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Numbscape: Halloween Room Escape Walkthrough

Numbscape: Halloween Room Escape

Numbscape: Halloween Room Escape is another point and click Halloween themed escape game created by Ainars. Explore sealed room, search for various items and complete some puzzles in order to obtain 10 pieces of code. Then enter code in to the door-lock to escape. Good Luck!

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Thanks Ainars! Gongtats!

Gongtats to you too, Emily... ;-)

And out, thisone was easy.

Hi, thanks for playing. This time I was not able to make colour password hint for people with colour problems, please help them if it will be needed.
Many thanks!

Yes itwas.;-)

Out too...

could you help about arrow clue ?

color hint on pc

For arrow clue just change the arrows with green circle and leave the others as they are.

out :)

I can't find the crow bar or the clue for the clocks on the wall with the orasnge black and blue hands.

Durrr had the clue for the clocks all along

still live? yay! i LOVE ainars!

Thanks Ainars :)

out no help this time :)

thank you, ainars!

Well I still can't get the arrows to work

@Ainars M

Yes, you don't do that, Ainars,which is why I, being color deficient, usually find your games most enjoyable. I got a color clue with the palette??? but when you've got blue and/or puce and/or pink and/or purple and/or mauve (and that's just the blue shades) I'm unable to finish. I assume we're supposed to enter the numbers in the order corresponding with the color palette but will have to wait until premiere (mostly) helps us colo(u to premiere )r deficient folks out.

Otherwise an immensely enjoyable game. The arrows puzzle took me almost forever to solve but was able to continually make progress which is the most important factor for me.

Thanks, Ainars!

Escape girl, move the arrows according to the clue you got except for the circled arrows – leave them in the position not indicated by the clue. I'm doing this from memory so if that doesn't work move the circled arrows to the other position – each arrow has only two possible positions.

Love these, especially the sound effects! Thanks Ainars.

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on hint paper for color order is

red,brown,pink ,black,orange,purple,grey ,blue, green ,light green

in inventry num# are in order of

pink,blue,purple,green, red ,brown ,grey ,black,light green ,orange

so color code is


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Gongtats for me!
Thanks Ainars!!

Where is the clue for the arrows?


Note Arrows
Go Right

Read Note (10 switches)
Switch 1/10
Go Right

Move Coffin
Switch 2/10
Go Right

Move Elephant
Switch 3/10
Note Clocks
Go Right

Move Monster
Switch 4/10
Open Computer, open folder, open file, note colour clue (GBGR or MHML)
Enter code on Silver Panel on wall, get lighter
Note Printer
Go Right

Open drawer, get arrow hint
Move Mask
Switch 5/10
Go Right

Light 3 candles
Switch 6/10
Note Crack in wall
Note Skeleton wants Bone
Go Right

Move Skull picture
Switch 7/10
Note Pink Cage
Go Right

Move pictures
Switch 8/10
Red 8 paper
Go Right

Click large pumpkin, get pink key
Go Left x2

Open Cage
Go Right x2

Move picture
Switch 9/10
Go Right

Click arrows circled on hint
Switch 10/10
Go Right

Get Hammer
Go Right x5

Use Hammer on cracked wall
Dark Green 5 paper
Go Right

Clean spots with broom
Black clock hint
Go Right

Clean spots
Note need Crowbar
Blue clock hint
Go Right

Clean spots
Orange clock hint
Orange 28 paper
Go Right x2

Clean spots
Brown 1 paper
Go Right x2

Set clocks per hints (Points at Orange 12, Black 3, Blue 8 {Points start @ 6})
Blue 4 paper
Go Right x2

Clean spot
Light Green 71 paper
Go Right

Give Bone to Skeleton
Black 6 paper
Go Right x2

Open floor with Crowbar
Purple 2 paper
Anti-pumpkin spray
Go Right x2

Spray pumpkin
Gray 3 paper
USB Stick
Go Right x4

Put USB Stick in front of Printer
Colour order clue (Red, Brown, Pink, Black, Orange, Purple, Grey, Blue, Dark Green, Light Green)
Pink 7 paper
Go Right

Enter numbers on door per colour order


i really dont get this arroe clue,cause ones circled are same on wall so i dont get it

finerly got it got hammer

and out

Thank you Ainars! A fun game to start the day :)

- hint in computer:
- in puzzle (columns):

- clocks/watches:
- in inventory:

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