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Escape from the Mall Walkthrough

Escape from the Mall

Escape from the Mall is another addicting point and click escape game. No money, stores are closed, and you are all alone at the mall. Time to escape! Dig around for supplies, decode some locks, and make with the escapery. And better move fast. Something awful happened on that escalator, and you do not want to be the next victim, do you? Good luck and have fun!

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Escape from the Mall Walkthrough
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For now I have:
toast, plunger, baloons, drill machine with SD and hot plate. Cann't enter more than first 2 numbers on door with 6 digits.

Have lots of stuff, plumber, knife, SD part, broom, hot plate, popcorn so far.

fish eats popcorn and gives a key wow...

Where is popcorn?

ok i thought clue for coloured dots from mugs but nopes

My fish won´t eat the popcorn, how ?

Coloured dots clue are the candles in the window.

Put the hot plate left of fountain, but i need a pan maybe.

any clue for color code?

cant locate pattern to unlock escalator..

As i said the candles in window of candle shop.

How to feed popcorn to fish ?

Used SD on plate on fountain for a key.

@zazie: put it on the edge of the fountain.
Where to use that key?

Key opens candle shop, got lava lamp.

smiley, B and star...for the purse..

Urban, it doesn´t work, is it in zoomed view or have i to do sth with popcorn first ?

where is pop corn ?

i hav now piece of bread from side of computer

i dislike dragging kind of inventory aahh..

I put lava lamp on hot plate, glass broke.

zazie how you opened screws ..my part of SD is not working

Luckily, if you lose chair and ballons, you can pick new stuff

Used broom on glass pieces beside of plate.

@zazie: it worked in zoom in view for me.

raasti you need the machine, it is downstairs in the ballonshop on shelf.

i m missing sd..thnx zazie

finally found popcorns its infront of escalator in brown shopping bag ..

Got remote from candle shop (5# code)

yippee im so stupid i hav cordless machine i my inventry ..hav to combine it with SD part

I still can´t feed the fish and what chair ???

where is sd

ok now hav knife from the purse hint is on toast ,TV ,& sneakers

@zazie: did you prepare the popcorn from corn?

Ohh i had to put popcorn in machine first !!

zazie did you pop ..corns in machine ..?there is also on/off button on popcorn machine

Finally Urban got key and diamond ring.

now i hav ring ...

Use ring on closed magasin, then plunger and cut chair off.

i still locate the SD...can anyone hint

beech ball giv memory card

My chair and balloons flow away...

on the escalator from the sun glasses pattern

raasti where is the sd?

Took chair and balloons again and got hint on tv by putting memory card.

mine too zazzie ..i think i should place dumbell on it

Dr.A, sorry i can´t remember the bit, but the machine was in party shop on shelf.

DR A i dont rem ..wait i will open game in new window ..

how you took them again zazie ?

i already have a cordless drill...but cant locate cord and i dont have an SD

dr A its inside SHAKER ..open it ..& shaker is in home store

I don´t know what to do with chair and ballons, they always get lost.

NEVERMIND guys i got it...thnx been stupid all this tym..

raasty just go back into glasses shop and balloon shop to take them again.

Zazie, you must put dumbell on chair... look at sunglassis - sale

@zazie: put the dumbell on the chair and then click the chair to fly out of the mall.

The TV hint shows me the chair with attached ballons under glass roof, but....

i cant take chair now ,,its attached ..& i hav no knife now

Don´t get the dumbell or sale hint.


@raasti: folded chairs under the attached one

Raasti take the chair from the left side, not the attached one.

Where is dumbell ?

must go to the stairs for dumbell

THXXXX got it !!

And out, funny game :)
Thx all for the help !

put escalator on -( sunglassis)

i dont understand the sunglasses pattern can someone explain pls

Dr.A, you need it for put escalator on

got it guys thnx

Enter the positions of glasses with SALE into the keypad left of stairs.

and out too ty all

And out. Funny game

Thanks for the code hint for the handbag - all I needed and then away!

I guess you can only do the chairs twice, I can't get one now so can't get out, just considering myself out anyway

but no one answered HOW DO I GET DOWN ?? !!! :D what a stupid way to escape unless he's the murderer !!!

E-Addict - pop a balloon or two!

lol u always have strategies dont u ??

Good game but confusing! Walkthrough coming...

Can someone tell me how to break the glass at the sunglasses store?

The key I got from the fish opened the jewelry case with the diamond ring in it. Used the ring to cut the glass at the sunglass store.

Thank you!

I'm confused. I think an earlier post said the fish from the key opened the candle store, but that key worked on the jewelry case. Where's the key for the candle store where the 6# code goes?

Oops. The KEY from the FISH.


1st scene:

Click on lower right to get into the Happy Home Store. Look right and take the HOT PLATE; look left and take SHAKER. Examine SHAKER to get the DRILL BIT inside. Notice you can zoon in on the toaster.

Back out and look at the next store, Fun in the Sun. You can't get in but if you click twice there's a suggestion that you can cut the glass.

