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Empty Room Escape Walkthrough

Empty Room Escape

[REPLAY] Krutovig - Empty Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Igor Krutovig and Stasy. Empty Room Escape is a subkind of quest games, where you find yourself in a locked room. The room is almost empty and it's not so easy to find hidden places. Explore the room clicking on the different objects, find the items that can help you open locks and solve the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Empty Room Escape Walkthrough

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going in!

Joining you Fairy!

it won't load for me =(

takes long to load. White screen with black line for a long time before the loading even starts

Found pencil and QR code. Also a plank that lifts.

Two safes.

torn paper piece behind locked box

finally loaded! use pencil on torn paper

Morse code clue.

Morse code clue must be for tool box.

can open power socket but can't do anything yet...

Lots of stuff in the toolbox - tricky puzzle too

I like the knight puzzle in the toolbox!

Legs off of the chair and into the place by the mirror so you can climb up for a button

any clues with the knight puzzle? i can't figure out what i'm meant to do =(

Hi everyone. Managed to push that red button, heard a click but no idea what it did.

The red button opened the left side safe - now have two keys and no clue where to use them

Knight puzzle - click on squares that a knight would move to until you reach the knight square - ie one forward and two across, or two forward and one across.

Button opened left safe.

Can't remember how I did the knight puzzle. Just remember that the knight has to move three squares - either once to the side and two ahead or two to the side and once ahead

on a knight puzzle, do we start from a tile with knight on it or not?

Stuck with the keys and the clue paper.

Thanks @Clodagh! I would not have thought of that!

Knight puzzle - I think I just clicked on the next move the knight could make, and carried on from there.

The key from the safe opens the mirror. Click on the lower left side and see a keyhole.

@ pamarina - start and finish with knight

How I want to lift that plank!

Anyone know what the dingus under the chair is about? Looks like a barcoded picture or something

Yeah! Plank!!¬!

Think the thing under the chair is a QR code - got my son with his fancy phone to try and check it but it wouldn't do it.


Well spotted! Got another sd (?)

Yet another key inder plank.

Sorry - under plank - use new SD

back to two keys and no keyholes

Turn over the plank once you have lifted it

Clodagh - I'm guessing we will find a smartphone in the game somewhere. I have two keys in the doorlock now, a kind of code on the other side of the plank, and stuck.

did you have to push the red button with anything? it wouldn't work for me

screw down the doorlock with the second sd to find 4 keyholes.

use the sd under plank on door and there is 4 key holes , ive got only 2....

Take a closer look at the QR code...there are numbers for the second safe.

I also got a stick from above the door.

Could be right about the smartphone Ligeia - do we think the numbers on the plank link with the code on the paper?

no idea how to use code from plank on the safe....

Wow Charlie, great find with the code! Thanks!

Wow Charlie - how do you see the numbers?!

found the code in qr barcode - got to kinda stare at it!

Finally squinted long enough to get the code off of the chair

clockwise from top


Thnx Charlie....

got magnet from right safe, attached to stick above door. used behind power socket

Stared, went cross-eyed and got the QR numbers! Thanks lads!

Can someone please help me with the red button? I've cut it with the pliers (?) so that it is exposed, and have used the chair legs, but still can't press it =(

Oh dear, used the magnet with the pole and now have a tumble lock with letters - the numbers around?

have 3 keys and the letter puzzle thing now

Tried spelling CLOSE on the tumbler - nothing.

if you will look close on the carcode on the chair youll see numbers....for the right safe

I tried CLOSE too

Traveling Fairy

When you have pushed the button, go back down and look at the safe on the left. It should be showing a green light and can now be opened

Ah - maybe the letters of CLOSE are -6 -16 etc - will try that.

Use +17 +6 -6 -16 +6 with "CLOSE" for the puzzle thing.

Not got it yet - maybe start with +17 first

C will become a T...and so on.

The tumbler is a little TRICKy :)

i can't even see a safe! hahahaha think i'm missing something here!

Yeah! Escaped to birdsong!

and im oot

Travelling Fairy - have you pulled the wallpaper away from top left corner?

Out too, good game, thanks everyone!

Nice game :)

How do you lift the plank??

oh, no! thanks @Clodagh

Travelling Fairy - sorry, there is a patch of darker wallpaper on the wall of the room with just wallpaper - not in top left corner, but in a bit from that. Go to it and pull - not allowed to destroy wallpaper in my home!

Lift plank with second SD

Second SD - Where ?

Thanks RSA Momma Cyndi for some crucial hints!

See Ligeia at 2.39 for hint on where to use key - think that's where the second SD is.


right back at ya - I was completely stumped on that tricky cylinder.

Nice one - missed that spot, out now.

Bye folks - enjoyed playing with you!

Hi just started...can anybody give me a spoiler for morse box ? I don´t get it...

