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The Happy Escape 3 Walkthrough

The Happy Escape 3

[REPLAY] [WEB/MOBILE: Android/iOS] The Happy Escape 3 is another premium quality Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Tesshi-e for MildEscape. In this game, you were talking with your friend for the first time in a while. Your mate told you about 10 Happy Coins hidden in the hexagonal room where you are trapped now. Let's go locate them finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Note: The mobile version is a remake that is only similar to the web game.

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Juhu a new Tesshi-e ....loading...

Opened colour code cb for a pot, put ice cube in it. Have two other cubes with sth in it. And yellow coin from behind plant in 1st view.

Not yellow coin, but happy coin, sorry.

loading slowly...

Removed right pic with hint from left pic.

Got spray and there is another happy coin when you turn spray around.

Have I found a live one?

Put spray beside oven and melt ice cube.

got a bird coin, happy coin (frozen), a pan, and two Halloween related statues...

How do you remove the picture? Don't understand the clue from the left pic.

Got happy coin nr 3.

jazzy, note the numbers 1- 7 and there places and click the right corners on right pic (for ex. 1 = upper left corner)

*their places

I also have a key and I don't know where to use it as it's not working on the top door of the cupboard

Ah, thanks Zazie

stuck with a key as well, can't use it anywhere so far

Got wrench from arrow box, hint is the thing with NUMBERS.

Where was key ?

Got stick by using wrench .

got a SD, use the key on the little trap door right of the shelves with the hippos and number clue thing

Use stick under bed for another coin.

Got key from top drawer under sink. Clue was the hippos

Where is key please ?

the key was in the drawer under the sink, use the hippo clue for it.
I don't get the NUMBER clue because it asks for numbers and the arrows give me ERER

Thx for the key...

nevermind I think I got it

aridza, arrows are forming numbers...

Coin number 5 by using SD

Put cubes on black plates, missing pumpkin cube.

And i need 5 more coins...


Thanks for arrow clue. Have to go as my baby boy has just woke up. Good luck everyone. Will finish later :)

I put some water from the pot in the square/ball thing we got under the bed

then put it in the freezer

Was afk, had a phone call....

got a ladder to go up and there I got the pumpkin square and another happy coin.
To get there you need the frozen ball and put it in the machine on theright of the puzzle with the arrows, you'll get a key

Put ice ball in yellow machine for a key. Key opens cb for another coin and a tool.

use the tool where you got the SD

Where did you use the new tool ?

Thx aridza, have placed 7 coins now.

I mean 8 coins...

did you get the coin by the pumpkin square thing up the ladder?
Asking because I got 8 coins
But now I'm stuck, we can take the ghost, hat and pumpkin back but don't know why, and have no idea what's the code for the CB with the balls on top

ya got the tool...then?

I have put the cubes like on the pic, ghosts, hat, pumpkin...for another coin.
Now i am stuck as well.

and what's up with the phone that we can't zoom on or use?

code for the cabinet with balls is the number of players in those games

you can take the cubes back so maybe we can use them somewhere else or order them differently, no idea

make a W pattern with the 5 coins to get another coin

for the one Happy Coin - you need to make a letter (like on the button :), you need 5 coins for this :)

thanks jednorogini...

Thx jednorogini, but i don´t get your hint with numbers of players ?

Thx jednorogini!

Ahh ok !!

and out Thx!

still the happy pumpkin coin is not helping me out...:(

Got the real happy coin now...

Zazie, you need to find out how many players in a baseball team and how many in football (soccer), then it's baseball, soccer, baseball

anyone...help please...

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 1:49 AM  

Not getting the hippo clue...

Mary click numbers 1 - 7 and note which hippo opens his mouth.

Where is exit key lol ?

Arggg key is in box under 10 coins.

Sam; after you get the happy coin, check where you got it again, there's a key to get out

marry, note that 3rd hippo is opening mouth while pressing the 1st button...so the ist number is 3...so in the drawer you have to click the 3rd button first...hope this will help you...

Excellent game !!! I love them :)

Thanks alls but I am stuck with the arrows, (hint is lettres "number"?)
read comment but i can't understand, please a little help

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 1:53 AM  

Ohh thank you zazie. Can't tell you how many times I clicked those numbers unobserving..LOL

i dont get the number arrow clue, maybe i need to sleep, help!!!

thanks aridza...out now...:)

@seb the letters of the word number tell you where to start, then follow the arrows and see what they draw

dawna and seb, think about digital numbers...use arrows to sketch lines...

seb, note where the arrows are pointing under the 4 letters, then follow the paths on the NUMBERS thing, start at the letter U and go LDRDL, this is forming a 5 etc...

here the screen to letters/arrows code


@ TC thanks :)

thanks alls, finally got it

thank you all, feel dumb then again its 2am here lol

thanks shuchun for a nice game...

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 1:59 AM  

Seb, take a pen and draw in the directions of the arrows on the clue. Makes 4 numbers.

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 2:00 AM  

oops should refresh before posting..LOL sorry

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 2:04 AM  

Out. Good game!

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 2:06 AM  

Took me a few tries with my nine coins before I got the tenth :o) but finally out. Wouldn;t have done it without all the help - thanks to everyone!

       Anonymous  10/30/12, 2:06 AM  

Love these games.

Please clarify -- WHERE are we "making a W" with the happy coins?

