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Re: Escape from the Room 201 Walkthrough

Re: Escape from the Room 201

Re: Escape from the Room 201 is another new Japanese point and click type escape the room game by Tsukisuna-sou. In this game you must search for items and clues to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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found scissors near the lamp by the door

found scroll under picture

opened scroll with scissors (looks blank)

found record on shelf (under N) now playing some lovely music

opened scroll with scissors and poured some wine over it. also have a record

hi Jo-Ann!

need LOT'S of codes.....

language could be a problem here

Hi @Casual

pour the wine on the scroll?! what a waste! lol

wine on scroll gives half code

i dont kno wht to do .have paper roll cut it with scissor ..stuck

tower + arch... any thoughts?

don't think it's going to be a language barrier, since the drawer hint is "tower + arch"...else it would be in japanese instead of english.

where is wine ?

just that all descriptions are not in english

arch on west wall
tower on south wall

wine in cabinet next to pics...i don't have sound...does the record play?

odd device above east cupboard

there is red hippo on the rite side of code desk

wooden animal next to desk

little toy where you got wine. .click right side of cabinet how to open scroll? have the scissors but how to do it ....love the music

tried to bruteforce the tower + arch drawer. no luck. seems something is needed before...

@Micheal yes lovely music from record

just cut he thread with scissor ting ting

nvm got it ...doh

thanks raasti

Hi guys, opened the tower+arch drawer. You must count the number of pictures for each.

There is a light bulb inside, turn it on for a number code.

numbers of picture?

This number code opens the cupboard for a direction code.

doesn't work for me MissBrasil?

maybe I have missed a view?

not working...3 arch, 2 tower?

I can only find 2 eiffel towers and 2 triumphal arches

@ casual: I mean, how many of each do you see in the room. There is a sneaky one for the arch...


on the record label. I'm not sure, but I think I clicked on it.

thanks, I missed this one!

I've clicked on the ones I have seen and tried 23 on the drawer but nothing

3 arch 2 tower ...not working ??

4 digit code
10 + 596 (from the wall)

used direction code on the device on top of cupboard, got the other half of star (first half on paper after you pour wine)

sum up!

got another paper from device on cupboard

@Ting ting, same here

don't forget the plus sign

der...got it...the sum of 2 & 3...banging head on desk

oh dear... thanks @Casual... I had tried that when I thought the totals were 2 and 2 but forgot to do it now! *blush* some days I wonder why I try these games!

hmm now stuck on the 4 digit code...anyone?

btw, haven't we played this one before? looks familiar...

Hi, all, got caught up but now stuck with the 4-digit code. Tried every combination but not working for me???

got paper from box on top of cupboard

thought it would go with hint on scroll

my goodness i bloomin well tried that too ...still no workie lol

@MissBrasil, there was a game probably from this maker that looked similar that I remember

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the penny has just dropped ha ha

maybe something to do with the toy?

I've posted 4 digit code MissBrasil ;)

tried spilling wine on new clue and cutting both clues

not seeing the 596 on wall

@ Megi Poland, sorry, don't get your hint... where does the 596 come from?

@Megi, where did you get that?

no number for me on a wall, as well

Me neither for the wall number. My two star halves are 10 and 54.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no the penny has not dropped still cant get the tower arch code ......sukling now

lol @ting ting


The two number code was 05 for me, no idea why but i have to leave, some friends are coming...

cannot get the code to work and can't find the number on the wall either...going on a clicking frenzy!

@Zazie: two towers, three arches. the rest is math...



596 after cutting lamp cable near door

@ ting ting - I think you have to click on the images in order to get the code to work.

thanks Megi!

Thanks @MegiPoland

hee hee smiling now thanks Jo-Ann and Casual....

thanks @megi missed that

And out, thanks to @MegiPoland. :)

ok, still not out

opened drawer... lock?

thanks Megi :-)

aaaaaaannnd stuck again ;-)

same here...need to find a use for the hippo thingy

ok, poured wine again and out.
is there another end, since I don't think I used the toy?!

right...not ready to leave without finding a use for it

I didn't use the hippo either. Not sure what he was for?

may just crawl into drawer and and have some wine

whats 4 digit code got 10 + 596 . 0606 doent work

@Micheal I was thinking I would rather do that then pour it out!

