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Industrial Espionage - Halloween Walkthrough

Industrial Espionage - Halloween

[REPLAY] Industrial Espionage - Halloween is another free online quiz/puzzle game developed by our EG24 player premiere for EscapeGames24 and in the spirit of TheWeekendQuiz (therefore the title ☻). There are 9 pretty easy questions about the topic of Halloween to be answered (although: all things are relative...!). Don't get frightened now, but get dressed up for the party!☻ Good luck and have fun! ☺
[Created and submitted by premiere] 

Note: Please do not post direct answers - hints only - thanks!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Aha, more left field riddling fun.

I've got 30 or so minutes available, hope I can do well

Thanks @Premiere for this....

Level1: not family, not relatives or relative, not family members.....

Not old, or spirit(s)....
Not doing so good so far.

@Rambler: have you gotten anywhere yet?

Pic title.

Not sure where it takes me though....

First letter anagrams, anagrams generally and source code no good. C+A no good either :o(

think halloween

Level 3?

Stuck in lvl 3 too!

Cheers @dutchie, level 2...

@Zach: what did you post at level1? Can't even get started ;)
halloween not working, ghosts not either, nor party or balloon(s) (was thinking about the gasoline tank).

Iy is not a tank, but a P***

The pic name helps in lvl 1 too. And connection to halloween.

@Arike, it's a Rebus. Say what you see. There are two pics there...

Lvl 2 ? LOL Im lost on that one at the moment..

Nvm LOL got it...

Level 3? must be related to item in previous level????

Does anyone has a hint for no. 3

What about the red dot after the title in lvl 3? Highlight to see it better.

yeah the maker, lol

LOL why all the james bond references?

Level 2?

Merv got me nowhere. But this is funny


Where else should I be looking?

Level 3 I tried various forms of olantern but no go LOL

@Leroy, 'Skyfall' was released yesterday. I can't wait to see it...

No.3 Why is the word ´costume´ written in Italic?

Rambler another name for that item LOL

for level 2± How do call a halloween lantern?

Cool Rambler

I'm out, LOL!
I skipped level 3 so that is my only answer left to find :)

Bellino what was title of level 4 LOL

Robert Alan Diaz -


LOL leroy, I tried G**** (spooky spectre) and it worked!!!

That takes you to Level 5 LOL so you also skipped lvl 4?

oohhh right leroy! Skipped a bunch there, lol! and out already :)

Hmm, I'm not sure that I've done the right thing here!

Well the levels after 4 are easy LOL but I really want to solve 3 and 4.....

Gone too far forward.

Back to 3. By God she's a beauty lol

It's only one level to solve kinda, since we already know the answer for lvl 4.

for level two use simple answer, I was trying way to much

true Bellino LOL I been googling halloween costumes

Pat You maybe noticed James was in a different colour? That was the clue...

thanks leroy, i finally figured that out after tying answers that were way to long. lol

Paul Simon is cool, always was, always will be.

Not always my cup of tea though...

Great now solve 3 for us LOL

lol got it .. think halloween as dutchie said !! lvl 4 now !!

oh no .. i mean level 9 !!!! :D

n then to 7 !!

I still can't get pass level 1 no matter what I try it keeps telling me webs.com can't create this site....wat

i tried lvl 1 ...& reaches to lvl 5 directly

is this still live? or are people out? I'm on level 3 and kind of stuck

Right, gotta go - solve the conundrum of the levels all of you, I'll be be back later.

Out, but not out.

jumped to level 6 but don't like playing that way

back to 3 for me

..I give up

hey jo-ann for 3 think halloween customs !!

can someone please help me with level 1? I don't even understand

hi E-addict, thanks for the hint.... not helping me though lol

@Wryan the first picture is a gas P*** then think halloween

@wryan, for level 1, its the orange thing you use as decoration in halloween. P*****n

I am stuck with Jo-Ann on level 3

hey Enjoy!

