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October 22, 2013

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Bizarre Doors Walkthrough

Bizarre Doors

[UPDATE] Bizarre Doors Escape is a web browser based HTML 5 point and click escape game developed by Doctor Fou, who is also developer of famous Amnesia series. In this game, you have to open doors to progress next door by using your point and click puzzle solving skills. There are only 6 12 14 doors for now but developer want to keep adding new levels, if people like the concept. Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by DoctorFou]

Update: New doors have been added!

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Going in .....

Stuck at door 4 with a key that doesn't open the door...

idk what type of game is this i already locked door ...

WOW short and simple. Not a real game.

where that key gone it did not open the door ..& i dont hav it now ..

stuck at the same door !!

raasti: there is an inventory a bit down...

@ Parky would you like to share how you open door 4 ...

How to use the damn key on 4?

thanx escapism ...

You are welcome, raasti, but I'm still stuck...

boooring !!

For lvl 4: The key doesn't work for me in Firefox, but in Chrome the door was opened by dragging it to the key hole.

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 7:25 AM  

my key is not opening the door..

for lvl 5 see the pic date and that's it !!!

In FF I can take the key from the inventory but I cannot use it.
In IE I cannot take the key from the inventory.

ok im going to play other game which are released today ...

Can't grab/drag key to Door 4 in IE. :(

OK TY Ellie bye bye from a FF user LOL

took about 50 tries to use that )*(^%$! key. You have to keep putting it over the door until the circle with the line through it goes away.

Another FF-user says goodbye...

Hey guys, this is the game designer. I just fixed a bug related to FF. Now I'm working on a bugfix for IE9. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

IE9 users, please clear browser cache and try again ;) If you like the game, please press the Facebook like button. More levels are yet to come.

Ok, FF is working now, thanks Doctor Fou. I would like to see more of it. :)

Doesn't work for me :(
"Unable to connect to server : User 'doctor' has exceeded the 'max_connections_per_hour' resource (current value: 3600)"

       Anonymous  11/5/12, 9:51 AM  

Wow! I got out all by myself for once!

I like the concept - although similar things have been done before. I especially like the HTML5 implementation - it's nice to see these new technologies finding a place.

It's a bit clunky, though. I know Javascript and Canvas can be a lot faster than this, so perhaps some optimisation is in order.

geeeeeez im on IE8 says browser needs to be updated to play game,duhhhhhhhhh its the most up todate one u can have for xp .so its ur lost game maker one un happy player as i cant play it.if a game maker is gonna make a game it should cater for all,im lucky im on a good comp but it still not enough,i can play quite happerly on pogo with no probs,but it nice to play here too.

oh and wats html 5 that appeared on screen to think that was why i cant play not the browser

wow that was fast

I'm at door 6. Found Ruby in shoes, back up.

I was trying to say I couldn't back up.

       Anonymous  3/25/13, 6:16 PM  

Stuck at door 9, all I have left is a knife and nowhere to use it.

Need help please in door 8....anyone?

@a03e.... how to get the helicopter to work...I have remote and pencil too...what am I missing?

And big POP!!! I missed the tape! LOL...clicked there many times before!

I don´t remember all this, but to go through door nine step back to door 8 and light the paper on the floor. (down right enter it)

For the heli i can´t remember but it was much of combining things...and clicking like mad.

Door 9...combine string and magnet and get knife from sink.....
Gas is on at stove, and I have paper towel roll and knife.....
now what? LOL

Hi @zazie! Where do you light the paper from 9? I don't remember a fire anywhere?

Well door 12 is for tomorrow, too much reading for my tired brain, g8 everybody...

Oh! LMAO! Lay the paper down on floor! :)

at 9 have paper towel and knife, now what?

This game is so much wild clicking and combining things that it is hard to remember what i did.
For door nine as i sayd step back to room 8 and light the roll on bottom. I have got some matches somewhere in the knife room.

after paper towel on the ground then what?

GL everybody !!!

I wrote it just above....

layed paper on floor, tried clicking stove.....kinda stuck :D

And.....I have paper towel on floor, a knife in inventory....
How to open door 9 please??? Anyone?

