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[REPLAY] Kumakinoko is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Shut the front door! First?

I've tried twice to load the game, but after data stops transferring, all I have is a white screen.

3rd time -- getting "SWF loading"
Hi, Tallulah!

You must wait a while PuzzledinCA or try on Chrome

Stopped at 81% -- if next try doesn't work, I may just wait until later.

I got a white screen on Firefox, and now I seem to be stuck at 90% on IE 9. Hi Puzzled, Megi!

Yahoo! In on 5th try -- hope to have some company soon...

I love these games....going in! Hi!

lots of puzzles
Books are clue for middle drawer -- get a knob and a pattern clue

FF no go....Chrome is stuck at 69%....Looks like you are alone here, @puzzled...lol I'll keep trying!

Sigh. No joy whatsoever on Chrome, cleared IE cache and now reloading with painful slowness, hope it doesn't get stuck again. I totally love Robamimi so I hope I get this going soon!

Pattern clue on cups not working for me on top drawer

Re-checked and got and ice pick

It's going to be worth it, guys (it IS robamimi!)-- at least 8 puzzles including exit door

knob plus pick gives key plus possible word clue
locked box gives clue for moon buttons plus colors

2-button clue gives liquor cabinet
wine bottle with option to "use" (does that mean drink?)

..hi Puzzled.. how did you get the top drawer?

Now, I'm in! got the handle ...been trying to figure out the cups for 10 minutes! lol

I thought it was AHS....Am I close?

Not color clue -- look at labels on jam to open ABC/123 box

cable clue opens box where you use it

I don't understand your clue, @puzzled....the cups...a hint please? they are for top drawer of 3 drawer cabinet, right? How do they make letters?

.. would really appreciate some spoiler just to move..

Or an answer to our questions....your clues are too cryptic!

Just finished. I Too tired for WT right now, but here are some hints:

The dot/stripe/plaid: Think of the shelve as a digital display and you have to fill out the different parts that the particular tile is in.

The bottle's numbers are separate digits, not a number (think 1 AND 2 and not 12). Use it with the jam.

Look at the picture and see how the bus travels and point accordingly. Behind the picture, look upside down.

It is SO NOT FAIR that I was first and now I can't get the game to come up in 3 different browsers. I'm gonna have to give up for a bit. ::pouts::

*sniff* won't load for me :(

Lamp gives clue for next step, then mushrooms give exit clue -- to a vestibule!
Need 4 bears and only have one

@nokra -- check the last letter

TY @chris...I just didn't think to FILL the area...I was just following the cup pattern...now have ice pick!

Sorry -- I was trying not to give solutions before anyone else was in.
When you zoom on cups, the patterns come up
As Chris said, you think of filling in the boxes
So, circles make an "H" pattern
stripes make an "A" pattern (square at top)

Still have 4# safe unopened in first room, not seeing a clue for picture corners, and need 3 more bears

Now stuck with the jamjars and moon! lol

Robamimi hint to to the rescue! picture hint is ON the picture! now have 4#

Now, 3 bears and a scale

Got in the moon drawer....lol...It is very late here...brain is slow! lol

I tried FREEZER first! lol

Moving right along now..have the green bear....

Ah! The old close the door behind you trick!

I'm out, but will stick around for you, nokra -- let me know which puzzles you want help with!

Opened the door! Yea.... Still far behind ....

I think it's unfair to post true spoilers when hardly anyone can get in

and saying that, I see I did already!

Wow...I can't believe I removed the pic on the first try...blue bear.... Thanks, @puzzled...I am getting there!

For 2 buttons, spell the words with the moon on the two buttons -- for instance FREEZER would be LRLLRLR

@Tallulah Jean and @Jo-Ann -- hope you come back and play -- it's so frustrating when you can't get in!

I think I have solved all the puzzles...but need a 4th bear...A red one? Any tips ? lol

LOLOL...I just saw your "close the door" post! TY! lol

@riggsquel -- did you give up or make it out? Sorry I didn't see your posts when you first wanted help

@nokra, that has caught me in SOOO many games -- I thought I'd have to wait for you to find it for me! Reopening all the boxes and drawers, playing with the switches ...

Lovely game!!!! Now to bed I go! ;) Nearly 2am!

Sweet dreams!

I also kept leaving a bear on the scale...and I'm like, Where the heck did my bear go??? lolol... Thanks again, @puzzled!

btw -- when there's a heavy load on a new game, I don't think WHICH browser makes a difference -- you just need to hit a "sweet spot" in the internet traffic (a matter of luck) I played in FF, but it DID take 5 tries: white/white/incomplete/white/IN!