       Anonymous  10/27/12, 1:45 PM  

For level 3-another word for the one in italics

i think I got it but it keeps telling me the site isn't found when I put the answer in

lvl 3 spoiler D******

Hi Jo-Ann... I got level 3. Thanks @ Stekest

jo-ann u knock on the neighbours doors on halloween n u only have a couple of words to say !! lol

@Wryan remember, no caps and one word

hey im on lvl 3 ?can anyone give me a biggg hint ..

stuck at 7 !! anagram ??

@E-addict, lvl 7 is after lvl 6... what would you say after the lvl 6 password?

OMG I am dense today... maybe I should focus on the puzzle rather then the football game going on behind me. lol

LOL TY for level 3... I tried many versions of that word not the simple one....
d*******s etc

@raasti, if you dress up in a costume you could say you are in a di****se.

what am I missing on level 6? Paul Simon???

       Anonymous  10/27/12, 1:57 PM  

@Enjoy--Songs have names too.

Woohoo touchdown!

and now back to the riddle... :)

k, on level 9 now...

ok got it thanks

i got jumped to level 7 ahh!!

Wow.. thanks for the hint on 6... feel stuuuupid

i dont kno much abt halloween ..so i tried wolfman on lvl 5 but its wrong ..

Thanks Premier... that was fun! :)

oops got it i did not click for a sound

@Raasti did you listen to the sound hint?

Did you listen to the sound raasti? The answer rhymes with ditch.

i'm confused coz some answers turned out to be wrong n got u to other levels anyway !! i'm not good at riddles anyway so i'm out !! :D good luck all !! it's a funny one though !!

@E-addict, all riddles work that way, if you guess the answer to another level you can go there. Usually the levels aren't as related though so you don't accidentally get them

E addict just limitations of the program used to make the riddle LOL

stuck on lvl 6

Thanks for the riddle Premiere! It was fun@!

Oops sorry, guess just some riddles are that way

@Raasti, do what the poem tells you to do with the title of the song.

thanx Jo ann

ok now on 9 ....

i tried candy but not the ans ,,help

@raasti, it's two words and uses the icon in front of the candy (no spaces)

@raasti, candy is the first half of it... what is that symbol?

@raasti, what else do you see. Put them both together.

Anyone remember Husker Du, if so, leave out Grey...

i tried applecandy also

@raasti, nearly. Just reverse them....

oopss got it .. BIG THANK YOU to all of you for the help

@Raasti, switch those words around!

Hi, hope someone can help,
just starting and on lv2,
(hopefully not giving to much away)
tried - jol, ljol and my name is ljol
am I even close?

yes you are close word end at k...(4 letters)

@Jim. All work and no play.....

oh Rambler here ..he is much better help then me :)

Lol @raasti, you make me sound like the cavalry!!

Thanks guys but my towel is about to be thrown...

And I really enjoyed Premieres' last game

@Jim, what are you stuck on?

Thanks @Rambler, it's the arrangement of the 'jol'

Does that mean you've got it?

The only Jol I know is Martin Jol - the Fulham FC manager.

Are you now on level 3?

LOL @ Rambler, no the j***o'l******

Ahh, just use the first name.

You have got to be kidding...TY

Pat Hanson mentioned putting in to much...

Cheers @ Rambler

Well done. Now go, go, go....

Anyone still here? Stuck on 7.

Stuck on 8

great fun thanks for the riddle premier

       Anonymous  10/28/12, 5:45 AM  

I can't even pass level 1...

@ pdgph theres lots of hints for level 1 goodluck

Thank you Premiere for the game !
maybe its a bit late but i ll try it now
and thank you Jon for making it possible for me to post again !!

what happened to level 8 i jumped from 7to 9

and now that i finished Thank you again Premiere !!
and btw didnt jump any lvls , always unlucky ! LOL

help with 7, tried salem, oregon??

