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Let's Escape

Cool Escapers - Let's Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Coolescapers. In this game, you are locked in a place and you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Let's hope this ain't the usual buggy dud.... LOL

I have a black ball and I'm stuck. Can't get the number. I tried 569 and all the variations of that.

never mind. I got it.

opened the number safe for a cog, placed it in room V then pulled the lever. Opens a passage behind the cupboard, onto room VI now.

oh, and hello GuruOne :-)

Hi Marie.

Opened the panel below the green levers. Got a key, a piece of paper with a number and pushed a button.

Hint for levers in room V.

same place as you Miss Brazil

Too confusing for this late at night.

Green ball under hat in room XI.

Hi Philomena :)

got key, paper clue

Jello all

So far so good.... very submachine-esque ;)

stuck now...don't get the codes. Any progress?

aha, key opens the panel in room I, pushed the button to fill some liquid that flows upwards...

another number clue.

I have several number clues, including the umbrellas, but they don't want to work for me.

Check how many times they swing... Yellow is orange

so this blue liquid reveals a code in room VIII, that probably has to be combined with another code for room IX... A bit of a challenge for my sleepy brain now... help guys!

Blue pipes thing is driving me nutz

thanks for the umbrellas, GuruOne.

Got blue key and second paper clue now.

hmmmm, the clock is blue, is that a hint? haha

paper hint 1 has 5 boxes with a 3 in the first. So i assumed that meant the blue pipe code started with 3 and then we used the numbers from the pipes... but no combination of these numbers works

Thanks, GuruOne - I kept seeing it as yellow

Tried all sorts of combinations for room IX... still nada

@ AlpacaKay - I also noticed that on the box we opened in room I there is an order corresponding to each pipe. Mine appears as 2435. Considering that 1 = 3 from paper, the scale next to the pipes should give the remaining numbers. Seems logical but that didn't work for me...

got hammer from behind the mirror.

Yes, I noticed that too... I came up with a code of 39326 according to paper and order. but no go...

and got a red ball from hint on paper #2. Stuck again.

how did you move the mirror? I've been pressing that red button for ages!

how did you get the hammer? I been clickin that mirror for ages

mirror clue in room IX

click the buttons according to the hint in room IX to open the mirror.

Oh thanks!!! I was tryin to apply that to the pipes too haha

hehe me too :-) still didn't get the right code. Btw, I came up with 32693 but it is not correct.

My hammer is still available, trying to smash the whole place now...

I can't get that hammer to work anywhere on or beside any of the ladders... am i doin somethin wrong?

I take that back... forgot about ladder in room 12

Maybe you have to see the hint on paper #2 first. You have to open the color safe in XV for that @AlpacaKay

still stuck with green, red and black ball, 2 paper clues (one used) and a hammer.

I'm going to bed now and will check again tomorrow. Good luck!

lol I thought this was about the "mirror" above the bed. It has a small red button on the right side that does nothing when pressed

okay, got red key from mirror above bed right side then up

and the lights are on!

Great find :)

thanks Philomena, couldn't resist and had to come back :-) Got blue ball now, hint in room XVI

Whoa!!! Use hammer on yellow box beneath pipes and see what happens! :)

Went to blue liquid machine, my hammer disappeared but nothing happened. :( Bug?

horray! got red ball and paper clue #3

you have to see the clue first, not exactly a bug @Jedi.

I saw the clue after the lights turned on, which led me there.. now my hammer is gone and nothing happened :(

I got clue 3 and know where to apply it, but can't find any color clues anywhere... tried using umbrella color order but missing one color

where did you find the number for the first box?

where did you find paper clue 3

hmm, the same happened to me before I saw the clue, but then when I clicked on the inventory the hammer came back. Hope it works for you too :)

now we just need color order for balls in basement room

never came back. I'm going to a diff game.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@muggle, you mean the first box in the beginning? look at symbols on the wall. If you split them in half, they form two reflected numbers... let me know if you need any more hints :)