@zazie, oh, didnt see post, gonna go do that now!


You have to light the paper roll in room 8 !!!

Sorry i really don´t remember what i did with the knife...suddenly i had some matches.

Okay...I see what is supposed to happen...surely a big explosion....if only I had found some matches.....
Is there anyone who knows where to get the matches?????

ok, up until room 9 it was fine, but now its a click fest trying to find the matches. are the matches in another room?

maybe you used the knife somewhere to get the matches, sdo you remember where you were when you lost the knife?

yep. stuck finding those matches

In the room with the knife, probably in a drawer.

I tried using the knife on the closeup of empty drawer in rm( , thought that this would work, butit didn't

Yep knife staid on bottom in front of left cb, unclickable after use.

Between the two cabinet doors!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL feeling like in a police examination after a crime lol...

tried to stab teddy bear, that didn't work...

Uff nokra, well done. Sorry not to be able to answer more detailed.

ha!! just keep clicking around the pipe!!

Now you can sleep, Zazie... :) thanks!!! lol

FOUND MATCHES, USE knife on the space inbetween the bottom cupboards on the bottom. between stove and cupboards

See my comment, people!

Thank you too !! I didn´t want to let you all alone. I am off to bed now ;-)

@Nokra, we posted at the same time

Anybody get door 9? I have knife and put towel on floor.

LOL...Now I am stuck in garage with pliers and a bicycle spoke! :)

ok this is really crappy, in room ten placed wedge under door of garage, went back into room 9 then back to room ten and wedge is gone! not in my inventory, not near the door, must be a glitch....disappointing..

Read previous comments, @robin...
@michele....can you help me in 10?

Combine bar with what cam out of box to open garage door.

michele...I used battery to push wedge and open the door a bit, used broom to get knife , knife to open box, there is the pliers...I have only used them on the bike wheel

Still have unused numbers from room 8, in 11 now..

I would love to except, now my wedge is missing because i went back a room. but i had a spoke, a broom and the wedge. I placed the wedge under the garage door, but thats as far as I got...

TY @tiquer...I already forgot about combining...took so long looking for the dang

Oh no, a quiz.....

I guess I can't continue, wedge is gone, and I cannot go any farther. I may try to refresh, but I'm not gonna start from the beginning....

Wow, that was fun!

I found another pencil...can't use it anywhere yet...and put coin in machine...where might I find the code???

Kool! I risked refreshing, and the wedge CAME i continue, and try to catch up to every1!

Out - Spells, hmmmm

Finally found the pixel on desk to use pencil....

ok, back in business in r11

@Nokra the pencil goes on SPpostitOILER

at door 10 with battery, spoke, and broom. Had wedge that I put by door but it disappeared.

And...3 digits...need 4...anyone?

in 12 now

now you dont need 4 just 0 and then the 3 numbers

TY @tiquer...found it already...where do I get the 4th digit, please?

Crud!!! I didn't push where is said PUSH!!! LOL

This game was excellent with the exception of the pixel hunt for the matches. A potential for 5 stars.

Out! fun game, some excess clicking tho!

Never did use the numbers on the wall of room 8 did we?

I actually DO find the cat as a cliche' as well.... LOL

numbers on wall og 8 were to clue you to use numbers to solve code

@Robin Rb- REFRESH, the wedge will reappear. the same thing happened to me.

If you lose your wedge by going back a door, just save the game and then reload. It was back in my inventory.

i cannot find the string in room 9. i must be taking stupid pills today

Jamie Lane, in the fridge near the top, sort of a pixel hunt. I believe it was in the plate of food on the second shelf

Where is the pencil for room 11 please?

found it on floor

How do you open the box in 10 (garage)?-- I tried looking for the knife after the explosion, but no luck.

Use the knife in the gap between the cupboards and then you will get the mathces, then set fire to the paper....

@ door 7
I suppose i need to use label under the door to catch key but I cant place it. anyone?

also need help for door 7

got it: place label at the door, right and down ...than use toothbrush at keyhole

but what I do with ten bucks???