Thanks for playing guys, back to work now :-)

Have a nice day everyone!

@crush - your star has two halves to it to make a bigger number

@crush you only have half the star code, the other half is from pushing the buttons ontop of the cupboard and getting a paper

thanks guys

@Jo-Ann Agreed...no need to worry about escaping the room until the wine has been polished off...Cheers

Time to go. Thanks for all the help, everyone! :)

the star No. is bouth papers an you need to add the new No.

there is the normal ending (without hippo) and "akabeko" ending (with hippo)...

pushing buttons on top of cupboard is getting me nowhere ...sewn...is this the right order ?

@ting ting: yes. the button on the right is south

@ting ting - remember you're facing east when you push the buttons

normal ending without hippo

thanks guys got the paper now...just need to figure out the 4 digit code now how to make 5410 into a bigger number ...mmmmmmmmm

       Anonymous  10/11/12, 11:13 AM  

I'm not seeing any hippo....got everything else except 4 dig. code.

Gayle hippo is right side of code cabinet..

@gayle - when viewing the cabinet where you got the wine, click on the right

@ting ting - adding 5410 and 596 worked for me

       Anonymous  10/11/12, 11:22 AM  

Ahhhhh, TY! I wasn't zooming in on that view.

annaby great big (((((hug)))) thank you

CONGRATULATIONS ting ting is out......thanks everyone again

       Anonymous  10/11/12, 11:37 AM  

Well, that's a damned shame wasting all the wine!
Thanks for the help!

596+5410=6006 which opens 4 digit code for drawer, then pour wine inside which then unlocks the door. NOW YOUR FREE!!!

       Anonymous  10/14/12, 7:05 AM  

Well, I found another (previous?) version of the game (puzzles a bit different, but same location...!)

(highlight link & click right to open it in new tab/window)


WT (written & vid) included.

       Anonymous  10/14/12, 7:44 AM  

In the spirit of EGDALAQT:
(Every Game Deserves At Least a Quickie Thru)

- 2 endings
- SAVE option available
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

ROOM (West)
- take RECORD from bottom shelf in BOX
- put record on grammophone for nice music 8-D
- note arch on record...
- zoom in on arch picture left side in corridor (another arch...!)
- move picture for SCROLL
- zoom out & click Japanese writings with arrow bottom left to go to

- take SCISSORS from shelf with lamp
- cut hanging string right of lamp with scissors (sound)
- back to

ROOM (West)
- note unrolled poster with HINT (star + 596)...
- go left or right (according to your brain hemisphere preference...! ;-D)

ROOM (East/South)
- solve tower+arch puzzle for device in drawer
- push button bottom of bulb for HINT (219)
- open bottom right CB door with bulb code for HINT (SEWN)
- click on top of CB for square device
- click buttons as per CB letter hint for 1/2 left STAR part with HINT (54)
- cut string around scroll with scissors
- pour wine on scroll for 1/2 right STAR part with HINT (10)
- open bottom drawer as per star hints for letters (LOCK)
- pour wine into drawer (OMG! ;-P) to obtain UNLOCK
- go to

(SAVE game here at the latest)

- just open door (click doorknob)

- take AKABEKO bottom right of CB
(bottle CB view, door closed, click bottom right a bit outside CB)
- go to corridor & open door (click doorknob) to get OUT!

☺ ☻ ☺


- sum up all towers & arches found in the room:
2 towers (CB shelf, wall pic) & 3 arches (corridor pic, record, CB shelf)
2+3=5 gives
05 for puzzle

- note, you're facing East by looking at square device:
=> East = top button
- SEWN gives (click):

- on paper: 54
- on scroll: 10
- on poster: star + 596
- gives (only put star parts together without summing up):


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