@muggle, or if you're referring to the first number in the blue pipe seqence, it comes from one of the paper clues

got it sort of -- go back to bed and press red button again

hmmm.....nope no paper there....

paper 3 after you solve the pipe/number puzzle in IX

still not sure how to place the color balls LOL

And out :) thanks for all the help! Let me know if ya need help

32654 is r,b,g,bk, o

combine that with clue 3 Philomena, and ya got it

still can't get number code either
have 2 paper hints picture lights up with numbers
see the colored tubes under the pipes
blue red black green balls....

did you get the pipe code brin?

alpakakay, could you please explain the color order for balls? My head is full of sleepy and chocolate

Thanks Philomena! out too :-)

Now I can go back to bed as your lifesaving hint suggests LOL

Thank you AlpacaKay! now all over the place, sheesh!

help I'm not out

Not bad overall... coudda used a clue for the Red key in game, but woteva

On paper 3, there is a star with a number 1 and 4 at different corners. Imagine drawing the star so that you start at corner 1, then go to two other corners and back down to 4, then up to the top corner and back where ya started at 1. basically ya gotta draw the star so that the 4th point is at corner 4. Asign a number to each corner as you draw the star. (corner 1 is also 6, because it is the finishing point as well as starting point)

no so confused
where do i get the color hint? the umbrellas?

never mind I finally got it

After this, match each numbered corner with the number code from bedroom and place the balls in their appropriate slots.

The umbrella color hint comes by clicking each umbrella. Notice how many times they swing

brin3m, swing the umbrellas and count the swings
that gives color order

Glad ya made it out Philomena! I tried to help ya, but you were too quick :) I'm not sure my hint made any sense anyway.. haha

do i use 2435 from the first box with the yellow square on it??

did that but doesnt help will count again

sorry Philomena, just saw your message. Are you out now? AlpacaKay explained very well how to place the balls to get the door open.

The 2435 is for the blue pipe code, not the color/umbrella code

brin3m, you have to follow the pipes to find out the corresponding numbers, then match them with the order on the box in room I.


okay i get
blue 2 swings
yellow 1 swing
green 3 swings red 4 swings
now that already worked for the color buttons except yellow was orange
so now i did this with pipes and i got the number 6329 put a 3 in front of it got 36329 didn't work

thank, MissBrasil, I made it out once I cleared the brownies from my brain. I should never eat sweets this late at night lol

what is supposed to happen?

brin3m have you got the hammer yet?

opps switched 2 and 9!

no tried 36329 and nothing happened :(

LOL glad you made it Philomena, now I'm officially off to bed! nite nite

brin3m, see my comment @8:54 Good luck!

already used the hammer

i did 36392 isn't working either
what is supposed to happen?

stuck like you brin3m, not working

Finally got there!
The blue pipes code is: SP3O6I9L3E2R
Explanation: Order the pipes from 1st to last - ignore the colour of the pipe.
Go downstairs and re-order them according to the box below the pipes.

finally got it!

must be a step I'm missing here, that number won't work either

didn't use the hammer! got it! thank you!!


