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Forest Camp Escape Walkthrough

Forest Camp Escape

123Bee - Forest Camp Escape is another point and click escape game developed by 123 Bee. A group of scientist camp in the forest for research work, but the group gets back leaving behind one of them. With only a damaged boat available, now he has to find ways to mend it and leave the forest. Help him to escape from there by finding the clues and objects. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in, already found 4 nails

Tin can, Shovel behind tree, paddle "on" tree near boat

Found Hammer and used shovel on dirt and got the anchor

Just going in :)

and out - you can go inside the tent - I missed that for ages

Compass and backpack and stuck haha

Well that didn't take long for the hammer to get stuck in the middle of the screen... HATE THAT!!

look closely at the compass jellybaby

@Jo try it with explorer !

And out, was a bit buggy for me though. Not just the hammer sticking to my screen, but also a few things took more than one attempt before they worked.. But oh well out now :)

yeah once u r inside the tent u r out !! thanx LNS well i tried to enter it at first but didnt succeed till u said so !! :D

Thanks E-Addict, it worked eventually lol

Nice One!

Thanks LNS

Awe, after that it was too easy ;(

You have to use the cutters on the can and nail it to the hole in the boat to escape. I missed the veiw a few times of the hole in the boat.

and out...cool

the only thing that took me a while was finding the key to the back pack

Awh man! I got a gold trophy!

have oar,hammer,nails,shovel ( used ) anchor,tin can,rucksack.and stuck

blimey didnt expect key to be on compass.opened ruck sack to get pliers

how u get view of hole on boat

any one here to help me,if not guess i have to come b later restart game again

its ok didnt realise i forgot some thing else from bag

and out

i wasnt sure about part where u give email details to claim gold trophey so avoided it i dont trust that part.

oh i m late just loading here


       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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