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Hood Episode 4 Walkthrough

Hood Episode 4

[REPLAY] Lorestrome - Hood Episode Four: Memories is another point and click adventure escape game created by Hyptosis for Lorestrome. The final episode in the hood series. Find out where hood went, why she's there, and if she can be saved. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is not suitable for young players!

Play Hood: Espisode 4: Memories

Hood Espisode 4: Memories Walkthrough
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Too much dialogue for me, don't like that too much...

After the first riddle and a lot of dialogue I quitted. Good luck to you others.

Hmmm, stuck on first scene... what to change lines and dots too?

Hang in there cronkie old modem, loading. These are somewhat bazaar but normally quite good

I can't past the first screen either

@Escaper before you leave, what do you do for the first riddle? Am I too make my lines correspond to the diagram on the right?

HI Miles and Cyndi!

I usually like these too but can't get first riddle. Maybe a second coffee is in order

Hi Jo-Ann! Stuck where you are and I've already had my second cup!

Oh got it!

make the holes correspond with the lines going up

Jo-Ann - what lines going up?

hey there Jo-Anne, on my way - still loading. I'm not sure if it is my SP, the sea-cable or my modem but my connection is kak at the moment

got wood in first scene, locket in second

talking to the dead guy now

nvmd - got it - thx!!

Use the line drawing on the right. Where the lines going up have two lines, then the picture on the left (can be changed by clicking the symbols) has to have two holes in the same place.

Does that make sense? maybe I should get that second coffee!

crap my browser crashed!

Loading again....

I used the flute to get past the elf guy, now have a locket

don't understand with the lines!

back in gave the bard my flute for a new direction to go

got it! finally!

Change the lines on the left so that the lines on the right can pass through lines on the left. For first one you need 2 gaps, then one gap and so on. Got it now?

Got fire from fire guy, melted the locket, now I have round metal things

Oh no - the guy shot himself

Tried to put Mr Pumpkin in the cauldron... funny text!

@Miles, how did you get fire from the fire guy?

I killed the demon, and am now at another wall and stuck

Give him the sapphire from the locket

Love Mr Pumpkin's commentary lol

Oh, that is why these ones appeal to me. Had the drill selected (didn't realise) and clicked on the tree face 'man you're dark' oh dear. Made my day

Miles, how did you get fire from the fire guy? Stuck WAY back...anyone with me or am I all alone?

Jo-Ann - give him the sapphire from the locket. I need help at the second wall!

How? Do I have to remove it first?

No, just highlight the locket and give it to him

LOL Pumpkin demands a ride! Mush wolf mush!

Love Mr Pumpkin!

LOL shovel on cube 'no candy comes out'.

When I do I get the same dialoge and I say IT's clearly night.

You must have done something else first...

going back to click on everything with mr pumpkin highlighted for a laugh

Jo-Ann - mush that pumpkin to the wall - I need help!

Did you put the wood under the cauldron?

I don't get the riddle From Sun to the Soil- any suggestions?

Ahhh that was it Miles! Needed to place the wood first. That bugs me in games. REally, I should be able to take the fire stick before placing the wood... anyways

onward Mr Pumpkin!

Okay, Love Pumpkin, but not sure what to do now. fired up cauldron and ...?

Well that is one way to leave....*shudder*

Oh good! Onward to the wall! Antonia, I'm stuck at the same place

Cyndi - I think you use the shovel to take out the balls from melted locket

aaah rest of locket into cauldron. got the shot now

Okay, where is the wall. I shot some into the wall and now I'm a vandal *hangs head in shame*

evil spirit gumbo lol

not even sure where the wall is, not very helpful this morning am I?!

Lol Cyndi! Go back and kill the demon

Oh, ok...wall LOL

Jo-Ann - i chose to kill him, and was then at this darn wall.

yay! Now you can solve the riddle for us, like you did the first one!

