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Basement Escape Walkthrough

Basement Escape

Nekonote - Basement Escape is a new point-and-click room escape game by Nekonote. Collect items and use them in order to get out of the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in....

done a few things, not stuck. can't get color code box or find hints for picture corners or directional arrows

should say now stuck lol

Used thing from drawer on note to get arrow directions. The note was the on the floor left of picture

have a match, found a card with holes in it.A clue ?? picture moves but which corners??
found a hole in the ground but can't get anything out of it

blini - the match is not what you think it is! look and click!

to remove the pic dim the lights at the left od door with bars go right once for solution got a coin now but stuck have the code for pad if you want me to spoil it

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turn the lights out for arrow clue

thanks LNS

paper under table for another hint

figured out arrows by placing green card with holes on note from floor hole. don't know what to do with what I got/

how did you get the coin out ting ting? I assume its behind the pic?

Stuck with the knob-like thing and the flower hint.

I end up in autumn

SOMEONE HERE???? stuck T.T

For knob, look at picture under table

Hah! I thought that was a match...but it is an extending stick

me too moulded - should be the hint to make it fit the drwer but can't make it work

just in

Arrow points the place of the butterfly

behind yellow locked box there are numbers hidden
1 just inside the door with bars
another in 4th scene look above
another when you remove picant remember where the other one is

Oh... got it... And out

ah coin behind key pad box - so what can I see behind the pic or am i imagining things?

removed pic, can't get what is inside, flower hint under table is for?

Where do you start with the flower and knob...it isn't working for me

@LNS: Arrow on the knob corresponds to the "wing" of the strange thing which is next to the flower.

not getting the flower hint thing

Duh, using stem of flower as arrow. got it and out now.

if the knob is face of a clock, push 12, 2, 4, 7, and 8. It will then fit on drawer.

Any help with the color order behind blue key box?

Please....which is up and which is down...I can't tell! LOL

Oh, but that 12,2,4,7,8 is with the 12 at the pointer on the knob. So basically, upside down.

flower hint isn't working :(

I thought it would react when it was right! lol it just fits on the drawer when it is right! Thanks!

um there are only 9 buttons on the knob thing how is it like a face on a clock

oh! thank you Nokra!

It was just to help people to understand brin3m. If you don't want to imagine a clock, just start at the arrow and push 1,3,5,7,8 buttons. Same thing.

Solution for the knob (starting with the arrow, x = press, 0 = do not press):


Anyone have a hint for the color order behind the blue key box?

and thank you too jessica

thank you Jessica i knew what you meant... dont know whats wrong but i still cant get it :(

Really like these! Thanks for the great clues, @everyone!

What is the code for colored buttons please. I have hint but it's not working.

@tingting...when it is correct, just put it on the drawer....it gives no indication otherwise!

finally :)

@Amber...the hint tells you the order to push the buttons according to the color wheel by the door!
Start with Yellow!

jessica - use the torchin box behind the pic for order.
out too - great team work! specially for the darn flower1

Here is a picture Ting ting.


It won't do anything when it's correct, it will just fit on the right desk drawer.

After you get the torch and get the numbers, apply them to the colour wheel next to the door

I think it was


LNS I see the numbers in the back of the box with the torch, but I guess I'm just brain dead, I can't translate that to the color order.

Got it - thank you everyone!

Thanks @nokra, I was just missing the "start at yellow" part.


and out at last stupid bloody knob thanks for the help ...x

Yea @tingting! LOL I was there forever waiting for a sound or something....finally, I read to put it on drawer...realized it was right all along! :)

thanks all!

Nice Game!

Don't overthink the arrows by the door. It's easier than you think.

What to do with the corners of the picture on the wall?

POP, out!

yes, how to remove pic? and how to turn off lights??

Cant sombody make a WT please ?

ahh! to remove pic turn off lights. switch is near bottom left OUTSIDE bars.
clue under pic...


<<< >< >>>

click the sides of the pic according to arrows.

how do you pick up the note on floor, and will anyone be doing a WT please ;

Thanks PL Barfield. I was stuck on the arrows for awhile and couldn't figure out what to do with all those words on the paper .
Actually, I have been stuck in this game pretty much *every* step of the way lol! Still haven't figured out the color codes , the 2 sphere wiggly picture, or what to do with the flashlight! Good thing I enjoy being challenged. And lost ...

Sherry, the red stick/pen looking thing extends in length so it will reach paper

Thanks Mary! I finally get it. Out

Can someone please post a full walkthrough,I'm at the end and have no clue what to do with the coins or how to press the color box.

very good one! puzzles in "Hottategoya quality".... that know really bugged me, because I was always waiting for something to open up (LOL

that KNOB sorry

@Lovee don't bother about the coins up to the VERY end. They belong to an object which is simply not there at the stage you're currently in.

Thanks arbeitslooser

got 1 coin, where is the other coin, I cant find it

@CrowsCountCoup thanks alot, all I need is the second coin, cant find it would you remember where it is

other coin is behind pic
use this hint
<<< > < >>>

you need a torch to see other coin and to get it.. sorry cant remember where the torch was :(

I mis primiere here for WT.

torch was in red box wall (key in drawer after using knob)

lot: yes, she must be quite busy currently.

BTW there are no torches in this game, just flashlights ;P

(just kidding)

And where is knob ?

Knob is left door opened with hint arrows
hint found with paper(found on floor) and with green card with holes(put on this paper to see SN...)

Seb i no i have that but iam stupped i think.

an extending stick on floor used to catch paper on floorin another view
put green cardwith holes (found in drawer) on this paper and read SENW = hint for arrow on the left of the door and knob is here

Thanks seb

OMG im going to try and write a walkthrough for this game here goes

check behind bars on door left side
click the switch
notice the number ..3
zoom out and go right once
see the order to remove picture
there is something you will get it later
notice the number..4
there is a hole in the floor left of picture
go right twice and pick up a stick
examine it click twice on the bottom to make it
larger now you can get the paper
examine paper get the blue key notice the words
open blue cabinet see the coloured buttons
will come back to them later
in the third scene look up to see another number..6
as i could not find the fourth number i b/f it
for the keypad next to yellow cabinet 3462
take yellow coin
open left drawer in table get the green card with holes notice no knob on the right drawer
examine the paper in inventory place the green card over the paper to reveal senw
go to cabinet next to the door with bars and enter directions take the BLOODY KNOB
that BLOODY KNOB caused a lot of us problems lol
examine said BLOODY KNOB now where the arrow is pointing
take that as 1 then going left and up the way press buttons and hopefully it will
fit in the right drawer
take red key and open red cabinet
take torch
go back to the picture shine the torch into the hole
take purple coin and notice the position of
the numbers
they correspond to the colours on the wheel
once you have done this a face thing appears
insert the yellow coin right purple left
gives white key use on coloured wheel
and out ...........
be gentle with me its my first walkthrough

can you let me know if i have went wrong or made any mistakes pls

thanks for WT ting ting :)

Number II with light off in view left of the door

that knob drove me crazy. Nice game though

Good game!

Thank you Ting Ting and thanks for the WT i sure needed that and now Im out . Thanks to you

Great WT Ting Ting :D

Thanks Ting Ting. Fab w/t. Thanks for all the explanations everyone re the knob.

didn't need help
another easy one

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Have to click on stick in inventory until it's fully extended to get it to work.

what the heck is the arrow direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this game. Would like to see lots more!

The knob doesn't open....wasted some time there, but a beautiful, fun game. Click the knob as directed and then stick in in the draw!

caught this one from the random section

missed paper under table - thx for the hint

thx for this great game, Neko ☺

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