The third store on the right is a Very Empty electronics store. There's a PLUNGER in there to get, and a TV you can't use yet.

Zoom in the escalator, grab the POPCORN KERNELS. Notice that although you're willing to break in to the stores and loot, you can't bring yourself to cross the police line. Indoctrination works!
There's a barbell on the escalator you'll be wanting, however, and a grid code to make the elevator work.

Continuing to the left, we enter Think computer, another very sparse store (they must be expensive!). On the right is a sleeping laptop. You can steal its BREAD SLICE.

Next we have Regional Candles, which is locked but if you zoom on the door you can see a row of colored candles - sPoIlEr coming - blue-white-red-grey-green. It's a color code for the next door down,

Dressy Dresses, where you enter the code on the door, go in and steal a BROOM. There is also a bag with a shapes code.

Back out again, look over at the Happy Home Store once more, and click under the sign to see 3 symbols. This clue tells you where to find your shapes: TV, sneaker and toast. Ah, we now have BREAD and can make TOAST. Go in, do so, and see a star on your TOAST.

There is a jewelry case in the middle with a ring in it. You can't get in. Use the arrow at the upper left and go to

Part 2 of the Walkthrough - coming soon

My chair floated away and I've tried everything but can't take another chair or balloons. :(

Also, where is the drill? My game started with a bug I guess, my inventory was full already - some things I could use before I technically "found" them and some I couldn't. I never found drill and can't use it, so I need to find it.

Ah found it in balloon store, already used that key though lol.

Game is buggy. Easy to figure out what to do, but the key for the candle store never appeared for me. I read their site's walk-through. It says to use the big key but doesn't say how to get it. Too bad. Looked like a fun game.


2nd scene: There's a popcorn machine! We can use it. In fact we must. Fish won't eat unpopped popcorn. So flip the switch, put your KERNELS in, and take POPCORN back.

Look to the right in the shoe store to get the shoe clue - it's a 'B'.

Look to the left and enter the We Party store to grab a batch of BALLOONS, and the cordless DRILL to go with your BIT. Unite them, and you now have an SD. Now you know you're really getting out of here. Also notice the numbers on the birthday candles.

Back out and go forward to the fountain area. Though it seems you have issues about fish, you take pity on it and feed it some popcorn. It gives you a SMALL KEY. Now you want to focus on the PLEASE DON"T FEED THE FISH sign, which somehow didn't affect you the way the Police line did. Use your SD and remove it; another KEY!
Also from here you can look up at the glass skylight, and at a spot below it there's an electric outlet. You can plug in your HOT PLATE here, but can't use it yet.

Go back to 1st scene and unlock candle store with KEY. Grab the LAVA LAMP, and enter the #s from birthday candles in the Party store in the desk. Get REMOTE.

Go to empty store, use REMOTE on TV, see creepy smiley faces.

Go back to the dress shop and enter code in bag -
Get KNIFE. No, you can't cut the Police Line with it! Don't you respect authority?

Go to the jewelry case in the center and steal the DIAMOND RING with the SMALL KEY. Now it's getting federal.

Now this next is a neat trick. Take your RING to the Fun in the Sun store, inscribe a perfect circle on the glass with it, and pull it out with your PLUNGER. I'll wait while you do this.
Okay? Now enter the store, grab the BEACH BALL, stab it with your KNIFE, and take MEMORY CARD. Also take a CHAIR from the stack; and notice the sunglasses on sale gives a code for the grid at the escalator.

To the escalator to enter this code
(SP2-3-5-OIL11-12ER) and get the BARBELL when it comes down.

Enter expensive computer store, wake up sleepy laptop with MEMORY CARD. See that you're to escape by flying in a chair with baloons tied to it. But you knew that already, right?

Now we have everything we need. Return to the HOT PLATE, put the LAVA LAMP on it.
Now that is the coolest thing I've ever seen a lava lamp do. Made a mess though. Sweep it up with your BROOM. Place CHAIR on the cleared spot. Now your CHAIR will fly away without you if you don't hold it down with something. So put the BARBELL on the CHAIR, then attach BALLOONS. Click on CHAIR and you're out! Oops maybe you should have stolen a pellet gun or something...

just1, your WT saved the day. My window size in IE was too big. When I zoomed in on the fountain, the caption covered the fish sign, so I couldn't see I had to unscrew it. My bad. Fun game.

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I forgot to attach the barbell and the chair took off without me. Oh well, guess I'll just find a place to hide out until the mall opens! Had the same problem with fish sign being covered.

omg my knife and toast strangly despawned

       Anonymous  11/11/12, 3:06 PM  

Very clever use of mall items -- especially the diamond ring and the plunger! :)

I wouldn't have got the gold plate off without your hints, though, everyone, because I too assumed that I couldn't look at anything under the in-game comments. So that could have been placed higher, but overall, very clever and fun!

I can't make popcorn, it wont work...help

When a DumBell can stop Chair from flying away... how can it take off when i sit ???

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