1.Notice symbols in left corners as you move from room to room.
2.Collect black ball in R2
3.Now remember the three symbols and notice that they look like numbers
Cut each symbol in half and recognize it is a number reflected
Use these three numbers for box in R2 (SP2O9I6LER)
4.Collect gear from box and place in R5, then pull lever
5.Notice green dot positions
6.Go down ladder to R6 and move levers to replicate green dots
7.Collect paper 1, key, and push red button
8.Go up ladder to R1 and use key on pipe box. Push red button and notice numbers under each pipe.
9.Go up ladder again to R9 and note clue in picture frame. Go right twice and use this number sequence to push buttons under mirror (S1P4O5I2L3ER)
10.Take hammer
11.Click hat and take green ball under hat
12.Go up ladder again to R17 and note umbrellas. Click each one and count how many times they swing. This will give you the color order for code box in R15. (NOTE: yellow is actually orange) (SPoIbLgErR)
13.Input colors and take paper 2 and blue key
14.Go left to R14 and use blue key on blue box
15.Go left to R13 and click bottom right corner of picture frame. Note red button. Then click top corner of frame and take red key
16.Go right once, use red key on red box and flip switch
17.Go down to R12 and look at paper 2. Hit hammer on wall in designated spot and take red ball
18.Go right to R16 and note image on wall. (This shows that you must use the hammer on box under pipes)
19.Go down ladder and into R8 and use hammer under pipes according to hint. Collect blue ball and note the directions of pipes.
20.Go back down to R1 and note numbers under pipe (2435)
21.Now back to R8, and look at water levels in ascending order based on the 2345 clue. Be careful to follow the winding of the pipes...You should obtain S6P9O3I2LER.
22.Go right to R9 and put these numbers under the blue bars. Then look at paper 1 and note the 3 in the first slot. Put this 3 in front of your code so it becomes S3P6O9I3L2ER.
23.Collect Paper 3 and final ball
24.Go back up to R13 and click lower right corner of frame and click red button. Zoom out and note numbers and their corresponding color.
25.Go down to R7 and look at paper 3
26.This part is tricky... Look at star and trace it so that you start at the corner with the 1 and the 4th corner will be the bottom right. Assign a number to each corner as you trace. The bottom left is 1, mid right 2, mid left 3, bottom right 4, top 5, and bottem left 6. After assigning a number to each corner, remember the number/color hint from R13 and place the balls in their designated spots. (NOTE:corner 1 is also corner 6 since it is the start and finish of tracing the star, hence why there is no color corresponding to 1.
27.The balls should be placed in this order...

Bottom left GREEN, mid right BLUE, mid left RED, bottom right ORANGE, top BLACK
28.Click door and you're out!!! :)

but emily your way didn't help either
my numbers in order were 2963.....the box said 2435.....so my number woul have been.....32693? so i just kept trying til it came up like yours so confused still oh well finished the game anyway

you know what i tried the game again and realized after i numbered the pipes i forgot to follow the colored pipes.....so stupid tonight oh well

Thanks a lot for WT

to Coolescapers:


Not only for this game, but also for your (come-back) Flash10 compatibility. If you have ever experienced the crap produced here on Linux with v11 you will agree with me that sticking to v10 is the better choice :)

BTW, who said it's like Submachine?

I'd say it's Submachine mixed with some Selfdefiant flavor, because the marbles in Room VII suspiciously look like SD's diamond arrangements in his games ;)

help just starting cant do the green ball in rm 5 cant get the ball to go straight up on the first counted the green ball nada help please

Great game.

It's submachine-esque because of all the levels and rooms, and the puzzles remind me a lot of both selfdefiant and JuegosDeEscape/CafeCafe type. A great mix of logic and fun!

Thanks Coolscapers!

nvm finally fiqured it out

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks @Coolescapers - wonderful game!
And thanks also to @Alpaca for the great WT!

Now that was a good game! It's too bad that we have to wait so long for the good ones to come around. But hey! Whaddya want for free, your money back? LOL

Thanks to all!

Fantastic game except for the pixel hunt to find the red key. Why, oh why, throw a pixel hunt into a logical escape game? Really liked the pipe puzzle!!

Help with green dot levers rm V...I just dont get the clue, i tried clicking each lever the number position on the clue but no go.

there are 2 top/bottom lever positions (Room-6).
The GREEN lights/dots in display above wheel in Room-5, after setting cog & pulling lever (lights were flashing before).

Here a visual aid:
(right click to open link in new tab/window)


Premier, thanks for the visual, I would have never figured that, i was going with 13245 clicking

All combinations for the blue pipe puzzle (starting with the 3), don't work for me. Even after restarting the puzzle doesn't "finish"...

Visual aid for pipe puzzle:
(right click to open link in new tab/window)


need 3 didget code

i just start playing game @ josh its 296 ...(if you are talking abt the box in room 2)

if anyone comeback i get all the things but dont understand that how you people kno which colour ball go in which corner

ok got it the min i post i forget to press red button in bedroom

having trouble with room 6 lever compination

need code for phonograph on level 16 please

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