.. hi puzzled.. thanks.. i just thought no one is interested for new players sprouting on the comments.. i'm too slow on this.. but i always love and read your help.. well.. i'm stuck at the bottles.. sad..sad.. ;D

You have the bottles, right?

Look at the Jam Jars for the ABC order and which bottle to use in which column. Then use Chris's comments that 13 is 1,3

And don't be discouraged if it takes you longer -- I got lucky in this game in that the puzzles were ones I was able to solve on my own. Just finished Amnesia 3 WT where I hardly solved anything on my own.

Lovely game , wish it didn't end for awhile more :-)

Forgot to say I used chrome but at the bottom of the site is an alternate link that loaded right up for me

Also, in Robomimi games, you can use the "Hint" button bottom left

.. i get to figure it out puzzle.. thanks.. <3 .. and i made it out!!! yahoooo!!! nice game..

Congratulations, @riggsquel!
Looking forward to the game where you help me out!

.. @puzzle.. haha.. that will be one odd wishful thinking.. :D hope to catch you again soon..

Fantastic game, pure pleasure, the puzzles are not that difficult, take the time to figure them out and enjoy the process.

I still don't get the jar code...I can't even figure out what you mean about the numbers. I'be tried some word inputs and letter combos but nothing has worked so far...

Arbeit-despite the white screen, the game decided to load after leaving them open for 10 minutes. Pretty slow, but it's worth a shot until we get an alt link.

Please do help with the moon jars, I feel like a total idiot staring at the screen like this :p

.. @gina.. i already closed the game.. so i can't totally remember where you are now..but if i remember correctly.. check on the middle box on the shelf(?).. the puzzle is a 3x3 grid.. you just have to relate the letters in the jar, and the numbers in the bottle.. say for A jar (wine) is 13..so press 1 3 in A column.. etc.. (i hope i am clear on this.. hehe)

.. i mean A for Jar.. and 13 from the wine bottle..

I understood how to enter the numbers, but I still don't get the letter-number relationship...I probably need some sleep before I can see it (and to think that the clay pot puzzle came so easy to me, lol)

I cannot see a wine bottle, only the 3 blue moon jars...I see the "wine" label, but I'm probably missing something?

Nm, found the bottles.
Thx, btw :)

..oh.. you still haven't opened the puzzle with the bottles? wait.. i'll try to open the game again..

@Gina there IS an alt link provided by Robamimi himself, it's on the fuyu site on the very bottom.

Nice game!

Even though I found the bears a bit too easy, this was a puzzle a 6-year-old could solve with no problems ;P

HELP please, cant open LR button Blue moon door. I am still at the beginning..

What to do with jam and the Left Right buttons??

FINALLY made it in and did a lot more of it on my own than usual - used the Robamimi hints more than the comments. Got embarrassingly baffled by the bus clue even when I knew what it was for.

Sue: spell "blue moon" using the buttons. If the letter you need falls between A and M, use the left button. If it's a letter that's between N and Z, hit the right button. Spell out "blue moon" that way.

TY Tallulah spelled Apricot and Blueberry the whole time :))

Ty out...rest was easy..

even with clues and spoiler I didnt get the pattern / letter solution...

The bus clue is easy if and only if you "assume" that the bus route starts on the upper left. There was a probability it was like this, but as you all know, a probability makes things clear as mist.

What a great, great game!! Still one of my favourite games designers! No flaws in this game, the difficulty just right, a pure pleasure to play!

agree with you @escapism :)

       Anonymous  10/10/12, 2:33 AM  

I don't understand how the patterns on the cups can give any letters !

       Anonymous  10/10/12, 2:38 AM  

Finally got it (thanks to the comments above).

       Anonymous  10/10/12, 2:40 AM  

Frustrating... I find almost nothing by myself in this game.

       Anonymous  10/10/12, 3:00 AM  

I'm out. The beginning of the game was difficult, but it was a nice game, like all Robamini's.

screen for the cup / letter code


guys please i dont get grid puzzle ..where are the bottles & i cant even open that moon puzzle ...

othe minute i post comment ,my brain start working

wow nice game the bus route puzzle & cups are hardest for me .....thanx for all the hints ..

Hi, i am stuck at the levers in in/out box, any help ?

This is the first time I never needed a clue to beat it. Wow.

Zazie, after you place the cable in the box, go to the switch and place it on "In." Then go to the lamp in the room to see the lever positions for the box.

Thx Catalyste, i forgot about the lamp, stupid me :)

I am out too, only needed help with the levers :)

Great game as always....

Since in-game hints are provided, and there's only one route (meaning you focus on one puzzle at a time), shouldn't be too hard to finish, just need to load, and take some time to think.

