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Trick or Treat '12 Escape Walkthrough

Trick or Treat '12 Escape

Twinkle - Trick or Treat '12 Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game from Twinkle. In this game, you try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi sam...

The little ghosts in the corner are the arrows to move...

going inn

Got a crowbar and I know what number x is.

Got a lollipop

three numbers, crowbar on window to give candy to witch for new candy?

crowbar used on window ..give lollypop to witch & get something

found 3 number clues and opened the window

get down the pic by the movement of witch ...place handle

where is the lollipop pls?

randomly got the pumpkin face right, gave key for green pumpkin by the door

that was handle from the witch

I think lolipop was beside the safe

SwissMiss, I think it was behind one of the safes/drawer/cupboards...

I think so too, left behind safe is a view...

thanks jo-a and esc.

This comment has been removed by the author.

opened safe with numbers from circle, x & triangle. pink pumpkin inside

placed handle for clue for second safe, got blue pumpkin

where is clue for pumpkin face shapes ?

can't get safe numbers, should be simple

@raasti is it when you place the handle? the pumpkin faces have different shapes

I'm not sure, I was changing them early and happened to get it without watching what I did

triangle is pointing down JO ANN

raasti: on the three pumpkins in the cupboard, the noses...

sneaky for the number code! lol

@Jo-Ann: look at the triangle number again. notice something odd about the triangle?

i placed handle ..saw the shapes ..i dont understand how to apply it ?

looking for the second ending, anyone find it yet?

Ah, the old triangle down/triangle up trick, thanks raasti!

Out now too, but the crowbar was still active. Another ending? Going in again.

i swear i tried nose shapes before but nothing happened ..finally got the key

haven't had my coffee yet, can't find second ending
think it has to do with the shapes out the door

have to run make lunches for the kids leave hints for the perfect end!

Nose shapes is for 3 digit code, not for the key.
To get key just click the pumpkin mouth using lever I think.

@raasti: for me it was the other way around first time I played it: fiddled with the shapes and suddenly there was the key without purpose! LOL

how do you know, there is another ending?

no roberto i tried nose shape for pumpkin face also & got key

i replayed nose shapes are for pumpkin face & num# code

@roberto: definitely not, replayed it and tried it: as soon as you hit the right combination with the eyes, the mouth opens and you get the key.

I didn´t make any change in shapes to get key. Just clicked its mouth. Maybe a glitch?

Not sure about second ending, it is only because the crowbar is still active.

@roberto: I think that may have happened to me too the first time I played it. But the second time I couldn't redo it that way.

i'm pretty sure that to get the pumpkin to open the mouth, your supposed to use the noses of the pumpkins on shelves. The noses of the pumpkins on the top shelf are the left and right eyes of big pumpkin, and the nose of the lower/middle pumpkin is the nose of big pumpkin. That's how I solved it, and the mouth opened on first try

I played the game 3 or 4 times and it worked same way. Just click pumpkin mouth using lever and you get the key.

So confuse... I used the shapes, after place the lever, to open 3 digit cb.

Roberto, I used the shapes for both codes... maybe the big pumpkin is just a glitch and you don't have to actually do anythin. Not sure

Still have one slot left in inventory, I wonder if there is somethin else to do or find for additional ending?

Temporarily unavailable! :(

Yep. That´s it. If you use the shapes the mouth opens too. Have you tried not set the shapes but instead click the mouth using lever? It works also.
A glitch, for sure.

game wont load internal error...bummer

Temporarily unavailable! :(

AlpacaKay, in the first slot was the key if I remember

Oh yeah Megi... duh lol. Still wonderin why crowbar never grayed out tho

try again JoC. I think it's workin now

for the perfect ending
- count each shape amount : X =1 circle= 3 triangle= 4
- use the order of the pumpkins in the shelf

thank you Shuchun

I can't get the picture off the wall. I think I am doing the way the witch is moving.

ohho was gone for urgent work...so easy and all did it quite well....wanted to finish it first...but anyways good work friends! :)

have blue and green pumpkin but have no idea how u get coded cupboard open even after reading comments

Umm, the game is called "Trick or Treat '12" not "Treat or Treat '12".

@kmoorer - try up-left, up-right, bottom-left, up-left, bottom-right, up-right, up-left...perhaps i wrote it right...

       Anonymous  10/17/12, 11:24 AM  

Triangle = 9
Circle = 8
X = 2

892 no
829 no
289 no
298 no
982 no
928 no

??? ??

       Anonymous  10/17/12, 11:28 AM  

Oh how sneaky!!!

triangle is disoriented 6 not 9

       Anonymous  10/17/12, 11:28 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

can any one help me i have asked for help with ist code ive tried but nothing i know u count the nose but it not working


get LOLLIPOP from the left side of pink cabinet

check the rite side of pumpkin box to see the triangle num#

get CROWBAR from the left side of green safe & note circle num#

note the X num# on left of shelf in next scene

use crowbar on window...giv lollipop to witch & get HANDLE

note witch movement & knock down pic

place handle behind the pic & ON it ..note the pumpkins

use pumpkin hint on green safe to get BLUE PUMPKIN

use pumpkin nose shape on big pumpkin in box to get KEY

use key on pink cab to get GREEN PUMPKIN

open the code cab by using shape num# + pumpkin hint to get PINK PUMPKIN

place pumpkins near door in a slots & open door

note the hint outside door ..use it on pink cab to get GOLDEN PUMPKIN






1..3 ..5


O is 8
X is 2
TRIANGLE is 6 (in ahint triangle is upside down)

from pumpkin its

circle ,tri,X

so its 8,6,2


blue ,green ,pink


as SHUCHUN said

count each shape amount : X =1 circle= 3 triangle= 4
use the order of the pumpkins in the shelf so it is

circle ,tri ,X


oh well waited for 30 mins guess this be a uncompleted game

@shaz - perhaps

circle triangle

not sure...

This comment has been removed by the author.

i use the #s on the safe, wont open 892,134, etc nada can someone tell me the # please Tried everything and cant get the pink safe open

@ sherry ..i wrote walk thru at 11:33 a.m

@raasti thank you, I dont know why I didnt see that WT Finally got the safe openned, thanks for the wt

I have a new pet hate: THAT BRICK FORCE FLASH AD!!!

If this annoying ad blocks you from getting into the game, make sure you press the small 'x' and "escape" (hah!) the EG42 frame so that you load the game off twinkle's site directly.

EG24 lol

thanks for perfect end!

Happy pumpkin brings happiness to you!


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