Cant manage to place it....

you have found the 10 bucks?

nope. checking....

ok ... I stay here!

clicked everywhere.... no 10 bucks

right side, third row from the bottom, second tile

got it and on to 8 Thanks!

third row from the left!

:-) no problem ...

No. 12 is the best ... the five question are easy when you play escape games often :-)

.... aaaaand out!

The link doesn't work on my Chrome nor the Opera browser or even Firefox (there is no way in hell I'm trying this to IE..).

Oh well. Maybe I'll check it out another time, it might get fixed by then.

Is the website down? Got this message
This webpage is not available
The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

few tricky hot spots but nice and easy

This comment has been removed by the author.

Angie IE it works also not, nice post btw.!!!

PL: the site works (now)

tanks pixi

TY EGWandOUT, but I think you might be pulling up your cache page since it is still down for me as is :(

Just searched around out of curiosity and found it on doctor fou's page.
I loved the game! Easy but interesting and fast puzzles although on the 12th door I felt ashamed I got some questions wrong and had to take the test again. >_<

What kind of escape games' player am I? Boo hoo!

Woot got in!!
Pooo on my way to 8th door and stuck trying to load it.
Bandwidth issues for the dev website

Couldn't move the rubies to the door in room 6.

POP...maximized the window and it worked! (???)

I like this type of game - just a bit taxing!

Great game. 12 doors took about 20 minutes to figure out, so the length is perfect IMHO.
And the quiz at the end is priceless :)


For door 9...I got the matches and went to room 8. Clicked on the dresser and matches disappeared. Then I went to door 9 again and put paper towel on floor. Back to door 8, but no matches and can't light the paper. Is this a bug?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Done! Great game!

btw - that was a bug. Don't put the matches in the dresser in room 8 before putting the paper towel on the floor.


I lost matches on level 9. Made a user name and password, refreshed, loaded game (didn't need to re-login), and the matches came back to inventory! Might work with other objects and rooms.

#6 anyone???

       Anonymous  3/26/13, 11:47 AM  

I'm stuck at door 8. I have the battery and the helicopter combined with pencil and tape (motorized pencil). I have too many numbers for the code on the drawer.

stuck at door six. Found a ruby.

       Anonymous  3/26/13, 1:54 PM  


There is a mouse under the wardrobe...

On Easter Door -
I love this: the little girl says "can you guess the number I'm thinking of?" So I suppose all we have to do is guess the correct number between 1 and infinity?

anyway, so far have found red and blue keys, foil paper and a ribbon...

fairly simple once I realized the item in inventory has to be in your hand, not just highlighted.

Quick & easy -- look carefully

Thank you pdgph! Came back for the Easter update and got stuck at the same place - forgotten I'd already posted.

I tried every combination of the date with no luck

Fairly simple once I found the keyholes... (look carefully at the squares in the door). Also look carefully at the bottom left of the door.

It was alot easier after I enlarged it 150%!!

yeah - those keyholes were very tiny - and black on brown didn't help...but cute game anyway.

im trying to play game again & stuck at door 7 ..hav label ,tooth brush & 10$.....stuck

why in this game its load again & again....its quite irritating ..

Raasti - put the label under the door and poke the key through with the toothbrush. May have to poke the keyhole first so it suggests putting the paper down.

nice game except the some pixel & that loading after every ostep ...

On EASTER DOOR... door is still locked and she keeps saying there is a lot of chocolate in this room... I tried to wrap some but no go... have the ribbon and foil paper... opened the three places for the keys... STUCK anyone around to help?

fed... you need to use ribbon on white eggs then wrap it up with foil and ribbon then give to woman for exit key

Thanks Jamie Lane... I am trying to combine the white egg with the foil but they don't want to combine... is there a trick to combining things?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I swear I played this here like a wekk or so ago.



