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Ohayo Escape

Detarou - Ohayo Escape is another new Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Detarou. Gather items, solve some puzzles to escape this room. There are 4 possible endings. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


i dont like these games .....but gonna try ..

ok dont go up from panda you will die ...

hav values of heart ,club,diamond ..but spade missing ..stuck ..anyone playing

i can put clothes pin on the face of man wearing suit ..

@raasti - go twice right from guy in yellow sitting on purple cushion to see spade. I haven't found heart LOL.

use pin on man then look at dolls on the floor. it's code for colored switches.

stuck with batteries and memo.

opps sorry i also hav spade value not HEART

& the dolls on the floor are moved ...in a suit man room

Drisana i also thought that but cant open cabnet it should be

D,D U,U ,D

mine was DUUDD

dolls on the ground clue for switches safe !!

For 3 digit code on low cupboard, use the eEL in the order of the sign by guy on purple cushion.

you are rite Drisana ...

thx twin 2 !
then use the thing you got (can't remember the name !!) on the "old baby" :)
It gives you code for left/right switches

ok thanx twin hav pacifier now

hmff bad end #2 !
Don't forget your memo, and don't use batteries on device.... it needs an accu instead ;)

pacifier given to old man & he start dancing LOL

he is dancing so fast ...i could not get clue ..

SPOILER dancing old man


And enter the code according to the arrow on memo

pulled them in order .. nothing happened drisana !!

my code is :

i cant open drawer with your spoiler DRisana

Your old man show may be different ??

i think hint from colored switches cupboard is for 4 digit code but don't get it ....

E addict you hav to put nym# in the 3 digit drawers acc. to shape of letters

spoi 376 ler

good luck drisana with the game ..gtg ..catch you later

I can't find a clue for the coloured switches - help !!

Gonna eat, brb too ;)

Twin2 use pin on man on otherroom then look at dolls on the floor. it's code for colored switches.
i posted a spoiler earlier

Thanks Drisana,I have got that one, it's the bottom right I can't find (4 colours in circle).

oh was trying in the opposite direction !! thought the red arrow in side has something to do with it !! :D thanx raasti !!

Got to go too. Hope to finish later.

opened 4 digits drawer got key !!

digital code now in new room !! stuck again !!


combine the note u have with the note in the switches safe .. u have + and - signs on ur note so just do the math n then bruteforce the heart !!

used batteries on the guy inside n got key !

Can't follow you ... could you explain?

The 4 digits code I mean ...

I get that but can't figure it out, I have 7+ for club, 3+ diamond and 3- for spade so if I got with the note in the cb,it should be 3-7+...=3
I'm missing a + somewhere. As you can see math isn't my thing!

aridza the clubs should then be 7+1 .. diamonds 3+4 and spades 3-1 !!

ZA u already had values for three symbols right ? then do the math accordingly with the values in safe !!


I could go out, but there is still one place empty in my inventory and I've nothing done with that woman which opens her mouth...

clue for digital code in cb i think but cant figure it out yet !!

got the color wheel, the accu is inside

E-Addict: think upside down... look at the location of the bar

so what's the clue for 4 digital code sabine ??

Thx Addict

Found time on alarm clock put don't know what to do with it ...

Hi all, i am stuck with colour wheel and 4#s in new room with man.

Thank you E-addict! Got out with stamp.

i noticed it .. but isnt working !!

The clue for the digital code is on the thing that need an accu in our inventory, you need to turn it upside down and reproduce it.
I'm out but I've only found 3 ends so I'm back in to find the last one

its not 4 dig... its


make the two last out of one

It's a letter and four number code!

