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Perplex is another free online riddle game by Ellie and Edgar. There are 31 levels to complete, some easy and some a bit harder. When you think you have the solution to a level, submit it to the answer box. The answer must be written without spaces between words. Further instructions are given in the game. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by Ellie and Edgar]

Note: Please don't post answers to any levels in any forums. Hints only! Teamwork is appreciated!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


i suck at these... but ill give it a try lol

Already stuck on level 1 haha. I know what it means by "remove 10" but have no idea how that results in an answer..

Me too Alpacakay

haha we need HELP!!!

Does the picture name have anything to do with it? ("decem.jpg")

I can see apossible answer by removing nine but not ten

@Alpacakay: No, the pic name isn't a part of it. Focus on doing something with what's left over after removing what you are supposed to.

Hey all, I'm here. I think it has to do with what letters you can make. But three of the letters I see are the same...

I think we have to remove the 'x's not necessarily 10 matchsticks... but still no clue as to the answer

I think I'm onto something. Remove some of the X's and reduce the space left over, you get letters...

lol got it and then when I submit I get 404 page not found

maybe that just means I was wrong huh?

lol, probably. :P

I'm trying every possible combination of Roman Numerals here. I get that much, but other than that I'm stuck...;/

So you think its strictly roman numerals, not letters? I'm just wonderin if we have to move the sticks around or just 'slide' them together if that makes sense

@tritebs: yes that means you submitted a wrong answer.

I'm thinking its all Roman numerals. But that last shape falls out of my pattern...

There is no need to move the sticks around. Just use what's left over to get a four letter word.

Hmmm, its not what I thought it was...or the other thing I thought it was...

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Meryl: count

jbg so that's a letter from each group?

Was i right in having to remove the 'x's? I'm still not seeing any letters..

I have at least two possible letters for the first three groups. The fourth one is confusing me...

@tritebs: yes

@Alpacakay: yes to you as well. The leftover sticks won't form the shapes of letters.

Are these letters lying on their sides? Upside down?
Is the word in order? ARRRRRGH nightmare!!!!!

So if the leftover sticks aint letters, then how do we make a word... totally confused right there with ya tritebs haha

@tritebs: I agree with you that it is a nightmare. I'm probably going to stop playing this riddle now because the 2nd level wasn't any better than the first. Anyway, count to get the letters after removing the x's.

I'm still not following you @jbg...

I may give up at this first level...

1245?... still lost lol tried using the first letter of each number and even looked at the numbers as abstract letters.. hmmm

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 6:28 PM  

I don't play, just looked at L-1 & saw you're stuck already for more than 1 hour (! - I can't stand that LOL) - therefore some (more) hints:
remove Romans, remains=1-26=a-z & greetings from granmaa

Hope, that helps...

@Alpacakay: A=1, B=2.... etc. The letters might not be in the right order. You need four letters from the numbers you have.

wow... thanks so much ya'll. I was so close! haha didn't think about rearraging them :)

Wouldn't that be abde? But its not...:/

POP! Finally!

got it, how very obscure. You need to anagram AlpacaKay once you figure out the letter connection.
twenty six ring a bell?

Uhhh, yikes @ lvl 2...

level 2 looks like it has to do with your keyboard. numbers coincide with location of fingers. but no clue how to translate to answer

I have no idea on level 2.

level 2: look at your keyboard

level 3: leet (google it if you don't know what leet is)

level 4: good luck, this is where I stopped and I probably wont start again.

@jbg, i already figured level 2 had to do with the keyboard/finger location, but how do you "find them" still lost :(

@AlpacaKay: forget about the letters and just count on your keyboard using the numbers starting in the upper left. You will get a 5 letter word.

Ooh! Got level 2!!! Very sneaky :)

thanks @jbg, but i actually found the word a different way... I looked at the letters in between the letter and number given :) Works either way tho

Jbg I just hit level 4 come on back lol

level 1 : remove the romans n count the rest n so A=1 B=2 etc !! lol n then anagram it to get the answer !! WTF lol what an interesting riddle !! it reminds me of the granmaa anagram riddle !! one more average wannabe trying to play the genius by creating this .. and i'm smart enough NOT to play this n to tell him u r god damned boring !! :D

No one forces you to play riddles E-Addict and I for one appreciate the effort it takes to make a game for FREE and put it out there for people ..Please be nice

are the numbers in level 3 meant to be read upside down?... none of my letter combinations are working

I agree Clee. How did you get level three. I googled leet and found a decode site but it gave me a garbled answer I don't get. Any hints for a site?