1. just click on the door handle;
2. ring the bell;
3. change the time;
4. move the door mat and use the key;
5. click on the photo to know the year and press that numbered books;
6. one ruby in the shoe and another in the box above CB, mouse under CB; use rubies on the door;
7. take brush; take the shampoo label (1st bottle on 2nd shelf); take $10 from inside the 2nd tile on 3rd row from bottom; use label under the door and brush in the keyhole; click on the label for key;
8. take pencil from 2nd drawer, battery from 3rd drawer, tape from pink bag, remote control from blue bag and helicopter from shelf; combine battery and remote; again combine tape pencil and helicopter and use it on the red balloon for drawer code and get door knob;
9. get paper towel from upper right CB; string from food plate on 2nd shelf inside refrigerator and magnet from the picture on the refrigerator door; combine magnet and string and use in the wash basin hole for knife; use knife between the 2 doors of the lower CBs (gas cylinder and wash basin) for matches; on the gas stove, place the paper towel on floor and go back to previous room and lit a fire...VROOM...;
10. take the wedge, battery, broom and metal bar from the wheel; use wedge and battery in front of the door and use broom to get the knife (near door bottom look right of the placed wedge); cut the box for pliers; use pliers on the metal bar to bend it and use it above the door where there is a little square with a circle;
11. get pencil from behind the dust bin, coin from inside the table drawer; use pencil on the yellow paper on the table (not on computer) for three digit code; use the coin and the code on the machine and push the PUSH button for a card for door;
12. push the lower arrow of the lift; when it sticks click on the business card near the umbrella holder; then click on the phone and answer easy questions...answers SPOILERS below

the key, a cat, water it, start a fire, over complicated locks;

Walkthrough for the Easter Door:-

-click on the red-green striped egg for red key;
-use it on the key hole on the door's small rectangle 1st from the 2nd row for number;
-click on the girl and answer her question (the number you got) and get yellow key;
-use that key on the purple flower to access the white egg above it;
-get a foil wrapped an egg near the rabbit;
-get blue key from under the wall paper near bottom left of the door;
use it on another key hole on the door rectangle for golden ribbon;
-wrap the white egg with foil and decorate it with golden ribbon and give that to the girl for the door key...

Fun enough, but I do not like being asked to share or tweet after almost every level.

I'm in room 13, and I can't find the key to the car.

Found it clicking around in the toolbox!

What the hell is the Easter door???

yeah what easter door

guess there is another bug. can't find anything else to finish car tire, can't find key for tool box or car.

Can't seem to find the last lug nut in door 13. Now that I started putting tire on I can't lower car til I finish. Anyone here to help?

ok suddenly could place jack

bondslave raise car to find key for toolbox. And there was a special easter door in march don't think we can play it now

already did all that. but can't seem to start car now.

Found it! in toolbox close up view, next to bottle

I can't find the car key.

Oops, had another click around and found it.

click around tool box some. it is there

put key in door. enter car. put key in ignition. back out of car. click on gear shift to put in D. enter car. press gas, then brake. exit car.

what the heck is the secret to moving this stupid car lol

Thanks bondslave.

Nice game.

Doctor Fou, please keep adding doors. I really enjoy this game!

hahahaha car stalls, over and over again

lousy end, never did start car

put jack, add crank and click on it to find the key ;)

for car key

check tool box

I had 13 doors but no Easter Door! What's with that?

Hey guys! For those asking for the Easter Door, it was a puzzle launched back in March. Here's the address:
Thanks for playing people :)

How do you start the car? It keeps saying that "transmission position P is engaged", that's parking, I presume. How to change the position?

OK, after zillion times of clicking it changed to position D.

I've been everywhere, no car key :(

thought that would get me a POP, but not even a fizzle...

Thanks Doctor Fou, missed it when it came out. Awesome Door!

anyone have a more specific hint than car key in toolbox? I'm not finding it still, clicked all over in both yellow and black boxes!


Keep opening the layers of the tool box. It is a small darkish spot on the very bottom

Finally, my POP :)

Everyone good here? GTG

anyone having trouble with getting out of (P)ark, you have to push brake first!!

hartz if you have the black box open you can open it even more to find a car key slightly sticking out

thanks everyone

the game is nice but my hands got hurt while clicking ..

i can't find the jack :(

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