Ok got it !

you got the color code from the cb that needs a key

Hmmm no the wheel won´t open...

ok done .. thanx all !!

for the color wheel you need to use the cb with the color switches, flip them up and down ... just as in the note in the CD you opened with the key from the guy's weave, then you get the accu, use it on the alarm in the inventory, turn the numbers upside down and reproduce, then you'll get the key to get out

Hi Sabine :) I have got RBGGY from key cb, but nope.

don't forget the last blue... the one in the circle @Zazie

@Zazie, did you also use the color of the button below the switches on the color wheel?

for the wheel, you might need to press the blue one at the end as the clue say with the blue button, not sure though, don't remember

Sabine thx ... when you know it, it's so simple!

Is there just one end?

you are all going out... I still want to know if there is one item more... the place in my inventory above the final key is empty

there should be 4 endings...

INdeed Sabine ...
I really can't find anything else ... do you?

Thank you Sabine and aridza, of course i forgot about the last blue ;)

I've just had one ending ... can't seem to find the other ones ...

I'm sure she wants smth to eat... but what???

one ending by going above the panda,
one by going out of the door at the point we are now
maybe one ending with the last item...
and then I'm out of ideas...

uh... and I noticed we smashed the window by lifting the bed... for another ending?

LOL ... maybe there are no more than three endings ...

Can't go through the window ... you?

.. and what about the face with the open mouth?

For the stamp/seal, go back to the room with the digital room and follow the instructions there.

That makes the endings:
-Using batteries instead of accu
-Being crushed by panda
-Out the door without stamp/seal
-Out the door with stamp/seal

@sabine maybe the ugly woman's teeth is a clue for something ??? or am i just tired ?? :D

what instructions?

I also have one place left (above final key) i don´t want to go out like this lol.

ZA: you don't see anything flickering in the digit-box after unlocking the exit?

YeAH got the stamp ... thanks Jenn!

I see stars and shiny things and a big pink elephant but that's it!


yes I did Jenn ... thx again

What stamp ?
I did not dare to use the exit key yet.

I'm back, but still stuck with 4# code (heart spade...) got ?H 8C 7D 2S....

i think i'm just tired !! n one ending is good for me anyway !!

I still don't understand how to get 4# code drawer. could someone explain that better or spoil it please?


ok back in the game ..let me see hints 4 digit code ..

I'm still trying to figure it out as well...

ok i got the 4 digit code ..you hav to cobine the 2 hints ..from paper + hint in switches cab ....just add or minus the num#

put them in order of

spade ,club ,heart & diamond

bruteforce heart ..

the spoiler is


Played in the background and needed some hints from you guys above, thanks.

We didn't find a heart hint, because - look at your paper: heart = diamond. LOL

im out with that key ..got 2 ends ..not going try for others end ..b/c i hate characters in the game ..they are unbearable for me ..

lol @silverfish .. yeah no bruteforce needed !!!

i cant get the dancing man code at all help pls

@ nikki check comment of Drisana 11/4/12 at 4:37 AM

thanks :)@ rassti

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  11/4/12, 9:01 AM  

HINT for stamp:

Flashing lines on digital display in room with guy, where you put batteries in his nose for key under his twig.



       Anonymous  11/4/12, 9:05 AM  

- switches:
R Y G Y Y (switches up)
G B B G B (switches down)
B =round button
- wheel:

OMG... so much comments and I have no idea why I've left the game... made a coffee right now and sit down at the pc, noticed the opened game and been so ashamed...
please forgive me ... I haven't answered your questions and I've forgotten why I left the pc...
THANK YOU @JANE for the explanation of the 4 endings, I'm going back now for the 4th...

was the order of pulling the ropes to get the stamp a guess ?? coz i only have a flashing zero at the right end !!!

i mean all parts of it flashing at the same time !!!

no @E-Addict, they shouldn't flash at the same time... the zero flashes and after it the sequence is SPOmrllrmILER

out with lots of help. Thanks for the great comments!

WHAT flashing lines?! I'm looking at the digital display and nothing has changed about it! It's not giving me any hints for where to find the stamp!

Okay...I found the problem. You have to unlock the door with the gold key first before the digital display changes.

wow so violent. poor girl

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