       Anonymous  10/31/12, 8:11 AM  


- This is a THEMED game, i.e. all answers have sth to do with HALLOWEEN...!
- This is a quiz/puzzle game, i.e. no hidden stuff like info in source or exif, pic or audio manipulation or similar...!
- HINTS can be: title, picture, picture name, text...
- In some levels, you can (try to) find the correct answer by using the hints or cheat without scruples ;-P (by recalling the theme of the game)
- Answers are without numerals, capitals & spaces (& also without ticks, e.g. apostrophe)
- Pure ANSWERS at the bottom

- TITLE: halloween
- PIC: gas device & people
- TEXT: uncles aunts cousins grandmas nieces grandpas
- PIC NAME: veggie&fruit
=> device gives first answer part & people the other one
=> put both parts together (say what you see)
- HINT (pic name): which plant is both, veggie&fruit?
- HINT (text): other name for all those relatives?

- TITLE: pumpkin (=answer lvl-1)
- PIC: carved & lit pumpkin
- PIC NAME: lamp
«...my name is Bond - James Bond...»
(& what would this guy say?)
=> note in text: James in blue (not yellow) colour...
- HINT (pic): how is that sort of pumpkin called?
- HINT (pic name): other name for lamp?
- HINT (text): what name (instead of James Bond) would this sort of pumpkin say?
- HINT (text): James is first name of Bond (& of that particular sort of pumpkin?)

- TITLE: jack? (=answer lvl-2, without ?)
- PIC: dressed up pumpkin
- PIC NAME: camouflage
«...I'm not Moneypenny...»
(nor a witch, although that costume would suit me)
=> note in text: costume in italics...
- HINT (text): answer is not witch (as this isn't one as per text ;-D)
- HINT (text): what's the state called, when dressed up in a costume?
- HINT (pic name): other word for camouflage?
Btw: Dot at title (revealed with Ctrl+A), mentionned in comments, is just to put ? a bit away from «jack».

- TITLE: disguise (=answer lvl-3)
- TEXT: boo!
- HINT (text): which creature (=Halloween costume) makes this sound?

- TITLE: ghost? (=answer lvl-4, without ?)
- PIC: numbered dots
- PIC NAME: dot_to_dot
- AUDIO: laughing
=> connect dots 1-36 to reveal creature
or cheat officially:
=> listen to audio - which creature laughs like this?

- TITLE: witch: (=answer lvl-5, without :)
«Aabracadaabra, one-two-three!
drop left & right: It's not for thee.
Keep the centre of the name,
but not of the singer, who won fame.»
- VIDEO: song of Paul Simon
=> note song title
=> do what poem says
- HINT (video): song title = 3 words
- HINT (text): remove left & right word of song title, keep the middle one

- TITLE: trick (=answer lvl-6)
- PIC: U.S. & animal pointing at a state
- PIC NAME: abbreviation
=> at which state is the animal pointing? (Google)
- HINT (animal): state's nickname
- HINT (what to do with state's official name): pic name
or cheat:
=> continue Halloween sentence, started with lvl-6 answer (=lvl-7 title)

- TITLE: or (=answer lvl-7)
- PIC: guy with a nice hairstyle ;-D
- PIC NAME: first hair
=> find actor (Google)
- HINT (pic): who's that?
- HINT (pic name): movie title
- HINT (pic name): which part of actor's name to take?
or cheat again:
=> continue Halloween sentence, started with lvl-6 answer (=lvl-7 title)

- TITLE: treat (=answer lvl-8)
- PIC: goodies & brand
- PIC NAME: sweet fruit
=> goody with brand gives first answer part & brand the other one
- HINT (pic): other name for a goody?
- HINT (pic): which (computer) brand is it?
- HINT (pic name): which fruit is sugared (coating)?


☺ ☻ ☺

1) pumpkin
2) jack
3) disguise
4) ghost
5) witch
6) trick
7) or
8) treat
9) candyapple

Nice premiere! I only needed help on 2 levels this time, it went soooooo much better than your maths-riddle.
That one was real bad for my ego LOLOL.

       Anonymous  10/31/18, 1:07 PM  

(RE)HI all ☺

Halloween is here!
therefore we provide more replays with a Halloween topic today/tonight, continuing with a game of another long-time EG24 player from the past*: premiere - enjoy, mwahahahahah ☻!

*well, are you really sure about it...?! ;-)

thx for all your creations, prem ☻
& thx prem for the WT ;-Þ


premiere, hmmmm - must be a ghost from the past...


       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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