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Quick Escape - Cellar Walkthrough

Quick Escape - Cellar

TimeFall - Quick Escape: Cellar is another point and click room escape game developed by Time Fall. In this episode of Quick Escape series you find yourself trapped in a dirty cellar and as cellar isn't the best place to spend your day so it would be smart escape! Good luck and have fun!

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can only find 5 keys. Have hammer left anyone know where to use it?

Hy there :-)

missing last key. the one stuck under the barrel. still have som cord left but cant use it anywhere... Anyone here with me?

I'm right there with you. I've been beating the heck out of anything I can zoom in on. LOL!

lets see about this love timefall!!

Hot spot on wall to the left of the barrel number puzzle. Where did you find extension to get key under the barrel? I have sstring but can't find another piece.

Tijuna, you need a hook to go with your cord. Can't remember where I found it. Barrel stack scene maybe.

in the view with the barell/numer puzzle. there is a loose brick somwhere above/left...

finally found "fragile" spot on wall left of 4 different size barrels, and out.

Tijuna - there is a hook by the 4 barrels. I can't find cluer for the colour code.

Geez! Thanks Tijuna!

way to early for math!! lol

and out. nice little game. just for the coffeebreak afternoon :-)

So far 4 keys. Looking for colorclue.

Thanks Granmaj! That was one well hidden hook!

Ill come back to this one need more coffee LOL

You're welcome, Cohenbd - now can you help with the colour clue?

the colourcode is on a barrel in a corner. but its difficult to see... the collord different just a little from each others... some brownisch

TY Tijuna, but my screen (or perhaps my eyes) can't tell the difference! Giving up.

ohhh i cant get the colour code :( im outta here so frustrating

First was the yellow most like, in the middle the greenisch and left the baige one...

on the wall fragile spot, beside maths barrel

Decided I'm not a quitter, so bf'ed it. But don't ask me what the colours were.

oh sorry i postet the wrong collorcode! its from left to right: yellow, green, baige

Use the hammer on a brick on the wall where the math puzzle is. Can someone tell me where the cord is for the hook?

thanks for the colours, looked for hint, but my eyes or screen won't let me see it. Still, desperately looking for some cord ??

Cord was from a bottle, can't remember where the bottle was from! Think I hit it in inventory with hammer to get the cord, but I'm not sure.

ooh got it between the 3 boxes a sort of bottle...

OK - checked and bottle was behind three boxes, 2 brown 1 green, which are tricky to get to the right view - you have to go past them and back, going leftwards around. And just click the bottle for the cord, no hammer needed!

I had to keep trying with the colour code too. light green, slightly darker green, greyish - left to right.

Hi anybody worked out the math for the barrels, completely stumped

The math barrels are a pyramid number puzzle. The clue are the barrels numbered 24 17 and 41. Add the 2 on the bottom to make the one above, IE 24+17=41. Now just work out the rest.

Math? OH yeah! The first barrels are of different heights...the lines on the qther set correspond to the heights! I think it was tallest, 3rd tall, 2nd tall and smallest!

LMAO...I already forgot about those, @Robert!

wheres the cord i cant find it

ok got it and out

Cant find the string can somebody help

I can't get the bottle to break. Keeps saying the cork is too tight. Any suggestions?

get the cork out of the bottle by selecting it and shaking your phone will leave the string

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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