@jimifrehley: place the 5 happy coins like a W
you already opened the picture with pumpkin, ghost and hat?

you have to click at the edges according the hint of the picture left beside...
click at the edges of this left picture to get the hint

and @jednorogini: thanks so much for the hint of the balls code... I was staring like an idiot at these balls without any idea... LOL

(slaps forehead) Thank you!

YW =)

im starting game .....:)

i need help ..i dont understand how to solve arrows number puzzle ...

no need to help ..i got it on my own ..yeah :d

im stuck again i think in need SD but idont hav it where it is ?

found it there is small door on the floor at the rite of hippos shelf ....used key to get SD

idk why im posting comments .....:0...finally im out ..& someone gav clue for base ball ,soccer puzzle ..so thank you ..

that someone is jednorogini .thanx

where to use the lever ??


Zoom in on red table. Solve code using balls as clue (solution below) for happy coin 1/10
Zoom in on plant. Take happy coin 2/10
Go right.

Zoom in on left of bookshelf for NUMBER clue.
Zoom in on hippos and push buttons for order clue.
Go right.

Zoom in on Mr. Birdy. Press button for colour clue.
Go right.

Zoom in on drawers under sink.
Solve top drawer using hippo clue for spade key (solution below).
Take Witches hat cube from sink.
Zoom in on fridge, take ice block.
Zoom in on lower section of the brown cupboard. Solve according to Mr. Birdy clue for pot and ghost cube (solution below).
Go right.

Zoom in on Number puzzle and solve using arrows for wrench.
Zoom in on stick and take off wall using wrench.
Go right.

Use stick under bed for happy coin 3/10 and box.
Check numbers on left picture and use order on right picture for gas canister (with happy coin 4/10 on the bottom) and happy coin safe. Also note the order of items on the picture.
Go right twice.

Right of the bookshelf there is a trapdoor. Use the spade key here for a screw driver.
Go right twice.

View the pot in 'about item' and put the ice cube in there.
Zoom in on the stove. Put the gas cylinder in the side, put the pot on top and turn on the stove. Once the cube has melted turn off the stove. Do a lap of the room and return to take happy coin 5/10.
Put the green cube into the water and remove it.
Zoom in on fridge and put the green cube in the top compartment.
Go right.

Zoom in on Mr. Birdy ornament (middle of bench) and open with the screwdriver for happy coin 6/10.
Go right.

Open the 'Happy Halloween' picture again and note that there is a 'W' button. Make a 'w' shape with your happy coins and hit the button for happy coin 7/10.
Go left twice.

Take the green box from the freezer and open it for an ice ball.
Go right.

Zoom in on yellow ornament on the right of the bench. Put the ice ball in the top for the triangle key.
Go left.

Zoom in on brown cupboard. Use triangle key to open top part for a handle and happy coin 8/10.
Go left twice.

Go back to the trapdoor in the right side of the floor. Use the handle to raise the ladder. Go up the ladder for the pumpkin cube and happy coin 9/10.
Zoom in on right of bookshelf to find the cube stand. Put the cubes on here in the order they appear on the picture for happy coin 10/10 (solution below).
Go left twice.

Open the 'Happy Halloween' picture and put all of the coins in the safe for special pumpkin happy coin and the heart key.
Go right.

Use heart key on door. Happy coin will bring happiness to you!


Red table: Amount of players in baseball and soccer SP9O1I1L9ER
Drawer under sink: Hit the buttons under the hippos to get the order of buttons: S3P1O2I1L4E2R4
Colours on the cupboard are red (north), yellow (east), blue (south) and green (west). Therefore the correct order is SwPnOsIeLnEsR
Number puzzle. If you draw the shapes according to the arrows you make numbers: SP5O7I3L2ER
Cube order: As per the picture SPghostOIhatLEpumpkinR

thanx emily ! this is a game that really needs a following walkthrough !! still one thing .. forgot the place where to put the coins !! lol

nvm found it !! :D

very entertaining game .. 5 gold stars ( although help was critically needed :D ) !! thanx all of u n hope the happy coin would bring good luck to all .. including myself !! need it ! :D

Tesshie games ROCK :-) Enjoyed this game very much

Not live, but CAN NOT miss a tesshie game!!

Fantastic, 5 star. No help needed, getting used to using items multiple times. Very logical with no pixel hunts, random object counting, or unreadable codes!! THANK YOU!!!

Escape from the Entrance Hall led us to
The Happy Escape3 which was originally
Escape from the Hexagonal Room...


thanks for
hint players baseball,soccer,baseball
arrow ,hippo

MaryD you're fully right.

A pen and a paper is absolutely sufficient for the NUMBERs.

I found out that you can simply IGNORE the number thing on the wall and just concentrate on drawing directions.
In other words, you will also get the solution if you haven't bothered about the wall clue at all.

another wonderful Tesshi-e - thank you!!!

       Anonymous  9/14/18, 1:55 PM  

caught this one for the replay
a Tesshi-e is always worth a replay - enjoy!

btw, Tesshi-e is creating games since 2008, i.e. MildEscape has its 10 year anniversary – CONGRATS! ♥

thx for all your creations, Tesshi ☺
& thx Emily for the VWT

Can only give 4 stars, due to the 'out-of-game' puzzle requiring yiu to know the number of players for baseball/football.

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