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Retro Escape - Living Room Walkthrough

Retro Escape - Living Room

Retro Escape - Living Room is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Yizzim. What happened? You went to sleep and ended up in this retro world! You find yourself back in the 70's and have to escape the living room. Find useful items and solve puzzles to escape the retro room! Good luck and have fun playing!

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YAY... new SD-game xD thanks =)
but no abandoned cherry cheesecake ;-)

wow...SD? catch live....;)

brrr... a lava lamp...
opened 5-dig drawer... hint on magic board

switch behind the book on top row...

anagram letters from pool ball

green and yellow block... they go behind yellow chair... maybe we need the order first

found four switches until now
hi casual and sam =)

what's a nerf ball?

behind the owl is another...inside the red table another switch...

hi Sabine!

I guess the order for the blocks are the flowers

purple block under astray

need a red block for chess board...

throw nerf ball on basket above door for slide

oh now... the flowers are the hint for the drawer below the 5-dig-drawer

forgotten to say: the puple block is in ashtray

light incense stick and place it below dive.
have 5 blocks now, don't know the order though


not 4... I have 5 switches... did you found more?

got 8 ball, view master, green and purple blocks and inscent (?)...stuck...8 ball says NO!

only 5 switches.

@sma1902: look at that ball again and again

I haven't found a hint for tic tac toe on red book...

we need five blocks...

sam: use the magic 8 ball more than 1 time

@Sabine: look at my post from 9:35 AM

got nerf ball...

isn't the dice the order for the blocks, casual?

@Sabine: no, its for safe behind picture in 1st scene

ok... thanks @casual... but whats a nerf ball? I haven't one...

burn the inscent n then put it under dice !

What is a nerf ball?

@Sabine: just call it a ball ;-) look at scene with owls on the left

I asked that before, don't know what that is either

ah.... lol... thanks again @casual... I found the 5 switches but only switched 4... lol

I still have no idea about the order of blocks

i also think so sabine...but the rest?

oh... that was hidden very good :)

got blue block...

POP! the book of course...

what's the clue for 5 digits code ?

and out. short but nice.

any help?

the order must be in red book... I will try the letters...

@E-Addict: look at the board below lava lamp

got red one as well...

yes...out... =)

Where to put the 5 blocks?

@feminin: look behing yellow chair

Thanks Sabine!
I am out now.

and out too...good one...:)

can someone tell me .what use on the door on that basket ..i want to throw ball .but it givivg me again & again anagram clue ..

A "Nerf Ball" is ball made of soft
foam-rubber, much like what is used
in the cushions of your couch.

Supposedly "safe" for throwing around
inside the house.


Where is the nerf ball?
Where is the yellow block?

Got it Raasti, bottom left in flowery panels scene..

why is 5 digit code not working for me ..? have seen clue on etch a sketch thingy

ok found it orange ball behind red chair ..

@ting ting... not sure if I remember well, but have you read it from behind?

thanks Sabine ...im sure i tried that ...

and not working?

Hmmm, my post vanished!

I'll try again, a "Nerf Ball" is
made of foam-rubber, much like what
is in your couch cushions. Touted as
"safe" for indoor play.


This comment has been removed by the author.

77345... from behind... I was right... (opened it again)

thanks raasti ...and out at last ...x

for you it was 54377? I played again and it was 77345... strange...

and I did it again... look, its so easy to drive me nuts :P
77345 for the third time...

A nerf ball is a ball made of foam rubber. Now, where can I find it, please?

Ahhhh, didn't see your post raasti!

lol... thanks for the explanation Gayle =) you'll find it in the owl-view... left side down... its orange

@ sabine yeh i replay its 77345 you are rite ...but anyhow tinting is out with my hint ..LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

LOL... who knows, raasti... who knows...

Okay, I have purple, green, reand black blocksand stuck as hellio! LOL

The order of the colors is in the book. You must considerer the capital letters which one are the same than de first letter of the color.

@ Gayle you need blue block ....

you get it from the safe behind picture in starting scence

(pic moved when you pull down all the 5 levers )

Location of switches (if anyone need)

1..behind the orange book in top shelf of books

2...behind the small owl on left

3..behind the table below the mushroom lamp

4..behind bean bag chair

5..behind lava lamp

Okay, reread comments and I can not find 5th switch or yellow block. Any clues?

ould ave refreshed page, tanks raasti!

there's no yellow block...!
(seems to be @Sabine's Freudian slip LOL - yellow chair, not block...!)

Man, I need a new keyboard!Lol

Thanks premiere! :o)

I can't find the yellow block...

I'm out : there is no yellow block, but a black one. Thank you Casual for the "nerf ball".

what is the colour code for the drawer

Don't have a clue what to do with slide?

combine master piece & slide ..open it to see hint for xo puzzle ..use hint on red book puzzle

thanks so much!

@ steve the color code is from the flowers on the wall

starting from white

1x ...light blue
2x ..green
5x ..pink

so it is

green ,pink,yellow ,light blue ,purple

2x ,5x ,3x,1x 4x

where is black block, please?

nvm - found red checkers thing in the red book and went from ther.