Been leaving the game screen on after clearing it just to listen to the soothing BGM. (*´v`)

Still live? Need one bear. Got G B Y

Finally got it.... If you go in a dark room, first have a look behind the door, to avoid an attack from unfriendly people (or to get a red bear)

I just don't get the bus clue. I hope somebody or POP is around.

I kove POP!


- HINT option available...!
(GH: game hint)
- SAVE option available
- clicking in inventory: top half =VIEW (about item), bottom half =USE
- you must have seen CLUE first, before you can solve a puzzle...!
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

GH: «Look at the books.»
- mushroom CODE DISPLAY at door...
- CUPS in shelves on table & PATTERNS (striped, dotted, plaid)...
- locked BOX right of shelf on table...
- CB under table missing knob...
=> go left (as usual in my WTs ;-D)

- MUSHROOMS in window...
- 3-digit-CODE CB...
- slider SWITCH (not holding)...
(click above or under sliding part)
- BOOKS on shelf with HINT (top/bottom)
=> go left

- CB with 3 puzzles (letters, sliders, moon)...
- open middle CB door as per book hint for DOORKNOB=handle ;-D & PATTERN (ditto cups...!)
(click ENTER at the end)
=> go left

- 4-digit-CODE CB...
- BUTTON (not holding) & green BEAR (click & hold button)...
=> go left

GH: «The cups are important 'mark' and 'position'.»
- figure out letter CODE from cups as per pattern hints
- put doorknob=handle at CB under table
- open CB: Aha, it's a freezer with an ICE BLOCK inside...

- open top CB door as per cup hint for ICE PICK
(click OK at the end)

GH: «Crush the ice.»
- open freezer & use ice pick on ice block for KEY
- open box on table with key for HINTS (moon & ABC)...

GH: «Look at the moon.»
- open bottom CB door as per moon hint for (left) WINE BOTTLE & HINTS on bottles (numbers)
(click ENTER at the end)

GH: «Is there a weight put on the switch?»
- put wine bottle on button for GREEN BEAR
GH: «Jum and Liquor.»
- open grid box as per bottle & jar hints for CABLE & HINT (number)
(click ENTER at the end)

GH: «Check the cable.»
- open 3-digit-code CB as per cable hint: Aha, it's an electrical box...
(click OK at the end)
GH: «IN»
- put cable at bottom IN part between the two ATTACHMENTS
- put slider switch at right side on wall on IN
(click above slider)

GH: «Make the same shapes.»
- note at LAMP: HINT (lines)...

- set SWITCHES in OUT part of electrical box as per line hint for RED LIGHT turning GREEN
- put slider switch at right side on wall on OUT
(click 2x below slider in OUT part)
- note FLASHING mushrooms in window for HINT (order)...

- open door as per mushroom hint
(click OK at the end)
=> enter

GH: «Route map of the bus.»
=> turn left
- click PICTURE CORNERS as per HINT on pic itself for PICTURE with HINT at backside (writings, turn pic) & BLUE BEAR
GH: «close.»
=> turn left
- close DOOR for RED BEAR
- open door again, reenter room & go left

GH: «The back and rotation.»
- open 4-digit-code CB as per pic hint for YELLOW BEAR & SCALE
(click OK at the end)
- weigh all 4 bears for HINT (order)...
=> go to

GH: «Graph of the weight.»
=> turn right
- put bears on STANDS as per weight & BAR hints (in niche) to get automatically OUT!

☺ ☻ ☺

- right click to open link in new tab/window
- with aid for colour-challenged folks

(middle CB door)
- (green) BORDER on books:

LETTERS - (thx, @jednorogini! ☺)

- in box on table:
- puzzle:
A~M & N~Z
- gives:
L-L-R-L L-R-R-R (L=left, R=right)

- letters on jam jars:
A: wine
B: brandy
C: whisky
- on bottles:
13= 1&3: wine
2: brandy
12=1&2: whisky
- grid (x=click):

- on cable:

(in electrical box)
- on lamp:
/ \ / \
- click:


- bus looking left
- corners:
top left, top right, bottom right, bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left

- turn pic number upside down / 180°:

- in inventory:
- G -
- weight (from light to heavy):
- bars in corridor niche (=weight):
2nd smallest, biggest, 2nd biggest, smallest
- gives bear order:


Great game (that letter code was tricky) - thanks Robamimi!

YES !! Thx Robamimi, your games always are wonderful, i also love the graphics :) 5 stars of course !

Thank you Premier for the WT.

second time around and I still had problems with those letters.
current link is robamimi.biz
you can select your game there

       Anonymous  9/9/18, 9:06 PM  

thx annaby
link is fixed
saw your comment & deciced to post this one as a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Rob ☺
& thx premiere for the WT ;-Þ

Even playing this game for the n'th time - what a pleasure! Fantastic game. Thanks.

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