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Jizo Room

[REPLAY] Sanpoman - Jizo Room Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Sanpoman. In this escape game, you are locked in a bonefish room and you need try to escape the bonefish room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from bonefish room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the bonefish room. Good luck and have fun!

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Jizo Room Escape Walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


stuck with the code box on the table
have opened the small room for 地蔵
and got 3 coins so far...


code - look over the door

hi megi

thanks got it

use green tool on bowl = screwdriver

use screwd. under the window = dots clue

use dots clue on green-orange thing (statue?)

Lottie do you have 5 coins? I have 4

yes i got 5 but really forgot where to find the 5th one...

have them all, one is over the door

- behind the stone light on the right side of screen
- on the top of the small room
- hint from Jizo
- drawer of Wooden fish(木魚,a kind of musical instrument used by monks)
- code box

last code to press buttons on Jizo statue
right ear
middle forehead
right leg
left ear
middle forehead
left foot
right foot

I have found candle and placed it. I have lighter but unable to lit the candles. how u open the small room? any hint please.

also unable to use the bun like thing

can't find the 5th coin.

ok. made lighter worked by zooming then able to lit the candles.

OUT! but where was the hint for Jizo statue?

Lottie - is it language problem? Where is the code for the statue?

Hi, I'm stuck, I'm missing the 2 codes for the doors, the lighter, I have some kind of stick with a white ball, no idea what this is (got it near the left stone thing) and no idea where is the statue you are talking about

nevermind, I got it, I misse the screw on the side of the locked drawer

LOL... I can't get anywhere with the comments... you wrote "use green tool on bowl"... I imagined that there are sounds with that tool, but I don't know in which order I have to touch the colors...
you also wrote you opened the small room, but I can't find any key for it...
I placed a candle but I don't have a lighter...
I have smth like a wand that interacts with that round wood thing... but I don't know how...
I have a note that I can't read and I have three coins... and I have smth like a cookie (that I can't eat)... and I opened the box on the cb...
anyone there for rescue? =)

The brown stick with the ball on the end is a drumstick.

Perhaps clue for statue was from paper?
I couldn't get it to work -- tried as Megi gave it and mirrored WARNING -- Sounds are LOUD on statue.

Hi Sabine -- clue for bowl is under plate where bun was. (I don't think I used the tool, but maybe it was highlighted) Lighter was in one of the drawers, I think.

oh ok... thanks @Puzzled... will look there... I thought on the back of the note is the order for the colors, but I can't get the sybols... (googled a lot... lol)

Bowl gives SD. Use on right of table to open right drawer.

Once you have the lighter, you get 2 number codes from the stone laterns that enable you to open the door to the alcove.

finally the SD xD

I am stuck on the right 2# number....need a candle for the right white thing. I have 4 coins, made the window dot sequence and the colours but stuck now.
96 does nothing on left door.

The colours were O Pu Pu Pi G O @Sabine, i thing i used the drumstick.

Where is second candle for the right thing ?

and the lighter... and in the small room... and the 4th coin from the wall

Dots sequence was :

@Zazie... I think my candle was behind smth... maybe the cb with the bowl on it... or in the left drawer...

I even cannot find small room

Hope you can get the statue to work -- I've spent too long without success.
(I can't turn note over either)

THX Sabine !! Found candle, i clicked there a million times, but obviously needed your hint lol.

For color-challenged, think of bowl as compass points.
NESW = blue-green-pink-orange
color code is

ok... now I gave the statue the 5 coins... and ... lol... I'm working on his feet now... searching for a left right clue... I guess that must be from the note

you have to click left over the note... I guess there are only two possibities without knowing japanese... :)

Now stuck at the ear, leg etc...the hint above does not work.

no... there are more than 2 symbols on the note... :(

Candle behind copper bowl, right side.
Lighter in right hand drawer

LOOOL... thanks @Zazie... the ears are also clickable... haven't noticed that before

the hint above does work @Zazie... you have to use it from the sight of the statue... mirrored

I'm out now... finally :)

Thanks for how to turn over the note -- hoped that seeing that would let the statue work for me, but no ...! Not my game, I guess

grrr still don´t get it right...

Got it, the hint is mirrored, it it HIS left ear etc....

left ear
left leg
right ear
right foot
left foot

Out too ufff...

yes, I wrote that @Zazie... at 2:30 ;-)

Sorry and thx Sabine, off to the new game...

I hate it when the game creators make these wonderful games, use English in everything except in the clues!! I don't like having to use these hints unless I really get stuck and now the game is essentially ruined for me because I have to read all of these hints just to figure out what one clue says. Very annoying! My rant is over, please continue with your game playing.

       Anonymous  11/10/12, 3:32 AM  

What is the code for the box on the cupboard ? 5 numbers are required, and I can see only 3 or 4 over the door + 2 near each light, left and right of door.

tried dot sequence n isnt working !!

ok out with a couple things in the inventory left unused or used accidentally !!!

n one more thing i liked in one of sabine's comments :

I have a note that I can't read

and I have three coins...

and I have smth like a cookie (that I can't eat)...

just notice the rhyme lol

5 number code is


How do we open the code door? My numbers are 96-22 but nothing works on the door

96 and 22 are correct. Press the thing under the numbers

I cant get the drum-fish to work - i click M U D M M D but nothing happens

Also cant get note to turn over

replayed the game and it worked - there should be a green 'turn-over' arrow bottom right on note

ok i dont understand that window dot thing...if anyone come back ..help me

Raasti - the window dot clue - the top row is for the top dot, the second row for the middle dot and the bottom row for the bottom dot. Just start from the left and click the next corresponding dot - that is, the first one is the middle dot.

thanx Shunko Kuda & Clodagh ..i didn't use SD ounder the window ..so i didn't have any idea about dots ...i was thinking to go to eye specialist.;)

at last with lot and lot of help i can make out puzzle and clue
thanks to all

thanks shunko, dammit ALL IN JAPANESE to know how to "operate" the buddha!

the author spoilt it all by this bit...

but to get this fact straight, it HAS already happened that authors said "i posted it on japanese site, so if you don't know japanese don't play these,"

somewhat hostile...

IN THE NOTE you will find these:
左耳 - left ear
右耳 - right ear
左足 - left foot
右足 - right foot
the dot is the other character, put them in order as the note says AND FROM THE JIZO POINT OF VIEW

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