this game besides never seeing what the password should be where was that?

Password is on all 10 nyans but doesnt work anyway LOL ps go see poll on DS Clee you will laugh....

You're welcome Leroy! I (along with many other escapees) would have escape only if only the letter 'b' was accessible for the computer password:-)

thanks leroy...:)

@Arbeitslooser I don't think so. Just played through to the password section on both the English and Japanese versions, and the same password shows on both.

What's weirder, though, is that while the English version has your inputs a bit wonky, on the .jp version I couldn't enter ANYTHING.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Under a couch cushion was my 10th lol Now I feel better and can sleep

alright, so let's summarize for anyone who comes later...

NYAN's HINT-THRU (where is which escape cat)

SPOILER (but won't give everything away)
#1 inside mailbox (zoomed door view -- BE PATIENT)
#2 behind picture w/pink frame
#3 underneath sofa cushion (flip TWICE)
#4 inside cat savings bank (you need a tool and you need to shake the item afterwards so that the cat fall out)
#5 "guarded" by fat cat (tickle it...)
#6 inside pipes (use ball the right way)
#7 inside DVD box
#8 on cloth with cups game (use cup to catch it, then pick the right cup under which it hides)
#9 above books resp. DVD boxes, next to PC
#10 inside "keyhole" of uppermost drawer (facing door; you'll have to use two items in combination :))

I still lack one. Going back over all the comments now!

Oh wait.. when I looked again I already had 10. I forgot it took me ages to get the one off the carpet! Just seen the nyan-through, thanks, arbeitslooser :o)

Considering myself out. A shame the password can't work, there is usually a fun ending to these.

Arbeits maybe mention pliers bug LOL take pliers before tickling cat...

password will not allow bgjkquxz also FM are always capitalized

tried flipping letters and numbers but that doesn't seem to work even though d and p will enter though it might be related,but no luck

I opened the game in 3 different browsers... it loads up to 100% but the game won't open... :(

Sabine, I just tried again and it won;t open. Maybe - hopefully - it's being 'mended'.

MaryD... the ad is starting over again and again... is it the same for you?

LOL If you are both lucky....

drops... you are NASTY :P ;-)

YAY! finally! =)

LOL Sleepy I got stuck for ages by the pliers bug til I restarted... Then i found out about the password bug...

Hee hee read the earlier comments...

How do I get the cup?

Katrin turn light off turn right note site then turn light back on zoom that spot and enter code from TV

I played until I had 9 escape-cats... now I'm reading your comment, droopy... there's a bug? in an escape-men-game? and I have to read the comments now? shoot... I'll do...

aaaah... you are right... now I read about the pliers... that's what I'm trying since hours... I got the ball and thought, there was another item under that bed, but can't go there again...

aaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh.... restart... !@¬#%@!

And you thought me nasty LOLOL (you are right though hee hee)

i cant catch the one on the table with glass.. how do u do that? & when i turn of lights i can only see a smoky whirlpool kind of thing.. no safe?

phew... now I need the comments again... I don't get the password... reading...

@radhu: turn on the light again and click at the spot that swirled before...

Bug Sleepy nobody got the password... It is on the 10 Nyan but bug doesnt allow you to enter it... So if you have 10 Nyan then consider yourself escaped...

baaaaaaaaaaah... I just read the "b-thing" and now I see that I can't enter it and haven't entered it... no escape... thats the first frustrating escapemen-game... usually I love this ones...
thanks Droopy... should have refreshed first, now I found that in the comments ;-)

ty sabine.. got him now :)

No worries BTW you vote for S-T to come back to the DS?

Even copy/paste doesn't work
I tried all the letters to see if there was a funky mapping but no luck there either
Thanks @Leroy for (noticing/publishing) the pliers bug!

@Leroy NO! It was a hint-thru, not a walkthru, so I left out all tool-related stuff on purpose to allow people to find them by themselves.

LOL Arbeits mot including the pliers restart bug? Nasty you Tsk tsk (just kidding LOL)

Well, one does have to stick to one clear rule: if I decide to mention no tools, I can't make an exception for the pliers either.

Plus, it was mainly for the folks who miss one or more cats so that they can figure out a spot they overlooked...

what have I missed? where should I vote? O.O

Sleepy DS upper right....

Just above Piddles LOL

I don't get it Droopy... maybe because I'm cooking besides... LOL

ok igot 1o cats ....need password for computer ..after reading comments i consider myself out .:)

6 times ive tried to get this game to play just repeats dam stupid ad grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

How to get pass the advert and go to the game?

Too bad about the password. Oh well, it was fun until that point...

password worked for me

Good morning! The author's comments page says he has fixed the bug.

PW worked for me, too!

ah-hah...yup! he fixed it because I had no problems at all!

PW worked for me, too!

password worked fine for me, maybe the game is now debugged :-)

oops - forgot to refresh...

I couldn't see the swirling safe code very well, so I took a picture. If anyone needs a spoiler


PW worked for me, too...!

Btw: you also can OPEN the window...!

woooo hoooooo gane loads now

oops game

Yes, I'm finally out after the new update:-) Now I'm very happy:-)

Great game!!! too bad the stars are low because of a bug...these games are usually perfect, and the first time I have seen a bug complaint! It was already repaired when I played...And I loved it! Cat escape guys!!!! Puuuurrrrrfect!

any one doing a walk through,all i have is 2 green cats,pliers,tape,pencil,remote control,disc for comp,cat ornament used pliers on that and totally stuck,only other cat ive seen was on table cant get, and one in drawer.there was a game out yrs ago like this i thought it was same one but where the pipe thing with 3 red dots is there was a picture.

got ball from under bed,used ball,have 4 cats now

tape on pencil got cat from drawer 5 slowly getting there

and out,glad pw worked

Escape-Nyans Walkthrough

Pick up Maneki-neko
Get tape from drawer
Grab Escape-Nyan #1 from right of pic

Zoom door
Zoom mailbox
Open mailbox...wait
Grab Escape-Nyan #2

Turn off light
Go right and see Portal
Turn on light
Click where portal was to see code box
Click sofa cushions until you find Escape-Nyan #3
Above sofa, need to find a way to get this one
Rug below sofa...need to find a way to get that one

Go right
Get Remote from pillow
Get Foxtail from window
Poke cat with Foxtail for Escape-Nyan #4
Look under bed and get ball with Foxtail...then take it from cat
Click right of cat for Pliers

Go Right
Use Remote on TV but need something more
Get pencil from under TV, and CD from right of TV
Zoom out and see Escape-Nyan #5, get him
Zoom monitor and see it needs a PASSWORD
Open CD for Escape-Nyan #6
Put CD in player under TV, Click TV for 5 digit code
Put code in Portal box (from out to in) for a Cup

Put Cup on Escape-Nyan on the rug, play game, get it for #7

View Maneki-neko And use pliers on bottom and shake it for Escape-Nyan #8

View pencil and use Tape on it...Get Escape-Nyan #9 from top drawer

Go to Contraption above sofa, adjust flaps and insert ball for Escape-Nyan #10

View Escape-Nyans and write down what you see for the PASSWORD

Input PASSWORD and get your Certificate


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