POP got it !

um just got myself a pencil

ich kriege das mit den 5 buchstaben nicht hin und auch nicht mit dem ritter also schachfigur,kann da einer helfen bitte

kriege das mit ritter nicht hin,safe links ist noch zu und brett noch zu,roter knopf auch noch nciht

get the knight back with not safe left is still on board and still red button also ncih

Die fünf buchstaben CLOSE sind für später in der spiel

na das teil mit den 5 buchstaben also drehungen habe ich auf,habe 2 schlüssel,ein e udn t . aber das mit der schachfigur kriege ich nicht hin,egal on nach links oder vor 2 schritte passiert ncihts

Marita - Vorschlag - kopieren Sie die Beitrage oben in einer Ubersetzung Website wie Google zu ubersetzen. Hier finden Sie alle Antworten!

das habe ich bereits,aber finde für das mit der figur kein hinweis wie genau

For the knight:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Click 3, 4, 9, 2, 7, 6, 1, 8

Good games deserve a walkthrough

Click on front of chair to look under it, take pencil and note the code paper on the left
Go left

It is only the safe scene after you pull the wall paper down – it is a darker mark in the middle of the wall
Take the note that falls to the floor with morse code on it
Note the toolbox on the floor needs a code
Take paper from behind toolbox
Go left

Note the lose plank on the bottom left of the floor
Look at the top of the door and take a stick
Turn left

Note the morse code clue on the mirror
Also note the four holes in the wall
Go right

Put the morse code clue from the mirror into the toolbox to open it
Take SD1
Do the knight puzzle (you must end on where the knight is)
That opens the bottom layer of the toolbox
Take the wire cutters and the I key

Use SD1 on the bottom of the chair to get the legs off
Take another look at the funny puzzle shape (squint hard) and see 4 numbers (spoiler above)

Put chair legs where the 4 holes are
Click on the top of them to climb up
Use the wire cutters on the vent and push the button

The button has opened the left side safe for an ordinary key
The numbers from the bottom of the chair open the right side safe for a letter tumble lock and a magnet
On the bottom right corner is a three plug socket, click on the right most socket and it opens
Combine the stick and the magnet and use inside the hole that is where the sockets were for the T key

Zoom into the mirror then click on the bottomish left side edge of the mirror and you get a side view.
Use the ordinary key to get SD2
Go to the lose floor board on the bottom right and click it to move it slightly, then use SD2 to lift it for the X key
Turn over the plank for a clue
Use the pencil from the chair on the torn paper from behind the toolbox for another clue
Put the two clues together to open the letter tumbler for the E key

Use SD2 to unscrew the panel under the door handle and place the four keys in their obvious order

The end

danke bin raus

Help with sos code on tool box
Not working!!

S = ...
O = ---
S = ...

Take the note that falls to the floor with morse code on it ...... never found it on floor.......pulled wallpaper down can see two safes....opened right safe......left safe has red light which does nothing......where it this red button you are talking about for left safe?

have chair legs in holes but still can't reach vent....

oh my gosh finally found hot spot on top of chair legs!

@RSA Mamma great job, dont know how you did it, but without that great WT I know I couldnt do it. Thanks so much, great job

can't get e key. think it is because i don't have the paper you said fell from the wall paper.....i wonder where it fell too?

okay this is what i have on paper found behind toolbox which was there before i tore off wall paper
....the word CLOSE.....and i honestly can't make out what it has just below it..... :(

Team effort, as always, Sherry - glad it helped

the paper that falls from the wall paper simply has the morse code alphabet on it. After you use the red pencil on the paper from behind the toolbox, it should say
+17 +6
the rest of the hint for the cylinder comes from the plank on the floor

quit looking for paper that supposedly fell, i think it was there all the time
had to zoom in on paper to read the rest of the clue
finally out! yeah!

This looks like an entertaining game but the response time is so lagging I'm having a difficult time working through it so I'm moving on. Kudos to those who gave it such high marks. Maybe this sluggishness is a new problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed and check back later.

probably a little late but tab works

i dont get num# from the chair paper ..i can only recognize 6 & 5

out ..thanx charlie for knight puzzle & RSA for walkthru

I tried dragging the wallpaper over and over. Had to double-click on it to pull off.

can't understand letters and #'s clues. How does this open tumbler or make a word?


You guys are really annoying today. saying combine two clue without telling how sucks!

I'm as stuck as you Evans...

I'm going to check the video walkthrough. It's at the bottom right of the game.

evans & Rob ..if you still here then set tumbler with word close then add or minus the num# in the word like if you add 17 in C it become T & so on ...

& word num# hints are on paper from behind tool box (use pencil on it )& on the back side of plank

combining the 2 clues - take the word on the paper and assign alphabet numbers, then add or subtract as the notes says. Gives you a word for the tumbler lock (use center line)

very nice game!

well thank you cyndi !! i appreciate the delicate touch !! :D was wondering where the rest of the hint was coz i dont remember having any hint from under the board !!

FIRST HINT: Use TAB key to highlight pixel hunt locations

I really shouldn't do walkthroughs - I always fail to explain properly. Sorry about that, Hope its all the ommissions cleared up now.

For the tumbler - just line up the letters of the word TRICK - that equals lining up the letters of CLOSE and then clicking them +17 +6 etc.

Good game----but I would never have made it without the team hints. Thanks!

these comments are old

thanks for finding this game, Peke

Link to W/T is dead.

thanks Kev

Terrific game, thanks for re-posting.

Should've read my comment from 7 years ago to use the TAB key to find the unfortunate pixel hunts!

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