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG... Premiere!!!! first I thought: "what does she mean???" now I found it!
I hope there are not too many grey hair after my slip at the beginning of the game... I do not remember what color of block I found, but I wrote yellow, maybe I already thought about the chair, that happens often... lol... sooooo sorry

scusate! :)

don't get the tic tac toe clue?

What was the point of the boarded up door?

whats the pool ball anagram?

@ nernst if you still need help there it is

o, ,x
x, ,o

@ grant you hav to click pool ball 3 times to get word for anagram & if you want spoiler then it is


thanks raasti



- game's AUTOSAVED
- SOLUTIONS at the bottom

- take magic 8 BALL right of phone on table
- click ball: NO!
- down arrow & click ball again: Why not?
- down arrow & click ball again: RYRUM
(=HINT, but there's sth to do with it - as mostly in SD games...! ;-D)
- put in CODE in LETTER BOX on top of bookshelf for RED building BLOCK-1/5
- remove 5th (orange) BOOK from left on top shelf for SWITCH 1/5
- flip switch
- go left

- note HINT on drawing pad in top shelf (ShELL)...
- move lava LAMP for SWITCH 2/5
- flip switch
- go left

- click fluffy CHAIR 2x for SWITCH-3/5
- flip switch
- lift up ashray LID with cigar for PURPLE building BLOCK-2/5
- put in CODE from drawing pad in top CB drawer for GREEN building BLOCK-3/5
- put in colour CODE in bottom CB drawer for last INSCENT
(HINT: flowers)
- go left

- take nerf (?) BALL bottom left behind middle wall
- move 2nd OWL from left for SWITCH-4/5
- flip switch
- pull smaller table for VIEW MASTER & SWITCH-5/5
- flip switch
- go left

- note SAFE (picture has moved after flipping all 5 switches)...

- light inscent at fire
- put inscent in HOLDER in 2nd shelf from top
- look at DIE above smoke: it has changed its COLOURS now (HINT)...

- throw nerf ball in NET above boarded-up door for SLIDE
- put slide in view master
- look (click) view master for HINT (X & O)...

- take 2nd (red) BOOK from right in bottom shelf
- open book as per X/O hint for HINT (text) & red CHECKER PIECE bottom right behind next page
- open safe as per die hint for BLUE building BLOCK-4/5

- put checker piece on the only empty place on CHESS BOARD on CB for BLACK building BLOCK-5/5

- move right (yellow) CHAIR for BRICK SLOTS
- put bricks in their slots as per text hint for KEY
(click button at the end)

- open door with key for


☺ ☻ ☺

- with aid for colour challenged folks

- in ball:
- anagram for
(Beach Boys Manager...?)

- always a helpful tool:
(right click to open link in new tab/window)


- on drawing pad:
=leetspeak (turned 180°/upside down):

- flowers from tall to small:
- click:
no colour (start)


- sides on die:
1/G - 3/B - 5/Pu
- on safe:
3 -5-1

- CAPS in text:
Peter, Boston, Gary, Rachel, Black
- gives (from top to bottom):


Thanks SD!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks SD!!!!!!!!!!

I remember Nerf balls! Also, the "bricks" are Legos. LOL. Thanks SD.

I remember Nerf balls! Also, the "bricks" are Legos. LOL. Thanks SD.

And the blocked door was a red herring. Spent a long time searching for a crowbar LOL.

nice but no use for fern plant..

Love you so hard for making this SD - You made a working Magic 8 Ball FFS!

fun game - thanks SD!

PLEASE give us MORE of these games!!!!

For those interested or curious about the Nerf ball;
In the 70's, a company in the US came out with "Nerf Ball" It came with a plastic basketball hoop and suction cups so you could attach the hoop to a surface and be able to shoot baskets indoors. it was hugely popular! Nerf soon came out with the Nerf Football which was also very popular with kids. Nerf now makes plastic guns of all types that shoot foam rubber bullets...I don't know if they still make the balls LOL

Great job SD!! Great job memorializing the 70's
but what about electric football? :)

wow...i feel old...i recognized everything in that one...and i had a nerf hoop...

Hi all! Just a note about the red "drawing board" with the "Shell" (77345) on it: it was/is called an "Etch-a-Sketch" and by turning each of the two knobs in the bottom corners, you could "draw" either vertical or horizontal lines on the central, grey "screen" bit by bit (today, you'd probably say "pixel-by-pixel") to create pictures or words/numbers. Apparently, the big challenge was to create a circle, as making curved lines on the toy was extremely difficult or at least time consuming! And you couldn't "jump" to a separate area, as the lines were continuously connected - like neon lighting tubing is. Nerf balls and footballs were fun too and soft enough so you didn't get hurt even if you were a little kid.... Great blast from the past, SD, along with a great escape game! Dean (43 years old and counting!)

You need the book to figure out which order of the blocks.

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