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Find the Escape-Men 43: EM-taro Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 43: EM-taro

Find the Escape-Men 43: EM-taro is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. Look for items and solve puzzles to find the 10 Escape-Men, and escape from the old house! This game has one ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Good game, as usual

have 9 out of 10

now at my wit's end

for last one, open right curtain again

have the 10 men and a bowl with 7 green balls left dont know what to do ...mm

Can't find any clue to the dice riddle. Tried to brute force it - in vain.

hi... i only have 7...no idea where to put that green powder.. doesn't go into the pot in the middle..

hi ting ting.. where is the bowl?

nvm im out .... sailing away to sea

any help?

place the 5 coin things ...you get black bowl sorry having trouble posting

thats ok.. thx.. but i tried placing those like the patch outside.. but nothing happens..

pop.. got the bowl.. didn't notice the stick in the corner!!

dice order when you have all 10 men....

i dont get the coloured dots ?

What does pink thing do?

if i remember right check position of the pole

oh ok.. but can't find the 10th guy :(

use mask hints on coloured dots

bosunzak.. draw an imaginary line connecting the colored dots for each.. u get the shape to enter in the puzzle below

Oh, nice. The big pink thing must be a Japanese radish :)

Don't forget to try combining items.

handle and pouch from coloured dots ..playing again and i just clicked dots from the order they where given under masks (think it traces out a shape)

thanks radhu ;)

which right curtain should be opened again? the one that opens on to the patch? can't find any green guy there now..

just wait

waiting.. zoomed in & zoomed out.. in vain :( what am i doing wrong?

what to do with the dumplings?

I have all 10 men... but the change position and I don't know what to do then... and I still have these 7 balls I made with flour and water...

my last one was on the scroll just clicked the square on it ....hope that helps

What to do with the pink radish ?
I can´t find the last man, i have the one from outside curtain.

@radhu: give one dumpling to the man in the mousehole, then back out and in again

@Zazie: I haven't done smth with that radish until now... must have to do with the end...

my scroll is unclickable now.. so i guess i got that one.. & i think i got the one from outside curtain long back.. what did i miss? :(

i got that one too sabine..

I also have only the plate with dumplings left. No idea where to click now for last man, i tried everthing.

you have the one from the jars outside? the sequence is on the wall...

same here zazie... frustrated now...

one in bag where flour was

seb i also have thisone from bag and i have the one from outside pattern.

jars? i only saw one jar filled with water?

I have only 6 escapemen : I can see another one stuck near the fireplace. I have the green powder in a black bowl, a handle. I suppose that I need some water and a laddle ?

if you open the right door you don't have to click outside, click on the right, there are jars

Ohh found it...i did not see the 3 barrels outside !

by outside pattern u mean the patch pattern we use to place the round things? where u get the bowl, right? i have that too

Sabine got it now thx...now trying to finish...

no jars... buckets... sorry

no @radhu... the buckets you can see, when you open the right door

one on the scroll (clic bottom right)

For the end click about items and look at the 10 men, this is for the dice.

oh thx a lot.. i see those now.. but dont understand the pattern..

pop got it thx for ur help all!!

Obviously the radish was a red herring :)


are you out Zazie? I have my big one on the phone...

The buckets outside are empty, there is only a hint with circles on the wall...

10 EM give final code for dices

@pdgph, click on buckets in the hint order

oh... I've forgotten one puzzle... the final escape men are in 3 rows... 4 4 2 ... thats the solution for the last puzzle... I've got an axe for the raddish... and then closed by accident the game :-(

plz i cant get the box under 3 masks on wall ?

@raasti, this box is for the end when you have 10 Em

Sabine yes i am out, sorry i was in the other game....

ok then wht to do with stick & the sac with powder ?


Thank you, I didn't see that the clue on the wall was for the buckets ! Now I have 7 escapemen, but still no water, no laddle...

use stick to catch scroll on chinese pic on wall

pdgph, open left window

thanx seb but i cant put that green thing in black bowl

I have 9 men, scroll still visible (used the clue though) and missing bottom right item. Any ideas?

wasn't obvious to me that i had to get water twice!

raasti have got laddle with water?

That was a quick POP. Didn't see a square on the scroll

ok got it my order of placing coin is wrong ..

urban have you clicked the grey patch inside the scroll, there is a green man there!

ok missing 1 man ..hav pot with dumpling still &rite last inventry is empty ...

& POP is not happening .not lucky as Urban ;(

raasti one by shaking the clothe on wall

under a wood in left window

i hav from under table
from scroll
from the hole by dumpling
from bowl
from sac
from barrel
from clothes
& 2 i dont remember where i get from ...

ok got one is runing in the garden ...

on in the garden and wait for another one in garden
one on green dots (on wall with colored dots)

thanx seb ....for help ..i think you should walk thru for this game ;)

thanks raasti but my english is not good enough ;)

no problem seb ....i think everyone has common sense here ...(hmm am i rite seb ?;)

Lol ;)

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At the start, don't get too excited!
Wait for the green man farmer to pass by the door and click him for escape man 1/10
Zoom in on right side of doorway. Move buckets as per clue for escape man 2/10 (solution below).
Zoom out and zoom in on the vegetable garden - note the pattern. Take scarecrow for escape man 3/10.
Take stick too.
Back to first view.
Go right.

Take gourd on left and open for 'round things' :D
Place 'round things' as per the veggie patch clue for black bowl (solution below).
Go right.

Zoom in on masks and move them to see dots clue.
Zoom out and zoom in on Japanese letters. Use stick to take scroll from the top. Take escape man 4/10.
Go left.

Zoom in on dot puzzle. Click green dot for escape man 5/10.
Use the clues under the make to solve puzzle (solution below) for flour and handle.
Go left twice.

Open the left side of the door.
Take ladle from under table. Click board on table twice for escape man 6/10.
Put handle on jar top and take water with ladle.
Open black bowl in about item. Add flour and water as per the scroll to make EM dumplings. Take more water with ladle.
Look at flour for escape man 7/10
Go left.

Click scarecrow costume several times for escape man 8/10.
Zoom in on mouse hole. Put a dumpling in the bowl and zoom out.
Zoom back in to find escape man 9/10
Zoom in on wok/cauldron.
Put water in to get escape man 10/10
Watch the escape men - they're giving you a clue.

Go left.

Zoom in on box under masks. Put in the dice numbers as per the escape men. For a knife which will unleash the radish ninja who will help you escape (solution below).

Buckets: As per the drawing above the buckets the order for lifting the buckets is: S1P2O1I3L2E1R.
Round things puzzle: Note where the stick is on the vegetable garden and rotate the position of the 'round things' accordingly. If 'O' are the round things your grid should look like this:
Dot puzzle: Trace out the shapes according to the colours under the masks for: SPfive-pointstarOIramplefttorightLEisocelestriangleR
Dice puzzle: As per the escape men: SP4OI4LE2R
Ending: Don't ask me to explain radish ninja sailor - I've got nothing!


I feel more and more stupid... I didn't even see that the left window could be opened !

My game will not open

gray screen ... : (

As usual - GREAT game!!!
These always have such interesting logic puzzles - and they're funny, too!

@Emily - great WT - love your last comment - lol!

I managed open

Interesting logic, but easy

That is not a "radish ninja", it is the escape man version of Momo-taro.

Oh, I don't know, I think I like "radish ninja" better. It has that certain EG24 ring to it!!

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