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Mine in Lake Escape Walkthrough

Mine in Lake Escape

Mine in Lake Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Gensou. Try to finish the game by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Mine in Lake Escape

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
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Spoiler:   Use This:


AAAnnnddd into another game! :D

Got hat,hammer,pack,picaxe and box
Missing 5th number for color box

Got all colors but they won't work on box :(

My colors don't work either.I have purple, green, yellow, brown and cyan. Use hammer on hat, then shard on bag

Use tweezers under railroad track

already did that miles1 (hi btw :D )

Tired to use blade (?) as a SD for white box in inventory but nope..

Hi Nini - I figured you did if you had all the colors, but just in case others are playing, I thought i'd leave a hint. Do you have the same colors?

Tried that too

Stuck at same place!

I have the same colors but they don't work either.

Opened the box! Colors go from right to left

LOL I know miles1.. just making it clear :)
And yep.. same colors (btw.. color box don't have "brown".. wierd. maybe our 4th number is incorrect?)

Combine blade with handle for a screwdriver

Great miles1!

Stuck in same place .............

Got crowbar!

Lol, well thought I was. What handle?

And a bottle of yellow liquid after openning brown box w/ crowbar

Nini - where?

miles use tool u made on box in your inv

Where is 5th color clue please?

I got a wooden box from using crowbar, not yellow liquid

Thanks - I tried that five times!

jenn smash hat w/ hammer and get a scrap of it.. open bag w/ it and check spray :)

Clicked all over that darn hat and nothing.

Jenn - on a tube that's in the bag - see above comment

Where is the handle for the sd, please?

uh 2 endings maybe? I've used crowbar on 2nd box :P

Got it. Was using pick axe. Just found hammer. Thanks!

I used it on left box and got another wooden box and stuck

Gotta go guys :)
See u!

Same Roberto. A brown box that I can't open

Nokra - in the color code box, right tunnel

Out with the wooden box

Stuck in same place .............

Just go outside pond after find wooden box.

Oh - go outside the tunnel, click up arrow and you're out.

Two endings.

Well, I haven't found all the colors...lol..and the box won't open unless you do! (I tried the spoiler) lol

1st color: on dynamite
2nd color: on clock inside number box
3rd color: no. 3 sign
4th color: on the rock
5th color: inside bag

OK..Thanks, @faltu...I did see them all but still not working... r-l nor l-r...oh well!

Where is hammer please ?

help please, colour code don't work! have pink oder purple, green, yellow, braun and cyan.

Which rock is the number 4 on?

Which rock is the number 4 on?

       Anonymous  11/18/12, 9:31 AM  

4 digit code is on rails (roman numbers)
colorcode from right to left: purple green yellow brown cyan
rock with brown 4 is beside the lake when you come out the water through another hole (use pickaxe)

Nobody helps ?

where to use screw driver?

raasti, where is the hammer please ?

raasti i thought always that you was a man, but you are a woman, lol

lotjemar i dont remember where hammer is but there is up arrow in a scene where you hav to click the rite small pillar to open new places ....

hammer can be found in the left tunnel: turn left and then right and there is it behind wooden pillar on the right...

@ OOGGRR plz tell where to use screwdriver ?

use screwdriver on grey box in inventory... (look underneath...)

ok i dont hav grey box ..where it is ?

I believe that box was in the starting scene? behind trees?

you are rite ...thanx

finally out thanx for all hints & help .:)

Please help - I've seen all the color numbers but cannot get the box open. R-L Purple,green, yellow, brown, cyan. Also, what is the camera for? I even "took pictures" of the numbers as I found them....is that where the crowbar is? can't find it either. sorry so long.....

Hi Caroline
I haven't seen all the colours. Heck I can't even get the four # box open lol

I guess the hint is the sign?

Ok finally found it, now to find the "rock"

Playing again! Still the *$(&^%&^ing color box won't open...I guess I'm not the only one because there are lots of votes and only 2 stars!!

Found rock still cannot get box open went r to l l to r aaaaaargh

finally opened box

HOW????? @tritebs??????

pale blue (cyan) green yellow brown purple
that writing on the dyanamite looked pink to me.
then crowbar on either of the othe boxes and out.
Awful game shows how addicted I am when waasting time on this stuff !!!!!

you still here Nokra

to make the color code working you need to see all the clues and click on them!

TY....I apparently had not clicked one of the color clues ........finally opened the box...I guess the dialog might have let me know, if I had an idea what it was saying! LOL

Get out from the water when u find yellow liquid. The end.

I would love to play Japanese escape games, but I have no idea what the clues are saying... How are all of you able to solve these games? What do you know that I need to know? Thank you for your assistance...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I cant fiqure this puzzle out. I was hopeing someone would do a WT, this one is too confusing for me too. A WT would be a appreaciated.

cant find, hammer, handle, blade, yellow bottle All I have is hat, bag axe and white box, need # and color order please

out thanks for all your help, never dreamed I would finish this game, it was so confusing for me too, what elsa is new. Thanks all for getting me out of this game

       Anonymous  11/19/12, 7:22 AM  

horrible game

WT based on contributors' info:

Map for navigation. Quite large so open with care.

From starting point, click the trees on left to find a box to be opened later. Next dive into the water.

Go into the left opening first. You are free to pick up the following items in any order: Hammer, pickaxe, safety hat, and bag. Refer to map for the locations.

Smash the safety hat with hammer, then use the fragment to cut open the bag. Pick up forceps to be used to get SD head later.

As tritebs mentioned above, the sign gives hint for opening the color lock: Start from the right. Find all 5 colors as noted in map, then unlock the locker to get SD.

Insert SD head to complete the SD, then use it to open the box we get in the beginning to obtain crowbar. Use it to pry open any one of the boxes, then go back to starting point with the treasure to finish the game.

Each treasure gives a different ending. Left box contains gold coins/medal, which Roy brought back and showed to his family. Right box contains gold dust. Upon leaving, Roy suspected there is a gold mine the upper stream, which drowned the mine in the first place and brought along the dust. The scene changed to showed what's happening near upper stream at that moment.

Shunko Kuda ..great work esp.map

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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