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Crypto Asylum Walkthrough

Crypto Asylum

Crypto Asylum is a new online riddle created by Selfdefiant and a few helpers from EG24 and Facebook. This is a slowly expanding online riddle that is starting with 14 levels. If you get to level 15 (Intermission) you are at the end (for now!). There will be more levels added very soon! I hope you all enjoy it!

Note: Please just give hints, don't share exact answers!

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I'm on Level 5 haven't figured that one out yet ..Nice game Self :-) thanks for making it

This is actually going surprisingly well so far... Onto level 7!

Level 10 has me stumped...don't know how to play piano. :(

For level 5 - Have a drink or two(or four) with Granmaa! :)

Thanks szarra I didn't notice the bottles lol

Not finding anything to click or any answer box on level 8. Hmm...

Okay, I'm stuck. A hint on where to start looking anyone?

For Level 8 - ADDRESS the issue.

7 was cool just looking at level 8

Ah. Thanks szarra.

Hi everyone just starting

On the piano now lol

Did you figure out level 10?

No go on 10. I've tried several different combos too. Don't know if I need to use the black keys or not. Frustrating.

Stuck on 11...

There is a small link on the piano that gives you the notes to play, I can help if you can't read music.

Did you make an answer box come up? on 10 I have a 3 letter word but it seems like I need more

Yeah, I found the link and I can read music a little, I'm just not hitting the right keys or I've mis-read some of the notes. lol

You don't need the black keys, and if it helps, the sixth note should have one ledger line running through it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Doh! Thanks! Kept switching the last two notes around as well as hitting the wrong one for the sixth note!

I can't find the link on the piano just the keys?

@Clee, while zoomed in on the keys look at the bottom left corner. There's some very small black text.

I found it , I need glasses

Can someone give me another clue for level 8? I see the address, but I have no idea what to do about it.

@szarra, do the doors on 11 mean anything to you?

Observation * Chess and playing the piano* have no room in riddles lol

@Suzanne, you have to "fix" the address. (rorrim gnietirw)

Got it. Thank you, T'Lai

Not getting anything from the doors. Someone call Lassie, I'm about to throw myself down the well! Maybe I'll find a hint down there.

szarra you made me fall off my chair laughing , *LASSIE*

It's late and I have to go to bed. Leave lots of bread crumbs, so I don't get lost!

i cant even get past the first one !!!! derr

@bosunzak, look at the SOURCE.

I've been stuck on the piano for I don't know how long. The link with the Escape the Dungeon game just has me doubly stumped.

ive looked at everything but im just not getting it , and i know im gonna smack myself for missing the obvious xx

@Suzanne, there's actually a glitch when you click on the link it adds some extra text that makes it not work. You either have to delete the extra, or you can just copy it from here:
(it's the link without the doubled text)

@bosunzak, you have to go into the source code for the page.

bosunzak - you have to look at the source code. the password is there. Right-click on page, select "view source code", scroll down to "param name="Password= XXX" The XXX is where you find the password. If you still can't find it, see spoiler below


For lvl 11 I think it has to do with what can't be seen, but I'm not coming up with anything. Any ideas from others stuck here? Or hints from someone who's figured it out?

where to type answer ?

@raasti click on the door, answer box appears

Finally I'm on level 11! Thank you T'Lai. Musical notes are alien to me.

I'm completely stuck on lvl 10 - think I know the notes from the sheet music, but don't know how to relate to piano. Have tried numerous options - none are working (:

What was messing me up was I was trying to do the top notes and then bottom instead of interspersing them.

@Cee Bee, if you know the names of the notes on the sheet music just name the white keys from A through G (A is given) and play the music from left to right.

Can anyone help with level 3, the one with a chair?

Old riddle LOL what do you do with a chair you_ _ _

Thank you!

Thanks Suzanne & T'Lai - maybe I have the notes wrong as I've tried all that, I'm obviously doing something wrong.

First note is E, sixth note is C, and last note is A.

Say Leroy, I don't suppose you know what to do with ten doors of various colours?

Ah!! Then I'm reading some of the notes incorrectly.
Back to the drawing board on sheet music :)

Im just quickly playing thru again LOL I tell when I get there... I was part of that riddle group...

Stuck on Lvl 2. I am pretty horrible at these.

Finally got past the piano - thanks T'Lai

Im on Lvl 7 now LOL

Jenn highlight the page and follow the instructions

Got it.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Did everyone leave?

OK Im just interpreting piano now LOL

LOL Jessica I was playing catchup is all

I found this chart to be very helpful with the musical notes: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs32/i/2008/204/9/d/Music_Scale_Guide_by_doctormo.png

I was using this for the notes:


Someone above said the 6th note is C and last note is A.
Someone else said the notes go in order from left to right, so 1st note is on top, 2nd note is on bottom, etc.

Going by that you get EGEGFAGDF but it doesn't work.