Yes upside down is the way to see it Alpaca

Level 3

Just read the numbers upside down like 7 could look like L MAYBE *whistles

wow.. the reason i couldn't get level 3 is because the 9s upside down look like b's... I had to pretend the 9s were 6s...

okay clee !! good luck anyway !! :D

AlpacaKay thank you

welcome tritebs. that minor error had me stuck for a while.. now can't get level 4. I thought it had to do with "light as a feather" but no idea

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 7:13 PM  

Woo, a new riddle game! *dives in*

For level 4 I can't find any hidden stuff and my first thought was a song because name of pic (stones) and the words heavy as a rock but nothing yet lol

Clee is right, as always! Only play this type of game if you like this type of game. Have fun guys!

I tried metal from the same reasoning Clee but no

okay i dont like ' this type of games ' n i wanna try ' this type of games ' n say whatever i want to say about them !!! is this clear enough ????!!! :D

any breakthrough on level 4?

... seems like some people don't know what to do with their time. I would never post so much on a game I don't like - I'd just go away and do something more interesting instead of wasting time and bothering others!?

4 help?

Not so far AlpacaKay.

E-addict, crystal!!!!!!! You can say what you like but if some of us think you have nnot used good manners, then we will say what we like also.
I guess you don't like that you are finding the game challenging, we all get frustrated.

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 7:32 PM  

On a hunch, I tried the old "check the page source" trick...found something in there that caught my eye: a string of numbers.

I just noticed something in the source

42, 56, 70, 126, 126, 196, 280 playing with that right now?

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 7:38 PM  

That's the string of numbers I found. One thing I noticed about them is that they're all divisible by 14.

In weight measurements, 14 pounds is equal to 1 stone.

I think we may have a breakthrough here!

@sasbabe n others i recommend u people shut up n focus on ur " riddle " instead of trying to shut me up !!!!!! DUUUUHHHHH

It is Multiples of 14 but gaps like 70 to the 126 leaves out 3 sets

convert numbers to stones and granmaa...

@E-Addict: You're not in the position to recommend anything - just watch your language and your manners, kid!

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 7:53 PM  

That's strange. I was able to form a word from the letters I wound up with after all the converting, but that's not the answer...

Great job Sasbabe looking at 5 lol

@xaq: if you use the anagram solver from the main page you get some words - one of them is the answer...

Ty, Clee - looking as well, but not sure what to do - draw a maze?

@sasbabe seems i'm attracting u more than ur silly riddle !! :D if so just call me n we'll have something together !! or ... forget it .. u boring n incompetent !!

got it on purple hell, I think

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 7:58 PM  

AH! There we go. Alright then, on to 5, and all I can say at first glance is WHAT?

fist word is clear - now trying the box

It's a cipher on purple hell not one of my favorites lol

Level 5: top pic has a name - search it on purple hell and solve it, gives you a 5-letter-word.

And that word seems to give a clue for what to do with the letter box - but stuck here...

great sasbabe !! this is the way u should have dealt with it from the first beginning : JUST IGNORE ME MISS ATTITUDE !! haha just have some self confidence !!

again good luck Clee !!

If that first word something you make with a pig means the other cipher it has one to many letters ?

@clee: good find, I'm trying baconian...

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 8:26 PM  

EUREKA!! On to 6.

For #5: Converting the 2nd one into Baconian is the right path. Once you've got it into A's and B's, though, take a closer look at the A's. (I found that replacing all the B's with .'s made the answer a bit clearer.)

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 8:28 PM  

Aaaaand level 6 just -completely- lost me. o_O;;

Is it replacing vowels and consonants with A's and B's? Or pair and impair numbers, which didn't get me any further?

Good job xaq can't wrap my brain around the second part yet I'm trying lol

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 8:33 PM  

@sasbabe: Baconian cipher translates each letter into a 5-letter A/B combination, working similar to binary. A = AAAAA, B = AAAAB, C = AAABA, D = AAABB, and so on.

When you translate that 2nd block into Baconian, you'll have a 5x5 grid of 5-letter sequences of A's and B's. Try looking at them in Courier font so they line up properly.

I think I tried everything, but obviously I didn't- my best tries led to bbase and bbare and fokon!?

and bbgre...

I almost made smoke lol

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 8:40 PM  

Once you've got all 5 letters translated to Baconian (the cipher's on Purple Hell, if that helps), you won't be decoding anything anymore...it'll be more like a hidden picture, made out of the A's.

ahhh - I don't translate the letters to a's and b's and then decipher it, but decipher the q's and p's and stuff - thx, xaq

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 8:45 PM  

Glad I could help. I'd hate to be the only one level 6 is completely stupefying...

ty again, xaq - was overthinking ;-)

Xaq did you read them down or across? I can't get this right?