Where is wood for cauldron?

ok, stuck like all of you as well and Mr Pumpkin has nothing to say here :(

Nvm got it. It's in first scene ofc.

I chose to lie and not fight and had to wander around to find the wall (which is the box in the chest for those who can't find it)

so I am guessing we need to figure out the order some how

oor koekies, thanks miles, walked right past the demon without even noticing him. Not much of a hunter! found the wall now

Killed the demon and used gun on strange cube. Now there's a riddle.

Oh, right - I opened the box too. I've at this wall for so long I forgot.

thought the symbols were for the letters s,u,n,o,i,l

tried pressing them in some order to spell sun and soil

Solved from sun to soil. Click symbols from top to bottom.

Ops, I did it

Used shovel in hole to stop spikes.

I thought I tried that! Thx Benz0!

LOL @Cyndi...what would Mr Pumpkin say about that?

Use drill on door.

OOPS now in a passage. What did I do?

Don't forget to collect blue gems!

Oh MAN! I did that too but didn't push the far right symbol after!


there is a blue gem behind the ear of the left goat in the crushing passage

Now next riddle. Switch symbols by using buttons next to the cube according to the story. Haven't figured out yet.

there is more than one blue gem? Too fixated on the lots of eyes guy

2nd gem on door. 3rd gem on riddle.

Oh Mr Pumpkin! Such language! LOL

I would think the first 2 would be the mountain shapes

Did you solve the riddle with guys in the mountains?

thanks Mr Pumpkin, cappin her worked

I thought mountains, stars, three dots (for people), tree, three dots then stars again but no

Tried mountain, mountain, three dots, tree, three dots, start. Doesn't work :/

got it

mountains, mountains, stars, 3 dots, tree, stars

ok, let the fiends go...

now to meet the archdemon

I have it - mountain X 2, stars, three, tree, stars

Mr Pumpkin thinks I might be screwed... lol

Thx Jo-Ann. Out!
Got the honest medal :D

Awesome Jo-Ann - I knew you'd solve it!

and out

I quess I have been killed...

Out too, and honest

Which door did you entered, I chose the left one?

I think you could only go through the left one

@Antonia, you go far left, place the gems then go right and enter the left door to meet the demon

Okay, that was brilliant!!!!
A backflash to the old games with a hang of a sense of humour thrown in :)

OK, so suppose I made the right (and only) choice, as I thought that the other door is also a possibily. Anyway- I sacrificed myself...

You see, this is something that I don't understand. A game that is as buggy as all hells with a link that doesn't work can get 3.5 stars but a brilliant game that has a bit of reading involved gets 2.5. How the hells does that work?


You went right and got killed?

That was so very worth making my family angry about only having mac with grated cheddar for supper :) Don't even feel guilty about it

RSA, no I entered the left one, and as far as I read (not very thoroughly) I died in the battle... and got some medals- "post mortem" suppose. I just asked if someone tried to enter the right door as it was open.


Way cool, will go back in and try. If only to see what Mr Pumpkin says :)

Since no one posted, after clicking symbols from top to bottom, PUSH THE TRIANGLES. grrrrrr

hallo kriege das auf bild 1 nicht hin,egal wie.kann einer bitte sagen was genau die linien nun sind,also strich frei strich oder wie? Bitte helft mal.

click on symbols at left side:
1x (line: 2 gaps)
2x (line: 1 gap in centre)
1x (line: 2 gaps)
2x (line: 1 gap in centre)
3x (line: 1 gap left side)

       Anonymous  11/8/12, 2:50 PM  

Sun to soil? there's two at the top, what order do you press the runes? I'm totally not getting this...

       Anonymous  11/8/12, 3:04 PM  

Okay, if found a cheat for that stupid rune puzzle!


Alright, so you want to match the picture on the first scene. Make sure you click through all the piles of junk during your journey. You need to make sure to look for clues in the dialouge because SOMETIMES it's important. A lot is just junk that you don't need to read but pay attention anyways.

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