So frustrating knowing what you are supposed to do and not being able to do it.

@Jessica -I made the same mistake as you - use the chart Suzanne posted to get the notes

Jessica, if you look at the chart I posted you'll see it's actually EBEB...Your 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 9th notes are off.

Whew - thank you Cee Bee.

That almost wasn't worth it.


Thanks Suzanne

Can't figure out if level 11 is looking for a synonym for "door," or if it has to do with the well.

I hate that on 11 if you enter a wrong guess, it takes the hint away.

I'm stuck on lvl 11 too. I see the 6 white doors. The other 4 all look green to me LOL!

Yes, the disappearing clue is inconvenient. "Six doors of white, three doors of green, and one door of silver are all that can be seen."

Thanks again Suzanne.

SD turned evil on us it seems. I'm afraid he's only getting lumps of coal in his Christmas stocking from me this year.

I can't believe I've stuck with this for over two hours. Hardest puzzle I've tried since Doorcracker.

Pointer turns to hand over main white doors also, can't figure out why.

Rage is building lol

You had to click on the white doors to bring the clue up.

LOL SD is not that bad a riddle maker..... But I cant remember this level.... Tooo long ago

Cmon Leroy - think man! The future of mankind rests on your memory.

I wonder how many levels there are total.

Ive been checking my bookmarks LOL

I think the intro said 15? My mind is kind of mush at this point though, I may be wrong.

14 as I recall...

what to do on lvl 8? i cant find the address someone mentioned earlier..

Not a street address - the address you're looking at.

The solution is 316!!!

It's not 316, was first thing I tried lol

OMG just did it again and it worked???

SD playing mind games on us.

thx, but am sorry i dont get u.. what address am i looking at? & there's no box to type in the answer...

oh ok.. if u mean the one in the address bar, i see it.. :) dumbo me!! but now where to type it in?

Look at the web address

If it's the one I'm thinking of radhu, look at the end of it, it's written backwards. Just type it correctly.

I knew if it turned out to be something simple I'd be furious with myself.

Change the web address

yes i see it now cee bee & jessica.. thx.. but there's no box to type in the answer

oh thx cee bee.. just saw ur comment.. tyvm

I swear 316 was the first thing I tried.
SD is watching us and changing the answers to torture us. Evil I tell ya.

Ok what makes dirt new again?

Hallelujah! Finally done...for now. Thank you Keule 2000 for putting me out of my misery.

Notice the capital letters, Jessica.

Whoa, got the next one. Name of the level is glass - glass is made from ____

LOL change the addressbar itself Radhu

No idea what I'm looking at on 14 - my eyes are crossed and head is throbbing at this point.

Your are not looking down but ..!

14 is an odd one LOL I think we only played to level 10 in the first release

Thank you Keule!

And done.

Thanks for the torture SD

Phew!! I'm done too :)

Thanks SD for a very entertaining riddle. I will look forward to future levels.

Thanks all players for the hints & clues. I would have bailed on a couple of levels without you!

Finally I get to sleep!! LOL

Can't even figure out the passoword for level one :-((

Pomelo, you need to right click outside the game area and pick "View Source" - look around in the code there. You will see a part that tells you to "pay attention" and you'll see the answer below that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Finally, an original riddle game, where I can find a couple of answers by myself !
I'm stuck at level 6, though (iron, calcium... what can I do with this ?)

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP, got it !

is it normal that lvl 9 takes forever to load? it's been going from 51% to 59% in about 3 minutes, isn't lvl 9 the one with the piano? I think I'll refresh

I guess theres a problem, after refreshing a few times I closed and opened again and it hang while moving from lvl 7 to 8 then I got a page saying sneaky guy thinks something's wrong

On level 8, I can only see a door, and nothing to click.

stuck at 7.

@Debasmita Basu,

You have to find the differences between the two halves of the mirrored image. There are also 2 (?) differences which are in the middle of image (one on the floor, one near the lamp, as far as I can remember).
I'm still wondering what to do on level 8...

Thank you pdgph. Found 3 out of five (ceiling, chandelier and carpet). Missing two.

pls need help for lvl 4...

which one was lvl 4?

got it...its on wall...i did not put my cursor there...:D

still on lvl 7. found 4 differences.

Okay found it by chance.

Still no idea for level 8 : I'm not even finding any hotspot.

debasmita, got 8?

pdgph. for 8 you look at the address bar

Stuck at 13. Another mirror image.

then debasmita? there is no place to set it...

fix it there itself.

thanks debasmita...

@Debasmita Basu,

Thank you ! That was... sneaky !

pdgph how did you do the iron and calcium riddle????????????

When in doubt see the posts already done. But I need help on 13. 2 differences remaining.

Jade mooney, see the hint on the wall. (periodic table)

i tried that but i just don't understand it :S i even tried toothpaste as my answer!!