Put the A's and B's like they appear in the 5x5-grid in the pic

I'm with ya Clee... I got it all converted to baconian but don't see any image in the A's

and then read across

Ok got it! Thanks sasbabe! Once i seperated each group it worked :)

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 9:03 PM  

Clee: I had them going across. The top row, QPPAP, became


Then the next row went under that, then the next under that, and so on, until I eventually wound up with 5 5x5 blocks of A's and B's.

Level 6 - find the comics/charakters - find the nato-alphabet-words and ...

ohhh nooooooo

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 9:15 PM  

I kinda figured that. That's where I run into a problem, though: I only recognize the top-center, bottom-center, and bottom-right characters. :[

lol xaq I only recognise bottom right

I googelt the pictures - leads to SPOILER:
Romeo, Bravo, Sierra, Echo, Alpha, Charlie

With "braces" I seem to be close, as it says "You are missing something. Go back and try again!"

How do you google pictures?

To google pics got to "pictures" and on the right at the "search-bar" there's a camera - click it and you can upload a picture...

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 9:25 PM  

Thanks for the help, sasbabe.

Found the bit it said you were missing: Which group's alphabet (and flag) was this again?

lol - tried only the first letter of it - onto 7 now - ty xaq!

Thanks sasbabe, years of computer and internet and never knew that. It opens up a whole new world!

tritebs I like this site also helps me all the time

thanks ya'll for level 6. Not sure why the name of the alphabet was included... but ok...

Fun playing with you all it's been a pleasure :-) I have to run now

alright - bye clee

Level 7 is source code. Trying to figure it out

@AlpacaKay: I think the name was the "odd one in" - I also forgot about that title...

You're absolutely right sasbabe, makes perfect sense now

For 7 - I tried to subtract the words an I tried to apply source on each word - no progress so far...

sasbabe, did you see the numbers in the source code?

yep - didn't help yet - maybe I'm weak in counting to 26?

Thank you for playing the game!
New clue added in source for level 7.

Thanks Chameleon! And thanks for the game! I'm not great at riddles, but i'm tryin my darndest haha :)

If the numbers relate to letters, i'm wondering about -12... there is no l in any of the words. Any further sasbabe?

Looks like everyone left... and i am not good at these at all. still stuck on 7

Also still stuck... thx for the new clue, but doesn't help yet...

ahhh- think I got it...

Hi riddlers! Stuck on level 6. trying to anagram the first letter of the words including n, but don't have the answer.

On # 7 - It looks like we might need to use the words like a math problem. take the word 'differences', subtract the word 'subtraction', add the word 'progression', and then add the numbers from the source page.

each of the words is 11 characters long and there are 11 numbers in the hint on the source page.

Hi faltu, it's not only including the n, it's more...

Thanks Sasbabe, got it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yep, bri, that's it - tried it before, but must have made a mistake...

Not quite understanding your hint bri. I tried converting the three words to numbers then subtracting and adding, but I don't know where to go from there or it that part is even right lol

Hey AlpacaKay,
try adding & subtracting one letter at a time. The first letter of the equation car-ant+ear would be solved by c-a+e. Don't forget to include the numbers from the page source.

+/- the source
11 letters = solution

(First Letter is 4-19+16+2=c)

oh! So ya gotta take it one letter at a time? I was converting each word and then doing all the addition/subtraction at once and trying to make it work that way. Will give this a go, thanks :)

Anyone having any luck w/ level 8 yet? looks kind of like bifid to me but I'm not seeing the solution.

       Anonymous  10/13/12, 11:57 PM  

Okay, mental break over, let's get back at this...

(Thanks for the help on #7 everyone, on to level 8!)

@bri: not sure if this has got a name or so - I solved it intuitively...

Ok... still am not getting level 7 for some reason. I followed ya'lls advice and even wrote it all out... Im comin up with the word 'convitional' which is not working... i tried anagram too and double checked my letters. Somethin is off. I just swapped one letter and got the correct answer... i think the math is slightly off for this one for the 4th character?

AlpacaKay, your v is wrong i got v too, then guessed the word.

       Anonymous  10/14/12, 12:10 AM  

AlpacaKey: You're 1 letter off there. Your math might've been off with the V...try changing it to another letter that makes an actual word.

Thanks ya'll. i did get it after guessing the word, I really think they should check the math with that one tho. because i double and triple checked that v...

Tried bifid for level 8, got "e p o i x a b n f", stuck.

I used a little intuition myself because I thought i was messing up the math a little. i guess sometimes v=d :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I did bifid by hand without using the web page and got a different set of letters. using granmaa, they make a word but it doesn't seem to work

I used "exploring" as starting point, and did it by hand too. Using chosen letters as starting point is nothing better.

This comment has been removed by the author.

For 8: the Box is a bit mixed up - take the word "explore", search those letters on the board and write down the letters that should be there instead (for example e=r). Then ask granmaa...

Just looked at purple hell - seems to be Bifid...

Thanks Sasbabe, got it.

I can't get the solution on purple hell - just do it by hand: e = r, x = m, ...

Thanks sasbabe but the transposition of letters your describing isn't working for me. I had tried just "chosen" and thought I had the answer but no dice.
This was the first time I actually caught a live puzzle soon enough to play along but i think i need some sleep. good luck everyone!

You're welcome, now help me on 9 - got the stereogram solved, but no idea for what to enter... (feeling a bit kidded)

The word is not explore but explor***

ok - gn8 bri

I cannot see magic eye pics, so I think it's end for me.

It tells you "stop wasting your time" and "get a life" - so maybe time to stop now ;-)

@sasbabe, for level 8, how did you get that e is r? If i replace it with the letters on PurpleHell, i get e is s?

AlpacaKay, write alphabet in 5x5 square, and compare the positions, R should be in place of E.

I think Purple Hell does't work.
This is how I did it:
First, mark the cells from "exploring".
Then draw the "right" box:


Finally search the marked cells and anagramm the new letters.

And remember it's explorING, not explore!

thanks so much! I was tryin to use the one on the website, and it was not workin. on to 9 :)

morning thanks for all you wonderful comments i cought up ans now staring at level 9

       Anonymous  10/14/12, 1:06 AM  

Gonna call it a night, pick up number 9 in the morning. G'night everyone.

Gn8 xaq

so based on stereograms, are we supposed to see some sort of word in the midst of that jumbled mess?

lol not sure i am now cross eyed, look at the picture name not sure how that helps, i tried to pick a word from each row to make a sentence but that did not work

What I can see are two blocks - on in the upper left, one on the bottom right. Top left is made of the words "stop wasting your time", bottom right is "get a life"

But I can't see any "picture" or shape.
And I don't know what to do with that phrase...

Also wondered wether there's more than just the magic-eye-trick, but can't make anything out of the text.
And I looked at the differences near the "stop wasting..." and "get a life" parts, but that didn't help either.

ok i think i see something but not sure how to use it yet, read each line carefully you will spot some differences

Thanks bigtank, i do notice several lines with some missing or added numbers. but not sure what this means. It seems as tho the top left corner and bottom right corner have the differences

That's the 3d-parts "stop..." and "get...". No progress here...

well nothing with using the extra letters at all , no vowels ans loads of s , nothing from using the words they come from either

dang, i can't see the 3-d words at all. Not that it seems to matter considering the message is getting us no where...

You did a great job on level 7!
The reason for you getting a "v" instead of a "d" is that you solved it a little bit different than we intended when making it.
Walk in the alphabet, instead of changing to numbers.
When reaching A move on to Z if using "minus".
When reaching Z move on to A if using "plus".

For the 4th letter, you would start on a F.
Move -20 (-t) letters and you end up on a L.
Move +7 (+g) letters and you end up on S.
Move -15 (source code) and you get to the D.

For level 9: no need to be able to read stereograms to solve it.

Looks like no one is having any luck.. haha

I see you are quite stuck on lvl 9. It's really just to find the right place to look at. The url will have to be changed, so look for a web address.

Thanks Chameleon for the explanation. Looking at 9 again.

Thanks Chameleon, level 10 now.

For 9, look at exif.

I guess I'm on level 10 now... I used some sort of exif reader, put in the pic url and clicked on some sort of link and now I'm at level 10... Not sure what the heck i did lol

In exif info, there is a new link, just click it.

Is it just me, or does the left picture on level 10 look like the right three combined?

The pictures are from greek mythology, from their initial letters and from the name of their foes i get two perfect words, but none works.

Alright - thought about some image stuff, but haven't tried that yet - thx for the "hint" ;-)

Got an egg.

me too - was it the shower? ;-)

@faltu: if it was the "shower" then add the monsters and margana...

level 11

Getting no where with the numbers.

Got it.

any other hints for level 10? I found the names of each monster and tried to anagram them and the first letters, but nothin...

For 10, initials of the monsters and their enemies and anagram.

Got an egg on 11.

thanks so much for level 10. I never could have figured that on my own... i know so little about greek mythology

Tried Beryllium for be, no go.

Got shaked by the egg at 11 - now what?

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