Thank you Jessica!Was away for a while.

I need help on the 5 differences in lvl 13. found door, ceiling (2), bannister so far. need the last one.

jademooney. try symbols for calcium and iron, and that will give you a word where you can go.

hahahahahaha think i'll have my lunch at the cafe now..... thanks :)

Oh no - my english is so bad - I dont come in. I am so bakka (Idiot) that i stuck in level one. Please help an bakka people and help :-).

Sorry for my bad english


Many thanks to people who helped for the piano !
I'm stumped by level 11, now.

Can anyone give a hint for level 11 ?

That ist stupid but cannot find the clue on lvl. 2.

OK, just starting - how do I highlight the image? basic, but really don't know how to do this. advice please

Debasmita - there is one more of those banister things ..

Oh god I cannot fathom lvl 5 at all, even with the hint! Drink? Grandma? What?

Still need help with lvl 8, look at address bar and fix what?

how do u get past level 1. what is the password?

Well, after falling asleep and coming back someone figured out lvl 10. Thanks Keule 2000! All done now. Will stay to help for a bit.

Level 11

Try a numerical input!!

@Jason, see my comment at 11/4/12 9:08 PM You're going to fix the address.
@darkflameangel, see Jessica's comment at 11/5/12 12:29 AM. There's a spoiler from DailyRant at 11/4/12 9:59 PM too.

Oops. My comment at 11/5/12 7:01 AM should have said 11, not 10. I was stuck on the doors for hours. :P Ah well.

I am on lvl 5 trying to figure out what to anagram... Tried heart and seed but no good...

@11, solved it by chance, buth still have no clue how to get there intentionally...

NVM got it

Intermisison... I presume that's the last current level [14]??

Thanks SD.

Even being a Paddy, I haven't finished the Spooky Castle yet!!

@GreenBug ,

Thank you but... For level 11, I tried 631 and that doesn't work...

@pdgph, put the numbers in alphabetical order by colour. (Green, Silver, White)

T'Lai, lol I looked at your earlier comment, still not sure how to fix it

@ T'Lai,

You saved me ! I was ready to give up !

@Jason, the end of the address is in mirror writing. You need to fix it in the address bar so that it reads properly.

Ah ! Intermission, now ! (-:

T'Lai got it just as you were posting, Thanks for the help

Help on lvl 6,please

You're welcome pdgph. Curiosity, does your name stand for something?

You're welcome Jason.
@sauliukas64, there are three hints to combine, two bottles and the poster on the wall.

@al sal How did you solve lv 5?

Thanks T'Lai

For level 2 someone said to "highlight the page" and then follow instructions.

How do I highlight the page???

@eppie12 anagram the capital letters on 4 bottles

@Zoe press Control and A

lol I looked it up in the source code again for level 2. Highlighting the page didn't even occur to me. Note, you have to click somewhere outside the game first.

thanks al sal, but when I do that nothing happens. I'm in Chrome - does that matter?

T'Lai - that's what did it - I had to click outside the game window to highlight it.

I'm in chrome too Zoe. Just click somewhere outside the picture first as T'lai said

do u have to knock on the door to get it to work

what to do in lvl 8?

@nikki yes. It took me a few times but i got it

Which one was 8?

what am I missing on level 2? found the code for I presume knocking on the door but nothing happens?

@sauliukas64, see my comment at 11/4/12 9:08 PM You're going to fix the address.

@Jo-Ann, yes you knock on the door. Go as far to the left and right as possible and keep trying.

hi ay help on lvl4

I know Jo-Ann I had the same problem. Keep doing it and make sure every knock has done its job!

tried over and over and over.... I am knocking on the door where the hand shows up. I assume that is where I should knock (also tried on the side panels where there is no hand)


On the door. Try to do it slowly so that every knock stands out from the next one. LOL that almost drove me crazy

Oh Self Defiant, you heard me yell I was going to quit didn't you?

Tried one last time and pop went that door!

@al sal, thanks for the pointers I think clicking slowly is what finally did it!

Only level 4!

@nikki, move your cursor over the letters on the wall. Six of them will turn red as you pass them (3 on the left, 3 on the right). Then you just need Granmaa.

stuck on level 3 for over an hour...ha!

@T'Lai 6 letters! I have 5 and could not anagram anything! Off hunting for one more letter

The piano in Level 10 is driving me batty! Have the notes to play, but there is more then one note on the piano...which ones do you click!

@tanz16 click the ones after the A (marked red)

@tanz16, see Suzanne & Jessica's comments at 11/4/12 10:58 PM & 11:00 PM. They gave a couple of links that should help you figure it out.

al sal..thank you! T'Lai...I had been trying with theirs, but with the notes at the top and bottom of the scale I didn't know which notes to use!

Welcome tanz16 :)I used the spoiler @Jessica posted at 11:08

still need help on level 3...

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